Im Margaret and my Husband is Rich Bergen.  We live in McNabb Illinois.  It is such a little town, only about 350 people.  I guess the proper name is village.  Where else can you stand in the middle of Main St. down town (and not get run over) and look in all 4 directions and see corn fields.  lol…Now that is SMALL.   We have lived her for over 32 years, and the house is full of stuff.   We raised 3 kids, and they have given us 5 grandkids.  Tammy is the oldest.  She has just graduated from nursing school with her BSN in Nursing.  She has 3 children, Cameron 16, Cassidy 10, and little Carly 2 1/2….Tina and Ed have 2 kids….Miley 5 1/2  and  Austin 3 1/2.  Tina works at the Courthouse in the Probation Dept.  Scott and Brandy live only about 3 miles as the crow flys.   Brandy has a daughter Stacy.  She is 20 and is a 3rd year student in Nursing School.  Scott operates his own small trucking Co.  I never thought we would be the ones moving away.  lol.   I always thought the kids would get married and leave the area.

About 2 years ago, we decided it was time to give up all the responsibility of owning a home.   Just think about it.  How much of your earnings goes to support your house?  We both tired of all the upkeep.  Mowing grass , repairs, shoveling snow….grrrrrrrrr…..Well NO MORE……No more Ameron.   No More Snow.  No more Winter coats, scarfs, gloves and boots and still be freezing…..So as the Title says                        ” LET THE FUN BEGIN”

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