My Date With the Dentist……….Hellllllllpppppp!!!!!!

I really hate dentists. I have always said I would rather have a baby than go to the dentist. Now that should tell you something about me.. Haha…CHICKEN SH—- I have a partial on the top and now I need a full set on the top. I am living on borrowed time, not only because several are bad and ready to cause trouble and of course, when I quit I will not have dental ins. So I only have an open window of 8-10 weeks. I have known this since last year. I prepared by having money put in my Flex account. I was going to start this in January. Well that’s where common sense ends. lol…..

When I was a Kid , I had the dentist from HELL…..I think he was in a relationship with the devil….OMG. I was so scared of him.. He caused me so much pain. I remember during my check up for Freshman year, he found 7 cavities….OMGGGGGG….Now back then It was just one cavity done a visit. So for 7 Fridays, I was to go after school and have them fixed. He was evil! What ever makes a person become a dentist. Why do you want to look in another persons mouth. Rotten Teeth, Bad Breath, Bleeding gums. I have never understood that. So my dentist would pretend to be friendly and then it all went to HELL….He put that sucker in you cheek to suck out all your saliva. Then he proceeded to drill. OUUUUCHHHH………..Hellllllllllpppp….He would hit that nerve. Then stop, have you sip some water. the sucker would suck it out, and then back came the drill….Over and Over Again….I would just hear that drill whine and whine and drill….Ohhhhhhh. The Pain of it all. So for 7 Fridays I went after school. By Monday I started worrying again. Now one of those Fridays, I made the decision not to go. I told my mom I forgot. Haha…I got caught in a lie…She knew better. So what was worse. Facing the Wrath of your Mother or the Evil Dentist. So that obviously made an impression on a 14 year old. It has stayed with me ALL of my life.

So through my whole adult life, I never went unless a tooth abscess , and I looked like I had a softball in my mouth. The pain that I endured…Silly Isn’t it. I remember once when Rich and I wasn’t married very long I was crying in the bedroom. He told me to go to the dentist. Noooooo….Suddenly the pain stopped…Wow, did I feel great. and then I felt my cheek grow. What an ugly sight. lol. So went in the next day and he lanced it. Went back several days later and he pulled it…It wasn’t that bad, but with time, the old feeling came back.

So the time came for the partial. It had to be done. I was eating a large Pretzel with Tina in the car. Well my front tooth broke off. She looked at me in shock and started laughing at me. All I needed was a chicklet. It would have filled up the hole.. I took some advise and went to a wonderful dentist. I was so scared, but all went GREAT. Well Now this time has come again. Ohhhhh No…..My dentist just left the area. I heard that the replacement was horrible. That’s all it took. Im not going back. So decisions had to be made. I was going to go to Aspen Dental. They are new by Walmart. My insurance plan covers them. And then I got the paper listing all the dentist on the plan. Would you believe they have 18 dentists. OMG, You’ll never know who you will get. and no offense, but at least 15 were foreigner’s. lol. I couldn’t pronounce their names. So, NOPE, not going their. Well we have a dentist that just built a new building. I stopped in last Friday. Their day was over, but they took me in for Xrays. I am now on the way to new teeth. lol..Impressions next Thursday already. But at the beginning of the visit, she asks me. “What kind of dentures do you want?” What? “What kind are their”…Well she came out with all these dentures. She tried to sell me on the ones that are put in permenately. They put titanium implants into you bone. OMG. The looked like large screws that went up your gum into you bone. They needed to put in 3 or 4. Well Guess the Price………….I’m not Rich….I only married a Rich…I’m actually poor……….$3000 an implant. that’s $9 to $12000 before you even get the dentures. Wow. So Of course I went with the traditional big ass plate in the mouth…Ill probably gag a lot till I get use to them…lol..but I will live with it. So that is going to be my near future. Grrrrrr ….but I keep telling my self…IT HAS TO BE Done. Next visit, Ill tell you about the COMFORT MENU….lol….

Tomorrow is Labor Day, The last official Holiday. Then all kids should be in school now. Rich and I are going to Toluca for their parade. It is only about 20 minutes away. I grew up their and graduated from Toluca High School. My oldest Grandson Cameron, is over their now. Him and his friends love to play with their 4 wheelers and vehicles in dirt and mud. So they are going to be in the parade as the mud boys I guess. I told him he should have washed it. He said Noooooooooooo, that’s the point. Its the MUD….So hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow, even though its predicted.



This is Cameron last winter…. He loves his 4 wheeler.   But it seems to be broke down more that running.


