Carly is Finally Home With Her Momma

Tammy has been home for several weeks now and has finished quarantine.  She did a Covid test and came out Negative…..Hallelujah….Life is beginning to return to normal….Well, Sort of….Carly was able to finally come home from Tina’s. Tina has been so good for Carly, and has taken such good care of her.  But she was now so excited to finally be Home with her mom. While Tammy was still in New York City, my niece sent me a pattern for crocheted Momma and Baby bear, dressed in nurses scrubs with face masks on.  So so cute.  I knew immediately who to ask to make them.


Pam is a winter resident in Eastgate.  Yes, she was happy to crochete them.  Pam summers at Mendota Hills Campground not far from us at home.  Tammy and Pam both returned to Illinois the same days and completed their quarantine the same day.   Pam finished them after they arrived in Mendota Hills.  They all met at Hobby Lobby in Peru.



See her face scars….Tammy bought her a New Bike…..Whoops she crashed..

Carly fell in love with them.  Pam said while Tammy and her talked, Carly put them in the seat belts for the trip home.  “Thank You Pam for making them, and Thank You Diane for sending me the patterns”.   For Mothers Day, Carly made her a Card.  She is so creative and artistic.


Now Tammy has learned to be a home school teacher.  Since the Shelter in Home has happened all the schools have shut down.  Putnam Co has been holding classes on the internet.  Zoom is a program that has become extraordinarily popular across the USA for schools, entertainment industry and businesses.  The schools use it to hold classes as a unit.  At least they can see each other and communicate with the teacher and their friends.  Carly had a science project about Landforms.  She really took it to extreme to create her project.  She has such an imagination.  She was to create her Dream Island using different types of Landforms.


To construct her Dream Island she took clay, molded it, and painted it inside a large Tupperware container.  She has an extensive amount of little animals and characters from her Fairy Gardens.



You can see she includes a forest, the sea, a waterfall, cave and Palm trees.  She included a firepit, a boat on the ocean and all her little animals.   This is her Dream Island.  So Creative.  I think she deserves an A+ Tammy bought her an Art Easel.


She wants to watch Bob Ross on TV now.  Who knows, maybe she is our next Budding Artist. wp-15902523113293984787536407489040.jpg

I asked Tammy about that face, as she looks mad…..Carly said, “That’s my Painting Face”….lol…Ok.  So this is the result.


I don’t know where she got this at, but I rather like the stars.  So now school is over for 2019-2020.  The teachers had to clean out all the desks and lockers and give everything to the kids with their Certificate.  The kids couldn’t go inside, so the teachers met them all at curbside.



Miley’s teacher met her at the window of the car.   Her certificate earned her an Award for “AGREEABLE ATTITUDE”  I bet theirs a story behind that.  lol.  This fall she will be in 6th grade.  Junior High is Swaney which is in the country south of McNabb.  Amazing she is in Junior High.  Doesn’t seem possible.  All our kids past through the halls of Swaney.  Now here comes the Grandkids…..Really has it been that long???



Now we have Austin.  He will be going in the 4th grade in Hennepin.  His Award was for “GOOD CHARACTER”.….Really,  …lol…  Just look at that face….I think he is a duplicate for “DENNIS the MENACE”… Mostly the kids have adapted well this year to the sudden change.  The ones that really have been impacted is the Graduating Classes of 2020.  They have lost out on so much of their Senior Year activities.  Sports programs and Championships, Special Events like, Sweetheart dance and Prom.  So many of the things that make the Senior year so special.  They haven’t even had a Graduation Ceremony.  So many of the towns and schools have come up with great ideas.  Many have had drive by Ceremonies.  All cars line up.  As you drive up, the student exits their car in the cap and gown and walks to the area where they give out the diplomas.  Then the student returns to their car and drives away.  Such a shame, but its the best they can do.  Some towns are making Banners and Billboards and displaying their pictures.  Some schools even have the Superintendent going to each students house for a personal Congrats……These kids are in a special group that will forever remember their Graduation of 2020 amid a Covid-19 Pandemic.  They will have so much to talk about some day.

