Official……My Last Day at Work…..Done…Retirement, and I’m Still Alive…lol..


At last its over….But what a ride its been.  I was in my 17th year at Advantage Logistics.   Can’t believe it.   So many people have come and gone.  But the best friends one makes are the ones at work.  In all my years of work, I have made special friends that have stayed with me forever.  This place is no different.  I have friends from my first job, and then There was Plano Molding.  You guys know who you are.   Your all like family.  We shared so much time and our lives together.  The ups and downs of everyday living.  The secrets, and we confided our problems to each other.  We all guided each other threw everyday living.  We spent more time together than with our familys some days.  We all leaned on each other when needed, and gave words of encouragement.  That’s what family is for.  We can be apart for years, but when we see each other or communicate, we can pick right up were we left off.   Advantage is no Different….So MANY WONDERFUL FRIENDS…..


My Pharmacy Team…1st Row..Carol, Vicki B, Vicki W, Nancy, Keli….Back row…Veronica, Terry, Amy, Edgar, Terri, Allison, Debbie, Sherri, Jamie, and Fabulous Tina….

This is my group in Pharmacy.  They are a Fabulous Group.  They got together the morning of my last day.  While I was working in the back, they all got together and took this picture.   They presented me with it that nite at my party.  I just LOVE IT…

So I will tell you about my day.   I got in trouble the day before, cause I wasn’t sitting in my seat when the bell rang….hahaha….so grade school….so the next morning I made sure I would get in late….haha….I just had to rebel.  So waited outside till the bell rang and walked in.   Oops, startup meeting over, Exercises had begun.   So what to do?…..Bring out the camera…..hahaha….


1st pic as I walked in the door…


My leads…Edgar and Keli


Kathy, Becky, Jim, and Allison


Everyone was laughing…Would could they do “Fire Me”…….And so the day began…I wasn’t to productive, cause everywhere I went some was stopping to talk to me.  After 1st break, Allison mentioned I should take the camera back with me…..BINGO….GREAT IDEA….So I hide it in my pocket.   Oh what fun we had.


Carol…Come on In….


Amy is sticking out her tongue…


Allison called me a Monkey..


This is Allison. Chief cage person…

These are some of the pics from the Audit cage and Vault areas…..Hmmmmm Hope I don’t get anyone in trouble.   Leads and Supervisor sure didn’t know I was doing this.   Hahaha….Later I was picking out in the U.   That is the special name for it.  Each line has an Aisle number.  So as I was picking, I took some more pics.


Jamie, picking the coolers


Vicki W , picking in 6 aisle


Debbie dancing….lol…the other end of 5 aisle


Terri, filling my slot while I was picking..


I wonder what my rate was….hahaha…Probably 60 percent…Later Sherri came along.  She is Pharmacy inventory.   She presented me with a gift.   lol.   We have had a long time running joke.  I don’t even know what started it.   She has always called me vaginitis.   haha….My friend Vicki B.  is cuntilda.  hahaha…Hilarious.   But what ever it takes to get through the day.   So her is my gift:


Queen V.A.G.


My Presetation


Jamie , Sherri and Terri

It is a repurposed troll that she found in her drawer.  It is to be used as my New Dashboard Ornament.   I just love her to death. The troll that is.   haha…Love ya too Sherri.   Then at Breaks and Lunch, I was presented with a cake:

Tina and Me....Such a Special Friend...One of those special people you meet once in a lifetime..

Tina and Me….Such a Special Friend…One of those special people you meet once in a lifetime..


Tina made up a dance and song , just for me…


The laugh I’ll never forget…


Shaking her Booty at me…


The cake was from Carol and Tina.   It read:  “YOU MADE IT POOPY PANTS     WE LOVE YOU“….Now isn’t that special.   Tina is such an AWESOME person.   Such a jewel.  We all love her dearly.   She helps us all get through the day with her laughter that only she can bring.  Her smile is one you will never forget.  So has no idea what she means to everyone.


Here are some more pics of people in the warehouse as I walked through for breaks.   They would stop me and I would take their pics.   haha…


Cisco and my Awsome Friend Robin …Love ya Robin


Nancy C. Such a good friend, and Long time employee


John Tyler on his Highlift


Jim…The one and Only


Becky….Your day is coming…..soon..