Good Morning Everyone….

Good Morning….Here it is Thur. morning. I have worked 2 days this week. I volunteered for today. WHAT?? They don’t need me???? Well guess I have one foot out the door and they other one is waiting to exit also. haha..Well that’s OK.  Part time check won’t be much. Or will their even be one. Lets see—-16 hours minus Insurance, Dental, 401k, Ill. tax, Fed tax, Medicare, Social Security, etc and etc….Mmmmmm….I bet I get an IOU….Not even enough for a tank of gas…..Well guess Rich better keep working. Hahaha…..My Social Security check better come fast….lol. Well now I have 5 days off before I go back. What to do …What to do…SO MUCH TO DO

I have added a few things to the right of the page.  I have added the blogs that I follow on a regular basis.   They are E-Mailed to me so I don’t miss them.  One of them is” WORKERS ON WHEELS“.  This is a site where you can go and see all the job postings in the US.  It is amazing.  This site posts jobs in their newsletter twice a week.    If you are interested or just curious to see what is out their, check it out.  This is one of the sites that we will be using to continue our Workamping after this winter.  Click on the site and click on the jobs.  Some are simply work for your site and some are money also.  An average posting is asking you for around 20 to 25 hours a week between the couple and you get your site, which includes water and sewer hookup.  Some give you an electric allowance.  We are getting $100 towards ours this winter.  Some also give you Wi Fi and Satellite.  I figure our job this winter will be worth around $500 a month.  All for just working  11 hours apiece a week.  I will most likely be cleaning the halls or laundry room and bathrooms.  Maybe even working in the office.  I have already asked if she could teach me the Campground Master program for checking in guests.   Rich will probably be doing maintenance.  This will also give you structure every week.  A purpose. Get out and meet all our other fellow campers.  Or should I say “SNOWBIRDS”.  Can you imagine Workamping in New Mexico up by Taos?  How about around the mountains of Gatlinburg  Tenn.  in the summer.  Then their is also the National Parks.  You can do this at the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone or Mount Rushmore.  Just dream on……Anything is possible.   Go south to Florida, Texas or Arizona for the winter and then head anywhere you want for the summer.

The other 3 bloggers are fun people.   Check them all out.   Two have been doing this for years.  One is a newspaper writer and puts out a quarterly newspaper, and also is an author.  He has written a number of books.  Nick just released another one.  Very inexpensive and all on Kindle.  He has been  RVing full time for over 15 years I believe.  Him and his wife Terry also offer seminars at Camping Rally’s.  The blog “Our RV Adventures”  is about Greg and Jan White.  They have also been doing this for over 10 years I think.  We met them last year down in the Texas oil fields.  They are getting ready now to do this again.  Gate Guarding the Oil Fields.   Great money for a short term.  By that I mean several months .   Not something to do permanently , but their are some people who do.  This is something that we also want to try.  You know , we have to try it all.   That’s what its all about….The Adventure of it….The 3rd blog is about Kelly and Micheal. They have only been out about 3 years now.  He is a retired servicemen.   Now contrary to what you may think, You don’t have to spend $250,000. to get a nice rig.   hahaah….We sure didn’t.   You will find with time , their are many people out their with Rvs made in the 70s and 80s.   It is what ever you can afford.  It doesn’t matter as long as your having fun.

Austins first day of Pre School Aug 2014#2

Mileys first day of Kindergarten Aug 2014

Austins first day of Pre School Aug 2014


I just had to add these pictures.   This is Miley on her first day in Kindergarten.  And their’s little Austin.  His first day in Preschool.  He did awesome.  So darn cute aren’t they.  Austin looks so tall, but Miley was down one step.  lol

I want to add, I am not completely happy with this format.  Their is something’s I want to do and can’t.  Well at least I can’t figure it out yet.   lol.  Their is so much to learn .   I am just clicking and messing around and seeing what happens.  Glad its not a bomb, I would have blown up.  For me its pretty technical….Ya know.  I’m an OLD FART now.   Or as a friend at work says…..Part time Peggy.   haha….So things may change with time.   I’m looking at different formats but haven’t found anything I like yet.  Till Next Time………………………

Wow….Off To A Good Start…….

I am so amazed and pleased by the response and viewing of my Blog since yesterday….I had 87 people view it and 6 followers already.  Now I know some of you know how to follow a blog but for those of you who don’t, on the side of the page is a place for you to put in your E-mail…Then you will get a notification every time I post a new blog….Also go to your E-mail and accept the first notification to complete the connection….Simple as that….