Even the Fire Departments have been so supportive of the kids.  All the Depts in Putnam Co have been doing Drive by Birthday Parades.   Imagine being a kid who can’t go to school, play with their friends, not even go to the store and visiting family and friends.  Then your Birthday comes and your told, …..No Party, No Friends, No outside Family…..That has to be like the end of the world.  The Fire Departments have been doing Parade drive by’s, flashing their lights, blowing their sirens, and wishing a Personal Happy Birthday over the PA.


This is the post on the Granville Fire Dept. Page on FB the other day.

Granville Fire Department
May 21 at 9:27 PM ·
The Granville Fire Department has provided well over 70 birthday parades the last couple of months. We would like to thank all of our members and the community members that requested visits for children and adults alike. The youngest was 2 and the eldest was celebrating her 93rd birthday.
All things must come to an end though. We have decided to stop doing parades as of June 1st, 2020. People may now safely social distance themselves and have their own small birthday gatherings with families. We have had fun seeing the excitement of so many residents of this great town. Thanks for thinking of us and letting us be apart of your day making memories to last a lifetime!
Thank you for all of your support, now and all year long

What a wonderful thing the Fire Depts have done for the kids.  It will be amazing to see in years to come as they recite their memories of childhood.


On March 27th the doors on many Fire Departments raised in unison, displaying all their trucks with their lights flashing brightly.  It is an awesome sight.  All the Depts in Putnam Co displayed their videos on FB.  This was done to show Support for all Fire, EMS, Police, Hospital Staff and all the other workers who is out their trying keep America going and safe as possible during this World Wide Covid-19 Pandemic.  So many are putting their life on the lines.

Things are starting to open up now.  Theirs still so many cases of Coronavirus throughout the US and the world.  Our economy is in such danger.  Employment is so high.  As of today the US has 1,613,443 confirmed cases with 96,662 deaths.  As a nation the count is coming down, although their is still some hot spots.  Illinois is 3rd in the nation because mostly because of Cook County and surrounding county’s.   Illinois has 105,444 confirmed cases with 4,715 deaths.  Texas is 8th in the nation, but will soon pass Michigan and come in at 7th.  Texas has 53,584 confirmed with 1,470 deaths.  New York is still the top……359,926 confirmed with 28,926 deaths.  Now that we are starting to open up, the worry is that it will start an upward trend again.  Such a fine balance the government and medical teams need to do.  We can’t stay home forever, but we don’t want to inundate the hospitals the way it happened in NYC.  We must be prepared with all the medical supplies and PPE to treat the patients and also to protect all the medical staff.  In Cameron County where we live, the restaurants have opened to 50 percent.  Walmart and Lowes don’t seem to care how many are in the store even though they do have a percentage.  Beauty and Barber shops are open, also this weekend churches and bars.  All with Social Distancing.  The masks are no longer mandatory but recommended.  Many of the stores have signs on their door requiring a mask.  I hate to wear mine.  It is so hot.  I do my best, but take it off many times when no one is near.  At the Island, they are expecting 50,000 people this weekend.  Ohhh My…..This could be Not Good.  Social Distancing on the Beach…..hopefully they all Comply…wp-15902523337156123028847534338719.jpg But I do believe it is so important to try to wear them near people.  This picture says it all.  We must protect our neighbor, and respect their rights when we are near them.


This is “The New Normal”

Tammy bought new masks for her family….Of course….She loves her JeepCassidy looks pretty no matter what she has on…..She has recently started her first job…..”McDonalds”…Yea for her….We plan on still heading to Illinois this summer as long as everything keeps improving.  Here at the park, life is almost normal again.  The halls have opened up and above all…..The Swimming Pool and Spa’s are Open…..People were so missing them.  Illinois is taking small steps.  Sounds like Campgrounds might be opening and also Bars with outside dinning areas.  That will be good for Scott and Brandy.  Tammy has went back to her OSF job in Peoria, 1 day a week. She will be starting a new job soon in Peru at IVCH as a Nurse in ICU.   It will be close to home.  I think she is done with the Traveling Nurse for awhile.  She want to be a little more grounded now. wp-15902523447017926855023072972365.jpg

Last week was Nurses week, so this is my Thank You to You Tammy, and all the Nurses out their.  Your work is so needed.  It is so hard on all of you I’m sure.  The things you see, and the things you have to do, has to be emotionally so hard.   You have to make snap educated decisions.  Whether you are on the front lines or in our everyday unit, you see some horrendous sights.  Many of us could never do what you all do.  You must have a calling…..a Compassion Like No Other….