Deb. Recieving Dock lead


Supervisor Rob


Nancy Q, Nancy C, Tierny


Finally the end of the day…..Party Time at Cabin Fever in Peru…..

Everyone started showing up right after work…3:30 and some later cause their schedule was later.   And some old friends from work also came…..My awesome friends Fawn and Jen, who now longer work their.   Not their decision, but oh well, company loss.   On to bigger and better things. Both of you girls look :  “FABULOUS


Faces youll never forget


Tina Jen and Vicki B


Happy Fawn and Vicki B


Sad Fawn and Vicki B


Debs Husb. Doug and Carol




Carolyn, Fawn, Love ya Both


Terri and Sherri


Carol, Debbie, My buddies


Don’t cry Jen


Jamie and Veronica


Keli and Edgar


Vicki W and Tina

We had such a good time visiting and they gave me presents.   One present was the pictures of them and a collage from the past.  So many memories.  Thank All of you for your friendship and support through the years….Some of us have all been together for almost 17 years.  Deb and I worked at Plano together.   We have worked together since 1992…Wow…That would be 22 years.   Just Amazing.   I wouldn’t have made it without all of you being their everyday.  Now its your turns to help each other and keep up the fight.  With out each others friendship it would be almost difficult if not impossible to make it.   And just remember, its not over…..Ill BE BACK…..We are all friends.   We will get together next spring when I get back, Cause that’s what Friends do….Right….So its not …………..”Good Bye”………….Its…………”SEE YA NEXT SPRING”……

So What does 17 years mean?

 Amazing though,  It was announced at Cam meeting that I was retiring by management, but, actually it was just an after thought….they almost forgot….Did anyone in Management come and personally Congratulate me….No…only the one I didn’t want to see….and Ya all know who that was.  Did anyone meet me at the door going out….no…..Did I turn in my badge…No….So did I clean out my locker……Gees, My seniority number is even under 10…..Must be glad to see me go…

P.S……………So……… NOTE TO HOME OFFICE…………….#954 has left the building……….You can cancel the insurance again……………..Carry on…………….




Friendships From the Past…Rekindle Them Before Its To Late…….Memories

From the time we are born we are making memories.   Our first friends are family and cousins.   Then we go to school and make new friends and more memories.  Eventually your world enlarges and you start High School, begin dating,  start driving and find many more friends.   During all this time you share moments with friends.  Some times good—sometimes bad—-sometimes just hilarious.   But these are all memories that we share with our friends.  Eventually we graduate and life goes on to the next chapter in life.   We get married, go to college, or go away for a new wonderful job.  We have children and all of a sudden we are involved with the rat race of life.   Our friends are forgotten in the past because we are so involved with the present.   Life is eternal at that point.   Their is always tomorrow.44882aa8402935d98db9e3edc053c957


Well a few years back, in fact quite a few years ago,  one of my old school friends looked me up.   We shared some fun times in high school, and because of Lori I met Rich.   We enjoyed the next 2 years getting together, reminiscing and just enjoying some good times together again.  Then she developed Cancer in Oct and passed away before the New Year.   It was so fast.   Rich and I were so glad we had the several years to enjoy our friendship with Lori and her husband.   She left this earth way to young.   Another chapter in life had come—-and gone—-several years after that Facebook has now come along.    It took me awhile to sign on……..I started looking for classmates from school.  I found a few and have been enjoying some long distance friendships on fb.  It has been great to reconnect.  Were all grown up now.   So good to reach out and share our life experiences.  Their is that special bond that we all shared in school.  Memories that only we can share together.  All of a time—-a place—-No matter if we shared it together, we all lived in the same time, the same era, and the same town of yester-year…

