Its Official……Dec. 1……Texas Sunshine….

Yesterday was a beautiful day. Nice and warm with rays of sunshine. But fall is in the air.    That darn grass just keeps growing.   Tomorrow we have to mow and bag it.  It just keeps growing with all the rain and nice weather we’ve had.


But the best news is………….I talked to the RV and Mobil Home Park that we will be staying in this winter.   Its OFFICIAL….We will be Workampers this winter……Yahoo……….  I will be working in the office….yahooooo….and Rich will be Maintenance.     So excited.   So after Thanksgiving dinner we will be leaving and heading south for the winter, down to Harlingen Texas.    It is in the Texas Rio Grande Valley.   Not far from Mexico.  Rich officially gave his notice at work yesterday also.  So by the end of the month, he will be retired, and waiting for his first SSI check….Never Dreamed that this day would come.    I’m still working my 2 days a week, but it is so nice now to get up in the morning and not rush.   It won’t be long and it will be like this everyday.   Rich can’t wait.  They are working him so hard.   The company that he works for hauling the US mail is so short on drivers.  Wouldn’t you think in this day and age when everyone is needing a good job, they would be able to find good employees?    It seems not.  Some of the ones they do hire are really questionable……. lol……But soon he will be free also….lol…..We will be making another trip to Social Security to sign him up and then his Medicare starts Dec 1.    Unfortunately, I have to buy some gap insurance when I quit work as I won’t be 65 until next Aug.  But that’s a small price to pay for ……FREEDOM…..


We still have so much to do.    I keep selling stuff on the FB garage sale sights and have been doing quite well.   Cleaning out all the stuff in the house is just unimaginably difficult.   Not that its hard to part with it, but what to do with all of it.   But piece at a time.   I did manage to get all my sewing stuff consolidated and packed into plastic containers that fit in the cabinets in the bedroom.   It was so much easier than I thought it would be.  Now I am getting to all the drawers where I stuffed all the things from the kids growing up.   They contain the report cards, school papers, diplomas, baby books, jewelry from when they were born.    Time now to get each kid a tote and start separating all these things.   I have also found clothes that I saved from when they had baby pics taken.  Blankets and pics that I embroidered Their name and birth date.  Lots of things I haven’t seen in years…..What pack rats we are….lol….I feel like a Hoarder…


Also yesterday I took my sewing machine out to the MH and sewed my curtains.   I just had to have curtains to make it homey.   Rich really didn’t care or understand, but when he wasn’t around, I ordered valences from Penneys and put them up….hahaha…..I usually get what I want.   I just do it my way………I had to have them to make it look like home.   I took the ones from my dinning room and put them in the Bedroom.  So now I’m happy.   Now the ones I ordered from Penneys I liked but they didn’t have a header at the top of the valence.   And I might add , they were to long.   So Easy Fix.   I folded them over and sewed a nice substantial header at the top….and they are also shorter now…They look more like valences than curtains.    Now I’m really happy….lol…They look much more  professional….


20140927_073751          We love the colors blue and red….Love those bright colors….


These are the bedroom curtains.    Could be brighter but they were recycled from my dining room.

Thur. was another dentist day.   I tried on the new teeth.   They were really brite.    Like a flashlight?.  Well not that bad.    ha-ha….The dentist agreed with me , so they are going to tone them down another shade.  So I have another try-on again before the grand finale.    They gave me a prescription for Xanax to take.   Only 4 pills.   Take 1 an hour before the procedure and bring the bottle incase I need more…..hahaha…..Ill be in Happy Land…..I’m liking that…..Never been their before….Now I can see what its like to be a Druggie ….haha….Tammy is going to take me, cause obviously I can’t drive myself.  lol.   This I’m sure is going to be quite an experience for me.   Rich said I have to learn a whole new way of eating.    Wonder if this will help me shed a few pounds?    Some how I think NOT.   Nothing helps this body.   Too Late.   ……….Until Later………

Birthday Party Fun…..