“Thank Goodness for People Like You”


IMAGINE!!!….The Life of Your Grandparents

When I was a little girl, I lived with my grandmother for 2 years. I was 10, when I moved in with her. I have so many wonderful memories of those years. I remember laying in her bed in the mornings while she was combing her long hair and putting it in a bun. She would tell me so many stories of her life. Mostly happy stories. She was born in 1892, the 2nd of at least 10 children, married in 1918 or 1919, and my mom was born in 1920, an only child. They weren’t poor in their eyes, but they lived very frugally and worked hard to make ends meet. She would tell me many stories of her brothers and sisters and her mom and dad. She would talk about all the family get togethers, family reunions, weddings, and birth of children, cooking, planting gardens and harvesting the vegetables and fruits. Some times she would mention the depression in the 30’s, or even World War 1 (my grandpa fought in it), and World War 2, but she never dwelled on those things just the happy times. As a child everyone seemed so happy.


I lived with my Grandma Meta in 4th and 5th grade


Me and my Grandma around 1952

Now we look back and see how far progress has come in a century. Could we ever live like they did back then?. Life as they knew it was so difficult compared to our lives of today. I know myself I could never live without AC anymore. I couldn’t live without electricity or my car. They really worked very hard to maintain their daily lives. Now we have this New Coronavirus Pandemic that has shut down the world. I had never even heard of the Spanish Flu epidemic. It happened in 1918, and had 3 phases lasting till 1920 with no Vaccine. That is a little over 100 years. In hearing about this it has really made me think about all the hardships and important events that our parents and grandparents have experience in their life times. How many people have perished through disease, battle, even murder. All the heartache they experience, but life went on………. Then the other day, I seen this article that Tammy had posted on FACEBOOK from someone. It is such an eye opener.

For a small amount of perspective at this moment, imagine you were born in 1900. When you are 14, World War I starts and ends on your 18th birthday with 22 million people killed. Later in the year, a Spanish Flu epidemic hits the planet and runs until you are 20. Fifty million people die from it in those two years. Yes, 50 million.


When you’re 29, the Great Depression begins. Unemployment hits 25%, global GDP drops 27%. That runs until you are 33. The country nearly collapses along with the world economy. When you turn 39, World War II starts. You aren’t even over the hill yet.


When you’re 41, the United States is fully pulled into WWII. Between your 39th and 45th birthday, 75 million people perish in the war and the Holocaust kills six million. At 52, the Korean War starts, and five million perish.


Approaching your 62nd birthday you have the Cuban Missile Crisis, a tipping point in the Cold War. Life on our planet, as we know it, could well have ended. Great leaders prevented that from happening.


At 64 the Vietnam War begins, and it doesn’t end for many years. Four million people die in that conflict.


As you turn 75, the Vietnam War finally ends. Think of everyone on the planet born in 1900. How do you survive all of that? A kid in 1985 didn’t think their 85-year-old grandparent understood how hard school was. Yet those grandparents (and now great grandparents) survived through everything listed above.

Perspective is an amazing art. Let’s try and keep things in perspective. Let’s be smart, help each other out, and we will get through all of this. In the history of the world, there has never been a storm that lasted. This too shall pass!