I was looking for one girl in particular, Diana.   We went to high school together.   A small group of us would always go to her house at noon from school.   She lived only several blocks away.   Her mom always made us feel so welcome.  Diana’s dad, Ivan always stopped at this little place in town called the Cheese House.  He would buy cold cuts and cheese and bring them home.   We would eat all their food, lol, and head back to school.   At Christmas I received a present from Ivan.   I was dumfounded.   “”ME””…..Ivan knew I loved Chocolate Covered Cherries.   He took a box and wrapped each one and stuffed them down an empty wrapping paper tube.   It was so funny.   Ivan did that for at least 3 years.  Now this was a gesture I have never forgotten.  Its just these little things that one never forget that seems to mean so much.  Such great memories at their house.   Well I found Diana’s FB account, but unfortunately, she had just passed away from Cancer also.  I found out she had just been back in town to visit her dad when I started thinking about her.  I felt so sad.  So close to finding her and I was never able to see her after the first several years out of high school.   She and her husband had moved to Texas and raised her 3 girls.   I turns out, that she had stayed in town for the first 10 years after Graduation.   I only lived 20 minutes from her.   We were so wrapped up in our lives, we never thought to keep up our friendship.  I friended her oldest daughter and sent her some pics and things.  We have kept up a friendship because of her mom.   Well Friday was a great daythCA16KK0C


Two of Diana’s daughters, Tammy and Kathy, had come to see their Grandpa Ivan.  He has been very sick and not doing so good.   I decided to go and meet them.   I have been going through things and found my wallet pic of Diana.   Her graduation pic.   Also a black and white pic of our graduating class and a Centennial Edition of the School yearbook.  It contained all the graduation classes since the school district was formed to when it was consolidated.   These are things that I don’t need anymore.  I decided those were things the girls would enjoy.  So I went to see them and Ivan and his wife Vivian.   It was so nice reminiscing about old times with Ivan.   I finally met Vivian and most of all I was able to meet the girls.  It was almost like the circle was finally complete.  The void was finally filled.  They are such wonderful girls.  Diana would be so proud of them.

Dianas daughters, Tammy, Kathy and Ivan

Ivan is in his late 80s now.  He is not doing that well, but it was a great visit.  His memory is still sharp.  His wife Vivian is a wonderful lady.  I have been friends with her on fb but this was the first time I met her.   They are so in love.   Her live revolves around taking care of Ivan.  Her love is such an inspiration.  As I was talking with the girls, I kept having flash backs of talking to Diana.  Their is some of their momma in both of them.   Beautiful girls, on the outside and especially on the inside.  What a blast from the past.

It was time to leave them, I decided , their was one more person in town to look up.   Now the town I was in, is only 30 minutes from me, but I never go their.  So I went to Karens house.   I worked with Karen, when I was just out of high school at a garment factory.  Karen also started working their just out of high school as her mother worked their too.   Well Karens mom was home and came to the door. Nellie is in her 90s.   Amazing….  She looked fabulous…..Her memory is just like yesterday.  Sharp as can be.  We had a lovely visit.   Karen was out walking.    Finally I left and found her walking the street.   She was so supprised.   We talked for about a half hour and have vowed to get together next spring when we are back.   In the mean time, we have friended each other on fb.  What a great day it was.we-need-old-friends-to-help-us-grow-old-and-new-friends-to-help-us-saty-young-friendship-quote

Life seems to just consume our days.   We are always worrying about tomorrow.  We never take the time to see today.  One needs to slow down.   Think about our friends from the past and the present also.  As we get older, It seems that I think about the past, and wonder what has happened to some of the people that has touched my life.  Where are they now.  Facebook has made it so easy to find and reconnect with old friends.   If you can today—-Take that time today——Look up someone from the past.   Do it before its to late.  If they leave this earth before you do, you may be the only one to replay those memories.   Wouldn’t it be GRAND to be able to visit and talk about old times with them?…..Its such a Great feeling to rekindle those feelings of youth.

Do It today…………..Before its to late……….Add another chapter to your book of life…….



Hip Hip Hooray……….Its Official…Rich and I Will Both Be Retired my Oct. 31


excitment1 - Copy - Copy


As excited as I am about retiring, I will inform you of my progress with the new teeth….and insurance problem.   I am looking better, still with bruising but its going away.   Even went to work Tue. and Wed and showed my self to the public.   Had a lot of second lookers.   Some asked—-some didn’t.   Haha….Bet I know what they were thinking.   Did the “Ole Man Beat Her Up?”.   Always good to keep the pot stirred at work.   Everyone needs gossip to help their day go by.  lol.

