“ONE PAW’Z PUB” Scott and Brandys New Bar……Open House

Here in this little town of McNabb, Pop. around 350, give or take,  lol,  their is one little bar on the corner.  When we first moved here in 1978, it was called “Bob and Lorene’s”.   This building is probably one of the oldest buildings in town.  They have traced it back to the early 1920,s.  It was a bank, hardware store, many many different business were operated through the years.  Soon after we moved to town, Bob and Lorene sold it to Kathy.  It’s name then changed to “Kathy’s”.  All these years it has been operating with Kathy at the helm.  The favorite place for all the locals and the farmers to go and get a beer, or at lunch time, she would have a daily special and sandwiches on the grill.  You could even play a little pool. A few years after Kathy bought the bar, she married Bob Mekely.   Bob worked for the Village for many years part time as a maintenance man.  But it was really fulltime as the job really consumed him.  He mowed the grass in the park, and drove the snow plow truck in the winter.  Many a morning he would be out before 5 to plow the city streets so we could all make it to work.  Several years ago, the city installed the new sewer system.  Bob was not only responsible for the pump house, which meant stopping in twice a day, checking for leaks and taking water samples, but now also for the new sewer system.  He worked 7 days a week and sometimes, during the night.  His phone was hooked to the alarm system at the pump house.  Several winters back, Bob had a Heart Attack.  He passed away instantly as he was driving the snow plow early one morning.  He glided into a yard and left this world behind the wheel.  So sad.  He has been so missed, not only as the bar owner, but also as the town maintenance.  It has taken 3 men to replace him.  So Kathy was left alone to run the bar.  A year ago Kathy started talking about selling.  Several people were interested and so was Scott.  Finally this year the deal was done.



Scott and Brandy bought Kathy’s bar and apartment renaming it    “ONE PAW’Z PUB”   They officially took over April 1 2015.  Scott has been so excited.  Him and Brandy are changing the bar from a sleepy little bar to a bar that not only the town will enjoy but also a Biker Bar.  A place to stop on Poker Runs, or just a nice stop on your bike on a beautiful day.

They are keeping weekday noon lunch’s with Brandy being the friendly cook and bartender, but adding entertainment maybe once a month and very soon Karaoke.  Scott built a stage and also built some new tables.  He built these awesome new tables in their basement at home.  He found a Putnam County historical book and cut out articles and pictures of town.

He layed them out on one of the tables and coated the tables in the heavy plastic.  So so cool.   He did other tables also with different themes…..Some more biker and some….well not so nice….lol….Meant for the ” Adult ” crowd.  lol.


The finished look.  He also added 2 more TVs on the back wall, a new digital jukebox and electronic darts.  Then he ordered his new sign……

Now everyone knows Scottie.   NOBODY lets him on a ladder.   lol.   He is accident prone.   So his friends Ben, John and others climbed on the ladders and installed the new sign.  Now we all also know that Scottie does things in a “BIG” way.   lol.

He has painted his box on his truck with his new logo…..” ONE PAW’Z PUB”…….


Several weeks ago, they held their OPEN HOUSE on a Saturday nite.   It was a fun evening.  He brought his truck to town and extended the box up and parked by the tracks and hung a white flag on it to attract Attention….lol…Brandy hired a band that they had play for her birthday party last year, and it was a great success.

Many of the local town people came.  Even many of the business people.  They have had almost the total support of the village.  It was grand seeing everyone having fun, all the way up to closing time.   It was a Party evening.


Kathy came for awhile, she enjoyed it, but soon retreated to her new house several blocks away…..Her new life of peace and quite….lol….no more drinkers and partiers….


Now their new plans are to bring in Gaming Machines.   He is tearing out the Kathy’s apartment next door and opening it up to the bar.  It is quit a process, to get the Gaming machines.  The state has many rules on the placement of the machines as well as the paper work itself.  So they are hoping it will be done by the end of the year or sooner.  Gaming machines are big business these days.  They bring in a nice little tidy sum of money to the owner.  Most of the work is being done by Scotts good friend Ben.   They have been friends since kindergarten. Here they are at Scotts Birthday Party.  We went to Peoria, and this cabin was at the Zoo park area.  These were all neighbor kids.  Scott, Ben and his sister, Mindy, Cortney…..


It is so cool to see these kids who started out so so small.  They have grown into such productive adults and family men.  Ben and his wife Tracy have just had a new baby this year.  He also has a step daughter that is a “new” teenager…..lol…almost drivers license time…lol…..Ben is now a carpenter by trade.  He learned it from his father.  So so talented.  Its amazing, as their was a time that we all worried that both these boys lives were on the way to DOOM and GLOOM…..and look at them now.  Both WELL RESPECTED in the community.

So if your ever in the area of McNabb……that would be in Illinois….lol….COME ON BY….Stop and have a Drink.  Play a little Pool.  So if your standing at his corner….look in all 4 directions….If you see cornfields all Directions….Your in the Right Place….lol..

………..“ONE PAW’Z PUB”……….

Brandy is usually their…..Its her 2nd home now…lol…Scott is usually their most evenings when he is done with his day job….”Trucking”….During the week, if your their around noon, you can stop and have their daily special or a sandwich…..Tell them Scotts Mom and Dad sent you….lol..

Never the less….Its just a good place to just Stop, …….Have a Cold One,…… Meet Brandy, The Best Bartender in Town, ……..Visit with the Town Folk….. Farmers during the Day…..Partiers at Nite……Have a Few Laughs…..lol…

I Bet You Can Catch a Little Gossip TOOooooo…..