– Author Unknown

Amazing isn’t it…..In 120 years look what has happened. 2020….We are all still here….Great words….This Too Shall Pass….So now here we are, in the middle of a Pandemic for a new virus….”Coronavirus”….”Covid 19″….The whole world has been shut down. So many people have died. Now the unemployment rate is very high, parents can’t feed their children or pay their bills. Their cars lined up for mile in Food Giveaway Lines. We have just went through “Shelter in Place” just like the Spanish Flu in 1918, we have to wear face masks, just like they did then, also Social Distancing. Politics is in an uproar. You don’t talk with neighbors or family cause you just never know which side they are on. Now we have protesters because they think their lives are being controlled by the government. So many similarities to the past…We need to figure out how to get along with our neighbor…………REMEMBER!!!…THIS TOO SHALL PASS…

So again, I seen another article that Tammy had posted from FACEBOOK….This says it all. We all have different ideas on what is right. We need to be able to think with care and compassion, what is right for ourselves is not always the right for our neighbor.

“I am seeing so much anxiety about resuming business, and so much anger about continued regulations. People are feeling the need to catapult to one side or the other, then fight the opposition.

Here’s my perspective, from a mainstream medical model. I think a lot of folks have fallen into the idea that social distancing was meant to stop the viral spread. It wasn’t-it was meant to SLOW it while we put medical infrastructure in place. It has worked. We have, in most parts, not been overwhelmed like we likely would have been without protective measures. In the meantime, our testing procedures have gotten better. We’ve increased our ventilator count. We’ve gotten a little better handle on PPE supply chains, and many have helped by making masks and gowns. It’s not perfect, but it’s much better than it was seven weeks ago.

A vaccine is a long way off and not everyone will choose to get it. That is their choice. At some point, people have to be systematically exposed to begin the building of (hopeful) herd immunity. We will likely begin to experience a real increase in cases after reopening. Ideally, that exposure is controlled and calculated, in phases, to allow our medical community to respond adequately, and reduce the number of severe or fatal cases. That’s where we are.

Whether you feel like opening is too soon, or not soon enough, we were never going to social distance this thing into nonexistence. You now need to proceed as your health, wallet, and conscience allow.

If you are medically vulnerable, you do not need to be a part of what is about to happen. Stay home if you can. If you’re not, or if your financial vulnerability trumps your health concerns, you need to proceed in ways that continue to protect yourself, and the elderly and medically vulnerable around you.
All of us need to calm down. Quit telling people who are financially struggling that they don’t care about human lives. Quit telling people who are truly at risk of dying from this virus that they are cowering in fear. Remember that until you’ve walked in someone else’s shoes, you should probably be careful in your judgements and subsequent harsh words.
We don’t HAVE to choose an either/or proposition and fight. We could choose other ways to be. Examples include but are not limited to:
“I think this may be too soon, so I will continue to shelter myself, and pray/make masks/ check on those who can’t.”
“I really need to go back to work, so I will do so, but I will be careful and try to protect myself, my family, and those around me with healthy strategies.”
See how those positions allow each of us to do what we need to, and also respect those who are choosing differently?
One thing that allows us to do this is humility. I can acknowledge that I am not an epidemiologist/economist/whatever, that I am making decisions based on my understanding of complex subjects and my own personal health and financial situation, that I am not all knowing, always right, and an expert in all fields, and that each person around me is doing their best too. We can make different choices and still be a supportive community. We can learn and evolve in our understanding of these issues.

Give one another the benefit of the doubt and the compassion of compromise.

Much love and prayers for everyone in making their own personal decision.”

-Author Unknown

These are both GREAT ARTICLES..…Both are from an Unknown Author. But this is how it should be. No fighting about your beliefs. Remember everyone has a different life style and needs. Be compassionate and make the decisions that is right for you and your family. Be understanding…..Our Great Grandparents, Grandparents and Parents made it….

….REMEMBER…..Be Kind to One Another….

….This Too Soon Shall Pass….

Brittney is Home…NYC…Krucial Staffing….Coronavirus

Brittney has finished her last week and left the city yesterday. She is in good spirits and has returned to Peoria Illinois. Now she will be in her first week of quarantine, Tammy is starting her second, and Carrie should be finishing her last. They are all safe and sound.


Britt in the very back next to the guy with black glasses


Brittney on the right…

Brittney had the fortune to be in the same unit every day and a team spirit was formed. I believe that is so important in anything we do. Its a team effort. Patient counts are now slowing down but plenty still their. The other 4 Nurses from Peoria OSF are probably in their 2nd week although Tammy hasn’t talked with them since they spent their day together. These girls have given so much of themselves along with all the medical personnel that came from all over the country. NYC has certainly welcomed them and been so good to them.