I went back to the dentist last Monday and had a check up.   All is well, although they were also surprised by the bruising.   Everything had went well during the extractions, no excessive bleeding.  They said it happens in about 15% of the cases.  Oh well, that’s me.   Went up to HR to see about insurance, and that is all cleared up also.   My insurance is back on and they will file it all with Blue Cross and I will be reimbursed.   Seems that when you go to part time, you have a special code.  But that code is the same as a new hire person who just came in the door.   The Obama Affordable Care Act says anyone who has worked for a specific amount of time, fulltime and then goes part time is able to keep their insurance at the same rate.   But they need to put a safety step in their so your in a different category than the new hire person.   That is the people in Home Office that make the big money.  They know it all, Right?….lol… Well, as long as I get my money back.

Now for NEW BUSINESS……………excitment3

When I was up visiting HR, finally gave my notice to terminate.   My official last day is………..,, “”OCTOBER 29″”…………..My first SSI check was deposited Wed.  So that is in order.   I am now filing for my little Pension.  Last week Rich filed for his SSI.   On Monday we went to the Social Security Office and fine tuned his claim.  Medicare is also been filed for.  His last day will also be the end of Oct.  We will ……..FREE of the ALARM CLOCK…..YEAAAHHHH……Officially…RETIRED…. excitment2


I have been working for Advantage Logistics for going on 17 years.  I’ve made so many good friends.  I will certainly miss them and wish them all well in their years at Advantage.  I do hope many of them read this blog and keep in contact with us.   I know many of them will.   It seems like no matter where you work their is always a group that you never lose contact with.  They are the special friends..  You guys know who you are.  I worked at Plano Molding in the 90s.  I still have my special friends from their.  No Matter how long your apart, the special bond is still their.  All these wonderful people are throwing me a small going away party next week.  Exciting——But also Sad….

Now for the future……And Now Let The Fun Begin…………..



Harlingen Texas,  Our Home for the Winter


We will be at Eastgate Rv Park by Dec. 1……I will be working in the office for 11 hours a week.  Rich will work in Maintenance also for 11 hours a week.  For this we get free Rv lot , Electric. and TV.   and possibly WiFi.  Now this is living.


Office where l will be working


Swimming Pool, 1 of 2 Hot Tubs

Mexico is about 20 miles, and the Gulf at Corpus Christi and Brownsville is not far either.


Just imagine……………This is Winter For Us………….Does anyone  Need a Snow Shovel????          We have several to give away…..lololol

D Day….Has Come….and Gone……(Dentist Day)

All weekend it has been rainy and cloudy….Finally the sun is starting to shine but fall is in the air.   Tonight is the first possible freeze.   So everyone has been warned to cover their flowers.   I thought I would post a pic of my favorite tree in the front Yard

fall pic 1

The last fall we live in our house…Notice the MH ready to go in the driveway….

This is the Family Tree.  This tree came home with me in the 80s.   I was taking my mom to Iowa City to the hospitals and I would go to Walmart.   I was pretty poor, and we had no trees in the yard, so I was buying bushes and trees that were reduced in price because they half dead or because it was end of season.   This tree was even transplanted twice.   Well it came home in the trunk….Such a beautiful tree it has turned out to be.   It is the tree the kids love to climb.  Weve taken lots of pics with the kids in the tree through the years.


Halloween ….All dress in their costumes…


All 5 grand kids in the Family Tree


Cassidy….She can be so cute when she wants to be…..

Soon all the leaves will be gone….and we will be in Texas when the snow starts to fly…..yeaaahhhh….