Well another week has gone by. Another week closer to winter and another week closer to leaving and starting the new life of fulltime RVing.  Tomorrow I have to go back to work and put in my 2 days of imprisonment for the week. Oh well, it is giving us insurance for now. Thursday is another appointment to the dentist.  I think it is a tryon of the real thing….lol.  The DENTURES…. and then in Oct., out with the old….and in with the new….grrrrrrrr. Kind of scary…Just give me drugs..
This weekend I had several things happening.  For one a Wonderful Person passed away.  I never met Tina, but I went to school with her father in law, Russ.  Her husband, Willie and his sister Jamie, went to school with my kids.  Plus I work with Jamie now.  Tina passed away from cancer at 37 leaving her husband and 2 little kids.  She was originally from Russia. Her wake was Saturday.  Her life is such a wonderful heartwarming story of inspiration and love for family.  I must share it but with permission from Willy.  They are having a Celebration of her life later so I hope to share her story later date.
Later Saturday night, my son gave a party for his girlfriend Brandy. She turned 40.  He likes to do everything big.  So they hired a band and backed the drop deck trailer into the back yard. 20140920_223839


20140920_232143                                                       How Brandy loves to Karaoke

Everyone had quite a good time.   Even the little kids.   Their was plenty of food.   Brandy made Italian Beef.   Rich found a huge Slicing Beef Roast in the freezer.   Already precooked and seasoned.   We don’t know where it came from, Imagine that. ….. lol…. So he cooked and cut it into slices and put it in a roaster, filled with Aus Jois…..I made Taco Salad.   Everyone just loves it, and a cheeseball and another dip.   Another first……Brandy and Scott asked me to go make a beer run at 11pm.   Imagine that….His Mother getting his beer?….   The sober one had to go for beer…Another first for me….20140920_233859 20140920_233834






Scotts Harley had a bad tire on the back, so he decided to do a burn out to blow it up…..silly…but entertaining……After 2 different trys….It never blew…but lots of smoke and noise.   20140920_232334

The little kids had fun watching but were really tired by the end of the night….


Cheers to the 40 year old…..Happy Birthday Brandy….

I tried to get a good picture of Brandy and Scott, but he wouldn’t cooperate.   He kept making silly faces….He doesn’t like to smile cause he has dimples….lol…I used to point them out to everyone, when he was a kid.   I guess I must have embarrassed him to no end as a child… .. lol……Ive marked him for life….The things parents do.   But……..since he wouldn’t cooperate and smile, Im just going to post all the pics I took …………..



Sorry Scott….lol….

Well time to do some more work as to cleaning out….Have done some good deals selling on fb these past weeks.   Cleaning out a lot of stuff.   Now today, I am going to work on my sewing stuff.  Rich found some plastic containers that will fit in the upper cabinets in the bedroom.   So now I need to go through my sewing supplies and consolidate.    So far I have bought 4 containers, but room for more………………….lol………………..Always room for MORE…… Until next time…..



It Is Sure Cold Out………..Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr……..

First thing I want to mention is, I have added pictures to the Family portion of this blog.  If you look at the header section, you will see FAMILY.  I have added some of my favorites.  So hard to chose, but these are some good ones.   I also added a page called Crafts.  Some of my favorite things that I have made.  Crafts is one thing that we will continue when we finally go full time RVing.   Hoping to do some Flea Marketing.   I have also changed my ideas on some things.   I have some great ideas on things to make with the sewing machine that RVers would like.   Just one thing is, what do you do with your jewelry to try to keep it nice with out taking up space.   Its all about space ya know.  How about a jewelry type pouch that is on a coat hanger to hang in the closet.   Your necklaces will hang and not get tangled and will be safe and covered and NOT take up space.  I have patterns for a number of items.

Woke up this morning to chill breeze coming in the windows. It felt so good to snuggle under the covers and know I don’t have to go to work. My two days are done for the week. lol…So so nice. But it is sure a teaser. The first day back isn’t to bad, but Wed. which is my second and last day of the week, is SO so hard. I swear, I think the day was 12 hours long. It sure seemed that way. So this morning I got up finally, after the sun came up. lol. Another dentist appointment today. Called the wax bite tryon. So made it through that and went and visited Tammy a bit before going home.

I want to tell you about one of my passions. The Hegler Carus Mansion.  Hegler Carus Mansion


I am a Volunteer at the Mansion (docent).   I have been giving tours on the weekends since 2007.  What an awesome historical home we have here in LaSalle Illinois.  I was never interested in history until the year my sister came for a visit from Albuquerque New Mexico.  She had been away for so many years, all she wanted to see was old big Illinois homes.  The mansion had been in the paper because of the renovations that had been going on and the tours were being increased.  So I told Anna, I know of a place we can go see.  It was 3:00 on a Sunday afternoon.  The last tour of the day.  Wow, we made it.  We were both so so amazed at the home.  Several months later I read an article in the paper.  They were giving classes for several weeks to learn about the history.   Of course I signed up.  That was all it took.  I wanted to learn all I could.  The Tour Director is Tricia Kelly.  She is so AWESOME.  Her love and enthusiasm of the home is so apparent.  One cannot help but love her and the devotion she feels for the house.  She is just a wealth of knowledge, and loves to share it.   She is a perfect match for the job.