Marriot Marquis….The hotel for Tammy and Brittney

Their appreciation has been shown all over the city. The city marquis were full of messages of appreciation.


The NYFD and NYPD continually showed their appreciation.



The Navy Blue Angels and Airforce Thunderbirds on April 28 2020, flying over Manhattan and the Empire State Building. They flew over New Jersey, New York City and Long Island in a salute to Healthcare workers during the COVID-19 crisis.



The Lincoln Hospital where Tammy and Brittney were is still full of Krucial Staffing Nurses. Many of them have finished their contracts, and many of them have resigned for more time. From what I was reading, it I believe they will have new work schedules that will be more beneficial for the Medical staff. They will have days off every week. It will be more like a real job. According to Tammy’s team leader, Krucial Agency holds 90 Percent of the contracted nurses at Lincoln Hospital. Their are other agency’s but they are the biggest. They will be their quite awhile yet. They expect cases to pick up when the city starts to reopen. So many of the regular staff has caught the virus. They have gotten sick, some died, some quite their jobs due to stress and exhaustion. The healthcare system will need to bring in and train many new nurses.

In researching the hospitals of New York City, I found their are 62 Acute Care Hospitals. They are located in the 5 boroughs, ….The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhatten, Queens, and Staten Island. I found these charts..…The Orange are locations being prepared for a surge in Patients…..Blue are Hospitals….The USNS Comfort Navy Hospital ship ended up only treating 182 patients. It was docked for 31 days in the harbor. The Javit’s Center closed friday after treating almost 1,100 patients. It opened in late March, operated by the US Army.



When you look at Lincoln Hospital, the figures are overwhelming. They are a 362 bed hospital, but 525 more beds were added. How on earth could the staff take care of patients when they more than doubled in size. Tammy did say they were everywhere. Even in the halls. I believe she said Occ Health had been crammed with 40 beds. The hospital had become total Covid Care.

Governor Cuomo, had requested the US Army Corps of Engineers build at least 4 field hospitals, which included Javits Center…..The other 3 will remain in place in case there’s a second wave of Covid-19. New York City has taken such a hit. It has brought the city to its knees. How can people be protesting about their rights and freedoms. They want to take their kids out to the store. They don’t want to wear the masks. Look at all these sick and dying people. New York City was caught off guard. I know that the economy is destroyed and people are out of work, but what is more important….Life and family…or…Money… Their has to be a medium to where we can return to our life style. But it will never be the same. Not until a Vaccine is found…..or if..


Krucial Staffing took on a Huge task. They are from the Kansas City area. They are a Specialty Disaster Staffing Agency that FEMA uses for Hurricanes and Tornadoes. They never expected a Pandemic. They received a call from the office of the Mayor of NYC in March. Their Emergency Center Quadrupled in 10 days across 5 different buildings. They had to quickly set up Logistical Teams, Incident Management Teams. In NYC they had to set up Hotels, with a team in each hotel for incoming nurses. They did all the paperwork, assignments, etc. for each incoming medical hire. Each hospital communicated their needs to get their personnel. They needed buses for transportation to each hospital with a team lead on board for each hospital. Back at the office Krucial had to send out the call for nurses. The switchboard had to answer thousands of calls and hire on the spot after collecting all the legal info. During this time, any state license was accepted. No one needed an actual NY license. Last I knew their was over 4,000 nurses hired for the 21 day contract. They were hired in waves of 500 to 1000. By the end of March the help began to arrive. They were housed in many of the hotels across the city. It was a huge undertaking. They also called up medical people for New Orleans. So KUDO’S to Krucial Staffing Agency. I know it didn’t go off without problems, but considering the time element and the needs of NEW YORK CITY, they did amazing.