Well, Wed was Dentist day.  Tue started out as normal.   Went to work and got off.   Knew I wouldn’t be eating hard stuff for a few days, so I went to Hyvee and bought some soup.   Cheddar Broccoli, and some other stuff.   Bought my last meal… the Deli….They had Roast Pork Loin special with 2 sides.   So I bought 2 for supper for Rich and me.   Well I got home about six and found 2 messages on the phone from the Dentist office.  She was trying to contact me about how I was going to pay the remaining balance.  “” What Balance“”.   I called and left a message…….” I don’t know what you are  was talking about.   Everything should be taken care of”…….   The second message said….”” it is 4 o clock and we close in 30 min.   If we don’t hear from you , we are forced to cancel the visit”””   WHAT!!!!     Blue Cross had already paid one check.   So just didn’t understand it.   The next morning I got ready and just before I left , I called again and left another message….”” I don’t understand what the problem is, I am coming anyway, I don’t know what else to do.””……I drove to Tammy’s, and waited for her to come home from work.  I had a prescription of 4 pills for Xanax.  I took 1 and brought the rest if I needed them per instructions.   Now let me tell you.  I don’t take drugs, so 1 little mg. of  Xanax is alot for me.    Well lets just say i didn’t really notice it like Tammy did.  lol.

When we got their and walked in, I definitely was under the influence.  lol.  So Tammy says.   I locked eyes immediately with the office girl.   Went up to the desk, oblivious that their were other people sitting in the office also.   I asked her, did you get my message.   Well after a little conversation, I found out.    MY INSURANCE WAS CANCELED WHEN i WENT PART TIME.  ….. OMG….I was in shock.   They only reason I went part time was so I could keep the insurance.   and I might add, at their suggestion.    They needed $1700 before they could proceed with the appointment.   Well I called HR immediately and she was on Vacation.   So talked to the other girl.  She was shocked also and agreed I should have it.   She would follow through and find out what happened.   She said what are you going to do?  I said, “”I don’t know, guess just sit here””.   Finally Tammy told me “”Mom, please talk quieter””.   Well didn’t realize I was so loud.   I just sat down and put my feet up on the chair next to me like I was at home and started calling people on the phone.    Must have been a sight.   I think Tammy was embarrassed.  lol lol.   So long story short, I finally thought, ya know,  I must have this done today.  So I told the girl to put it on Rich’s charge card.   Then I just sat down and waited.   Finally after about an hour and a half they called me in……………………

And then it began……..The needle came……over and over….finally no more pain….yeaaaaa… eyes were shut…..then the pliers….the pressure…..the pushing and pulling…..Heard one go SNAP…..Then the drill…..and more drilling…and more drilling……finally the thread…..Then the new teeth…..OH gosh…What a mouth full.   Then they put some goop inside and put them in my mouth and I had to wait 10 min.  while it set up…..It was squishing out the back….Then they took them out and carved the excess off.  It is a soft material that is a cushion on the upper pallet and gums.  Finally after arriving at 8:30, we walked out of their by 12……..Whew…..I still had to be carefull how I walked.  I could never be a druggy…….I have no tolerance…Guess I would be a cheap thrill…hahaha.  Started my pain meds when I got home.   Did a lot of napping.   But oh how I had to keep wiping the blood from my lips….Yuck.   I think I slept from exhaustion.   Didn’t feel to bad the next day but my jaw was really swollen.   Thur. nite I had to take the teeth out.  It was just to much.  Friday, I got up and looked in the mirror and….. OMG,…..  I was bruised under the eye and down by my jaw.  That is the side I heard the pop….I bet he broke the eye tooth when he was pulling it.

Ive been eating my soup,  Rich brought home Chicken Pot Pie from KFC.  Yum..and of course Rainbow Sherbet.    But do you think I will probably lose some weight?…Probably not…Monday back to remove the stitches, HR will be back and will get this mess staightened out. Work on Tue.  Early Halloween…..Here come the jokes…..hahaha…..But, you have to laugh at yourself.  I gave it much thought about posting pics, but decided……WHY NOT…Ya just  have to laugh at yourself..Gotta just wait now and see what happens….

fall pic 2

Beautiful Maple Tree at my sons house…..



Busy Weekend…..Camping with the Group….and Mileys 6th Birthday Party….

Last weekend, we camped with our group, Cenois Prairielanders.   We started out on Thur. nite.   Rich got home about 7, and we hopped in the MH and left.   Of course we also took Kitty.   This is his second camping trip and he did so good.  He was scared at first but he actually walked around some.   He is getting more curious all the time.