Today was my first day Part time…..and also the first day back after my Birthday….As always Tina always send flower to me at work….I think I,m the only one who gets flower every birthday, anniversary and Mothers Day….lol… 

Flowers from Tina...Last Birthday at work

Her Card read….” Mom…Enjoy your last Birthday at Work….Love Tina, Ed Miley and Austin…..

Isn’t that so sweet of her….She never forgets…I don’t think that the office people will get to enjoy many flowers anymore after I’m gone….lol…..The flowers  always have to stay in the office….All you husbands and children need to send your wifes and moms flowers to work…..The office people need to enjoy other peoples flowers….They need Happy Office People not Crabby…….hahaha….And Thank you Tina Nodine, for carrying my flowers out to the car for me while I ate my popsicle…..She said I was TOO OLD to carry them….lol…She is such a nut….. Scott and Brandy had Rich and I out for supper last nite…That was nice and relaxing…

I do have another member of the family I haven’t mentioned yet….That would be my cat…..He came as a stray, to my front porch…..I had a dog at the time, Draven….He hated cats….Well, the cat didn’t leave the porch…Every day for 2 weeks I came home and he was still their, so finally we starting taking him in, and Draven and him became friends…..Well lets just say, they tolerated each other….

Anna Dora # 6 002


Kitty has never really been out of the house since.  So now we are in Cat Training….He is learning to be a camper kitty….OMG….I bought him a lease and harness….Not liking it….We took him camping last month…..He howled on the way out the driveway….Poor Kitty…I sat on the floor with him ….He looked like the Exorcist Cat…I expected to see his head turn all the way around…Maybe even pop off….lol….He kept watching the trees fly by the window….lol…When we got to the campground , he spent the first day under the gas peddle….but by the 3rd day he was doing much better….I even sat with him outside for couple of hours….Of course on the lease….So I think their is Hope for him….He has no choice…..His life in the house that never moved is going to change…..Oct. we will be camping with our camping group and he is going to go again…..Look out Kitty…..Your going for a ride….lol…

Well tonight I must finish cleaning out the hall towel closet….So much stuff….How often do you clean out all those little bottles of shampoo, conditioner, creams, band aids, shavers, Qtips, cotton balls, lost earrings, bobby pins, travel size soaps, that you just knew you would use..?…..OMG…..I accumulated a whole sack of just different types of band aids, gauze and first aid creams…..a whole box of different types of shavers….and then theirs the makeup….Half used bottles of stuff…………Grrrrrrrrrrr……Time for the garbage….Need to complete that task tonight….Another small step in cleaning out the house….

Also, you will also notice that their is a place to reply on the bottom…would be interested in any comments….lol…good or bad…    Just give me the truth…..I can take it…lol….also ……What are your thoughts on the theme I choose…..Do you like the black background with white letters? or would you rather read black letters on a white background…..Interested in what everyone likes……Until later….

This is the Beginning….Retirement is near….

Well this is my first Blog. I have decided to start this blog, for the purpose of letting the kids know what we are doing after we take off in the RV. The RV?…..For those of you who don’t know, we are going full time RVing. Were heading to Southern Texas for the winter. No more Illinois snow for us. What a terrible winter it was. A week ago, I went to Social Security Office and filed for SSI. I will now be working part time for awhile, so I can still have Insurance. Rich will retire around the end of Oct. AND THEN THE FUN BEGINS…………LOL….

Im sure you all wonder how and when this decision was made. Rich has been wanting to do this for along time. I was the hold up. But as time went by, I realized how much work is involved in taking care of a house and yard. Think about it, How much of your check goes to taking care and supporting the house. We have always loved our spontaneous vacations. I do plan in sharing all these stories with all of you. We have so many. and Pictures also. About 2 years ago, I finally decided that this is what I wanted to do. So we went RV shopping. Really didn’t look long. We found our ‘”Little Beaver”. lol. not to far from us at a dealer. It is an older one but well kept. We made the plunge and bought her in Oct 2012. Everything the last 2 years, we have done to prepare for this Grand Time in life….RETIREMENT…AND TRAVELING….So I hope everyone will enjoy this blog and enjoy our adventures. We still have so much to do……So much STUFF in the house to get ride of….lol…Over 30 years of STUFFFFF…….OMG…..

Today is my Birthday, so Happy Birthday to ME .    I decided this would be a good day to start this diary.  I plan on only posting once a week at first.  Unless I have something exciting happen.   Like another trip to Goodwill.   LOL.