So for now, we still do our best to co-operate with the authorities. Cameron County is still climbing slowly. Yesterday we had 11 more raising our count to 432 cases and 18 deaths. Our Shelter in Place ruling as well as face masks have expired on April 30. It is recommended to still use them. Retail business’s and restaurants are now opening with only 25 percent of capacity allowed. Beaches are also opened but we must still use Social Distancing. So are we opening to soon????…..Time will tell. The governor will evaluate in 2 weeks. In Illinois, they still have Shelter in Place and face masks. Cook County is still climbing. Down state in our little Putnam County, it is still Coronavirus Free…..The best news is

Tammy Was Tested……She is Covid-19 FREE…….

But she still is Quarantined for 2 weeks……

Thank You to the Girls, and Thank You to all the Staff that answers the call. They have put their life on the line. They didn’t have to do this, but they go anyway. It is like going to war and fighting the front line. They leave their families and put their lives on hold, not knowing where or the circumstances they will work in. It has be exhausting, so mentally depressing, and so many other adjectives. They have witnessed and done things they never thought possible. Many things were done that were not Ethical, but they had no choice due to equipment shortages and PPE. They have now changed inside. I’m sure they will look at things differently now. They need this time to decompress…….

Tammy’s Home From New York ….. Coronavirus…..Thanks To All

Tammy came home over the weekend. She had signed up for another week, but it wasn’t meant to be. I won’t deny she had me worried, but she is fine. On her 20th day, she scheduled It off. She hoped that she would rest and recoup for the next week. When I talked with her that morning, I knew she was exhausted and so tired. I had noticed in the last week she was getting more quite. I was already uneasy. Late that afternoon, she text and said she was leaving. She had a car scheduled in an hour and she was driving home. I wanted her to fly, but it wasn’t going to happen. She want to get out now……She needed to drive, and have alone time….I was getting more worried. I really didn’t want her to leave that late from New York City, a city she had never driven in. But everyone who knows Tammy knows she loves to drive. I think that is where she gets her peace and alone time. She can drive straight through from Illinois to Harlingen Texas, (near Mexico Border) in 22 hours…..Crazy Driver…..I decided to text Katherine, her best friend at home. She is a Nurse at IVCH in Peru. If she would contact anyone else, it would be her. Yes, they had already been talking. As she left New York City, she called and I could tell she was already feeling better. The weight was lifting.….Katherine sent me texts all evening and night. Then I was up at 5 to make sure she got home…..What a Saturday it was….Yes, she pulled in Sunday by noon…..THANK YOU KATHERINE for helping me keep my sanity through the night…. here is her story in her words….


Tammy Bergen
22 hrs ·

I am gonna start this off by saying today is day 22! And the 1st day in 21 days that I have woke up in my own bed! I have missed my family and my friends so much! I might even say that i have missed Illinois!
New York was a beast! I have seen thing and did things that i have never dreamed of. And I met so many so many great nurses, APN’s and Drs! They were from all across the United States! The staff was very welcoming as well. They would have lunch donated at times. My last day they had breakfast donated and brought in to us! And REAL coffee! 😍 lol
while I was there I worked on 9 different units. I worked a couple of units more than once but for the most part everyday was like starting a brand new job. Everything was always new. The staff, the nurses I worked with, what supplies were available, what type of patients there were. Every unit was like opening a door to the twilight zone. You never know what is gonna be there. And the attitude was strong and everywhere! That is the best way I can describe it. It was not easy for me to go on every day with 5-6 hours of sleep mixed with the constant change. I was never able to develop “a work rhythm”? I’m not sure if that’s the word I am looking for but… And As many of you know, I have struggled with depression my whole life. And I ended up finding myself in a very very low spot. Around day 15 I started to cry everyday and I think day 19 I almost cried all day! (Fyi it’s very hard to tell if someone is crying when they are wearing all this head gear!) It was sooo hard. Even though we were there to help and shine some light into the darkness that is going on in New York right now, I lost control of myself and the darkness crept inside me... On the 20th I had the day off. They allowed us to have 2 pto days in this 21 day contract. My plan was to destress as much as possible and trudge through work one more time… and then cancel my 1 week extension and go home! But by the end of day 20 all I could think about was getting out of this cold dark place that I had found myself in. So rented a car and got the hell outta there at 7pm! It was truly one of the best things that I have ever done for myself. As I began driving away from NYC I could truly feel the heaviness of it all leave my body… and I could smile! A real smile! I talked to my mom and my best friend Katherine almost all the way home. I even had Cassidy on the phone for an hour and an half! And we had a great conversation! I was excited to surprise Cameron at the house so I never told him I was coming! Lol And I thank god my family and my friends are here for me everyday! A part of me is very ashamed or dissatisfied in myself for leaving a day early. But not any more. I am so proud that I was able to help in such a terrible situation! I have learned many things about myself through this experience. I will never regret it! But I don’t think I want to go back to NYC... ever! Lol thank you to everyone that sent us stuff! You guys really really really helped me personally!! And we shared with many others as well! I will never forget this experience! Aunt Connie told me that I would not be able to come back from this the same person. At the time I didn’t think to much about it. But…. she is so very right... not always! But this time! Lol I am just so happy to be home!❤❤❤
ps. Britt Novak is still rockin it in NYC! You got this girl!