Kitty checking out the scenery…


Kitty was even starting to Play…

We knew we wouldn’t make the campground before dark, so we stopped at a McDonalds truck parking lot.   That is the beauty of a Motorhome.   But it is a good think to read signs too.  The small sign said as we drove in,   No parking overnite.  Prohibited by the town ordinance.   Oh well, we took the chance and parked anyway.   I was waiting for the police to come knocking at 2 in the morning, but all was well.   In the morning we got up and had breakfast at a restaurant about half a block away.   On we went to Peoria, and stopped at an RV place and filled with propane.   We had to have propane to run the furnace.  The weather is getting pretty chilly.   On we went to the campground.   This was the first time to Kentuckiana .   What a fabulous campground.   It is so geared to the kids and a great family atmosphere.  We met up with all our friends from the Cenois Prairielanders group and met some new ones from the Great River Ramblers.  There was a total of 9 coaches.   It was a nice group.   On Friday nite, the campground served a free Chili supper.  You had your choice of hot or mild chilli, crackers and a piece of pie ala mode.    OMG, They had pecan pie.   It was So so good.   Saturday the ladys took off to a Tea Room in Mackinaw. It is called “The Garden Gate”.   It is such a cool place.  It is a renovated old Railroad Station.  The rooms are all packed full of so many gift ideas, all decorated for Halloween and Christmas.   The coolest thing about it is the meal.  They are known for serving their meals on a 3 tiered serving rack.   If you order a soup, entrée, and dessert it comes served on this cool beautiful rack that is placed in front of you.


We shopped and then stopped across the street at the “Porcelain Berry”, which is full of so many wonderful things, from jewelry, clothing, purses, to home gadgets.  We all returned and had a great time and all spent money……How can you not….

The men did their own thing.  They went to a Modular home manufacturing factory…..HomeWay Homes….They have tours every Saturday at 1.  They seen a house built from scratch to finish.   They can built about 2 homes a week and sometimes more.   After that they went on down the road to the sales site.   They had 2 complete homes on display for everyone to go through.   Sounds so interesting.   I would really like to do that to.  I love touring homes, especially seeing how they are built.  After we all got back to the campground, we rested a bit and then drove to Minier for Supper.   It was just a small town bar and grill.   But guess what the specials were?   All you can eat barbeque ribs and Prime rib.   Well I had the prime rib and Rich the Ribs.   OMG.   So so full.   Back to the campground.   The one really cool thing about this campground is, every Saturday nite they have a country singing group.   We went back and sat through the first half and then time for bed.  All that food really did us in.


The next morning we all had breakfast together.   (more food)….lol….It was really a chilly weekend so we eat our breakfast on Sat. and Sun. at the Campgound hall.


Here are a few more pics of the campground. They have 2 really pretty ponds for fishing and just pleasure.   Also several gazebos scattered around and some beautiful flowers.


After that we hightailed it home.  We left at 10:00 and had to be in Spring Valley Boat Club around 1……It was Mileys 6th birthday party.   We made it and even made the taco salad that I always bring.  That seems to be the kids favorite thing for me to bring.  Tina always throws great birthday partys for the kids.   This year Miley picked the theme Frozen for her party.


The Birthday Girl


She always gets so many cool presents… If we were only 6 again.


Ed had a Pinata outside, and talk about fun…The kids had a blast.


Miley with her sack of candy and the Frozen Pinata


Austin trying to hit the Pinata


Oh wow…..the Pinata broke…The kids went crazy trying to get all the candy…

Heres a few more pics that are so darn cute, I have to add them….


Mileys friend Paige bought her this hat …It’s just like hers…..They so cute….Best Friends…


Tammy and her kids…..Cassidy, Cameron, and Carly


Granpa and Cassidy…He was tickling her….


Little Carly in her new silver vest


Carly loves her hat…..She wouldn’t take it off…

It was such a busy weekend but so much fun………Another week closer……


The Story of the Forgotten LaSalle Mission Cemetary……next to my Dentist……

Today is a gloomy day.   It started with the pitter patter of rain drops on the skylights in the kitchen.  Fall is coming and the leaves are falling.   The temperature is dropping and now it is jacket weather some days.   Unfortunately, the furnace came on last weekend.   Just no break in paying out to good ole Ameron.   But on the bright side, we are heading for a camping weekend tonight, or maybe in the morning.   Rich comes home from work tonight and we will see how he feels.


When we first bought the Motor Home, we also joined the National Club, FMCA.   (Family Motor Coach Association).   They have many clubs throughout the U.S.   The local club not to far from us invited us to join.   They have monthly get togethers and camp for the weekend.   We joined and found it to be so much fun.   They are the greatest group of people.   Fun loving and young at heart.  This weekend is the last campout of the year.   Lots of things planned and of course…..Always Great Food…..I will surely take lots of pics and share next week after were back home.


Only 6 more days to D-Day…..Teeth Extraction…..Next Wed.    Please all think good thoughts for me……LOL…I admit….I AM CHICKEN…..But they did give me prescription for some good meds…..So hope all is well.   And that brings me to the subject of this blog……LASALLE MISSION CEMETARY….


Carefully excavating the grave sites.

When I first went to the dentist I knew of the history next door.  This whole block was originally just trees weeds grass, just basically deserted.  It had been used a pasture for the last 100 years.   A Veterinary bought the corner lot to construct a new state of the art animal clinic.   Much to his surprise, he found out after he bought it, their was a cemetery on his land.   This Cemetery is the Lasalle Mission Cemetery located at the corner of 24th and Chartres St. in LaSalle Illinois.  Originally dedicated in 1840 by the Catholic La Salle Mission church, was in use until roughly 1857.  Many of these people had died of cholera.   According to state law he had to strip all the top soil and investigate each grave shaft.   If he would build on the property, all remains would have to be relocated to another site.   This was done over the course of a year, with the help of one and then two archeologists.   Much help was given by the community.   Many volunteers came and helped.

Eventually all remains were bagged and later buried.   The roughly 1,130 remains from over 900 grave shafts were re-interred in St. Vincent Cemetery, La Salle.
“Everything we got, artifacts and all, were in individual bags and they’re in the ground,” said funeral director John Hurst, who has been involved with the relocation process.
The remains were divided among ten vaults laid side-by-side near the southern edge of the cemetery property along North 2979th Road. The lots were provided by St. Vincent Cemetery Association.


The angel overlooking the Cemetary


Bishop Jenky from Peoria Diocese

Lasalle Mission Cemetary

The new Monument


Julie Pinn laying flowers


The simple stone to mark the spot until the new memorial stone was added later

Roughly ten months after human remains were found at the site of the former La Salle Mission cemetery, those early residents were blessed in their new grave site at St. Vincent’s Cemetery.  Bishop Jenky from the Peoria Diocese  and 2 local priests, came and performed the Rite of Committal with Final Commendation before a group of nearly 40 people for the re-interment .

A new Monument made from a granite slab was placed later at the burial site.  I weighs approximately 2,500 lbs.    The monument in the La Salle cemetery along St. Vincent’s Avenue is inscribed:
“The memorial marks the site where the remains of Irish and German immigrants and pioneers were relocated from the La Salle Mission Cemetery. The La Salle Mission Cemetery, located approximately one mile to the south and west of this memorial, was in use between 1840 and 1857. Many of those buried here died of cholera. The re-interment took place on April 28, 2012.”

This was such an interesting story.  I included several sites that you could do some research.   The Ancare Veterinary Clinic did build their new office.   Next to them is an empty lot and then next to the lot is where my dentist built his new office.   One of my questions to my dentists was,  Are you sure you got all the remains?   I don’t want one of the spirits coming and guiding your hands while I’m getting these teeth pulled.   lol.   Well his answer was, their wasn’t any grave sites on his property.   But he did find old fence posts.   He laughed of course, and my other response was, those poor pets that are boarded on the Vets office.   The People go home at night and leave the pets all alone…..spooky…..My dentists said that the spirits just come up and play with them at night and keep them company….lol….He has a great sense of humor….Well, long story short……Turns out that their wasn’t any openings soon for the extraction, so I have to go to Princeton to his other office next Wed.    so …………..GUESS I’M SAFE FROM THE SPIRITS……..