Tammy is now home and doing well. Now she has 2 weeks of quarantine before she can return to work. I know she has missed the kids tremendously. She has come back a changed person in so many ways…..She has learned a lot about herself and will be stronger for it. She will never forget the patients, nurses, doctors, and all the experiences of New York….She has accomplished something not many of us could or would ever undertake. But she is a Nurse…..She took that Oath….She Believes in what she does….


….She is an Amazing Nurse….

Now it is time for all the …..THANK YOU’S…. Her days were so busy. 14 hours of the day were work and transportation. That didn’t leave much time for eating, sleeping, waiting for your mail for 45 min. and of course a through shower and disinfecting. She became more physically and mentally exhausted every day. So she didn’t have a lot of time to show her appreciation. The one Company that needs a HUGE THANK YOU is Vactor Manufacturing from Streator Illinois…..


Tammy mentioned to us she could use some Safety Glasses. Aunt Connies’, Son in Law, Matt Rinaldo works for Vactor in Streator Illinois. He went to HR to ask about Safety Glasses for the girls. By noon, he had been given around 50 Safety Glasses. HR also game him many FACE SHIELDS. Their parent Company Federal Signal had sent them to their employees. The employees had decided to give them to the Front Line people in the Medical Field that needed them. They had already given a number of them to Morris Hospital. Matt brought them to Connie who boxed them up and sent them to the girls.


They were so needed. As soon as she received them they were gone. So not many pictures were taken. I had been reading posts on the FB site of the Staffing Agency from the other nurses. Those who had connections, were ordering them in quantity’s for their friends. The hospitals didn’t have any. They were pretty desperate to get them. These Shields were so Appreciated. So …..THANK YOU VACTOR…. also Matt and Connie for sending them to New York…..


Face Shields and Safety Glasses from Vactor….Overlooking the Times Square… NYC

So many other items were sent. So here in Tammy’s words again are all her Thank You’s

Tammy Bergen
15 hrs ·

There are so many people I need to thank besides my family that have donated their time to make sure that we have what we needed! I want to make as many as I can but please dont be upset if I forget to mention anyone because you all made this so much easier!
1. Vactor Manufacturing in Streator Il donated a box full of safety glasses and face shield! ❤❤❤!! They are in very high demand in New York! And as soon as people seen them… they were gone! The hospitals no longer supply face shield because they are just not available anymore. I wish I could have got more pictures but there just wasn’t time. But I assure you that they were amazing! Thank you Connie Malavolti, Ashley Malavolti and Mat Rinaldo for the hook up! It was definitely needed! The shields protect us from much more than the glasses alone cuz there is a lot of coughing and spraying going on!
2. Amanda Davis for the goodies and the wonderful prayer that came with! It was very special!
3. Chauntelle Biagi-Bruer for the goodies and kind words!
4. Aunt Connie and Jeanie Lutz for getting several hand made masks for me to take at the very last minute!❤ and thank you Connie for the bag of super healing rocks! I wore them everyday!
5. Tammy Schlesinger Gunter for all the goodies and kind words!
6. Baily Jane and Betty Parks for the awesome lotions and cookies! ❤
7. Jeny Orozco for the amazing words of encouragement and all the awesome gifts!
8. Tiffany Gebhardt for the awesome gifts and kinds words!
9. Mary Jaegle Milashoski for the awesome gift of dry shampoo! (it seriously made Britt Novak’s day!)and the other goodies as well!❤❤
10. Jessica Torres for all the amazing goodies and encouragement!
11. Frances Ilnicky Van Ameyden thank you for the goodies and the great conversation that definitely brought a smile to my face!
12. Tina M Wenzel for the gifts and (over the top!) Encouragement! I am so very thankful!
13. Brenda Bickerman thank you for delivering the lysol wipes to my house before I left! I could not find any anywhere!
14. Gale Reno for the bag of snacks, gloves, mask crochet ties and other things that you sent at the last moment.
15. Nicole Bouxsien and family made several masks for us to take with.
16. The Eastgate Quilter ladies for making all the masks and redoing the design to include the laces to save our ears!❤
17. Theresa Fisher for the crocheted ear savers!
18. Bobbi Van Schaick for the box of goodies! That came along with a great story! Definitely something that I would have done! Lol
19. Sharon VanLanduit for the amazing shoe inserts! They helped soooo much!
And lastly, Katherine Twardowski for taking care of my 2 older babies while I was gone! (I really hope you will recover quickly! Lol). Tina Bergen Dolder and Ed Dolder for being everything for Carly while I cant! And for all the school teaching! And Margaret Bergen for the daily encouragement and text messages! Scottieonepaw ScottBergen and Brandy Lockett for all the love and support!
And there has been so many others who have said some of the best things! I will never forget!
Cameron Bergen and Cassy Cruz I am home! And I love you both so much! We WILL be spending some quality time together real soon! Like it or not! Lol
I truly can not say how thankful I am to have you all in my life! I have the best family and friends that anyone could ever ask for!❤❤❤
I am feel very blessed to have been a part of NYC at this time of need. But this Is definitely my home! ❤❤❤


Jeny Orozco Love you Tammy!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Betty Parks Thank you for giving your ALL.

Tiffany Gebhardt Np Tammy Bergen…just my way of saying thanks for what U guys went and did! U went above and beyond what u had too! Hope to see u back around soon until then take care of urself and know u got friends who care! ❤️

Tina Bergen Dolder A shout out to Brenda Holloway Bickerman, Jerimey Bouxsein Nicole and family, Gale Reno ( Erin Marie Megan Holly let your mom know!!

Megan Dose Glad your back!!! 😘❤️❤️❤️

Bobbi Van Schaick The least I can do

Mary Jaegle Milashoski So happy that what we could do for you .. made a difference and brightened your day ..!💜💜

Amanda Davis 💜💜💜💜💜

Frances Ilnicky Van Ameyden Your selflessness in this horrible time of Covid19 has shown us what Love of Neighbor is all about. God bless you!

Jeanette Brewer Stay safe and you r a hero
Stay safe






Thank You to All who has supported and followed Tammy. I as MOM want to give a SPECIAL THANK YOU, to Tina, for being the BEST SISTER Tammy could ever have. She has done so much that you all will never know. She was their from the minute Tammy made this descion to go, by getting supplies ready and MANY MANY other things concerning Carly’s care. My Kids are all so AWESOME….Brittney is still their finishing her extended week. She is doing ok. Everyone has been so supportive of the girls and of all the Medical Personnel. These people are helping and reporting the truths of what is happening in New York City. They have answered the call not knowing where they were going to work, where they were going to stay. They all knew they were putting their life on the line…..But they all went anyway…..They worked 12 hours straight covered in PPE. So many had shortages of PPE, and much hospital supplies. Some of the story’s I read were mindboggling to think nurses had to operate in such a manner and do things that were so unethical in the hospital setting. And then the stories of the patients. So heart wrenching……So many that passed alone….With only the nurse present….The last words from the family’s on the cell phones of the Nurses….

…..Memories these Medical Personnel Will Never Forget….