They also have a new Executive Director, Kelly Klobucher.   She has been with the Mansion for the past 3 or more years now and has made tremendous strides in modernizing the marketing program.   She has so many wonderful ideas.  So many great activities are planned every week of every month.   She also has started a Hegeler Carus Mansion facebook site for those of us that like to follow.

Well I took the classes and I didn’t have any idea that I would EVER EVER be a tour guide.   Public speaking is my worst enemy.  My mouth turns to mish mash.  My brain and mouth total becomes disconnected.   The brain becomes totally empty ….Brains Waves?  a “BIG FAT 0″……lol….Well I kept following the other tours and finally one day, Trica said ” Your on your own”……….What……….I had prepared note cards for this day.    Thank Goodness.   I even forgot Edward Hegelers name.    hahaha….Imagine that.   Well from their on, It got better and better.  I also was in the Christmas Play,  for 2 years.   I was a maid.   lol.   Funny Picture.  Fat maid I might add.   lol…But so much fun

Carus  christmas 07 029


I have never found anything so rewarding as the time I spend at the Mansion.  The feeling the house transmits when you are in it, is so peaceful and serene.  If only the walls could talk.  It is such a joy to share the knowledge that I have learned of the family that lived their and raised their children.  I am also going to start another page on the top in the header area.   Hegeler Carus Mansion.   I will include a short history of the Hegeler Carus family and pictures.   It is a place that everyone should take the time to visit if they are in the area.   The grounds of the Mansion is so beautiful.  In the summer they have a Concert Summer Series of Artists from the surrounding area.  Anywhere from country to jazz to 60’s England Invasion music.   They play every Friday nite on the west lawn.   Everyone brings their lawn chairs and is welcome to bring a lunch.  I even see people bring Cheese trays and crackers and a bottle of wine.   So relaxing….

Summer Concert Series.....  Music by Bag Shot Row....  New Gazebo on the West Lawn

Summer Concert Series….. Music by Bag Shot Row…. New Gazebo on the West Lawn

This Mansion was built in 1872.  It is 7 stories high, 57 rooms and 16,000 square feet.   Edward and Camilla Hegeler raised 10 children and their first born was Mary.   Mary married Paul Carus and raised 5 children in the home.  Edward started M &H  Zinc in 1858, and Open Court Publishing in  1887.  Carus Chemical was started in the 1920’s next door.  M & H closed in the 1970’s.  Open Court Publishing is still thriving.  Carus Chemical is now in operation across the USA and Europe and Asia.  Quite a feat for a Man.  They have a wonderful website   The house is on the National Landmark Registry.

Dentist Appointment #2 DONE…….

First thing I want to mention is, if you look at the top, I have added other pages. I finally figured that out.  Wow, I’m actually figuring out how to design this page.   ALL BY MYSELF!!!…..Amazing…At the top you will see titles….Home…About…Family…Little Beaver… I have added Family and Little Beaver…If you click on Family, you will see a slide show of some of our favorite family pics…Little Beaver will be pics of the Motor Home, but haven’t added those yet. I also think I will add a page called ….Crafts…I enjoy mosaic crafts and some others. So I will be adding some pics of my past projects. So check these pages out and stay tuned for the rest…lol

Well this morning I ventured back to the dentist at 8 am….so early….but it was time for my impressions….lol..whew…Glad that is done…but wasn’t as bad as I thought. I remembered before, they put all that gobbledy gook in your mouth and you had to wait 15 minutes for it to harden. “Just breath out your nose” they say. In the mean time, your nose is running and down your throat it goes, lol…You can’t swallow for fear your choke. So you sit their stone quiet. I tell myself. “Relax, Calm, Breath slowly, through the nose, slowly, its almost over, relax, calm.”…..Over and Over and OVer. In the mean time this big ass tray filled with gobbledy gook is filling your mouth to overflowing, and they have your mouth and lips spread out so huge….It has to harden before they take it out….Finally at last its over…spread the mouth wider and pull it out after it has hardened and sucked on to the teeth…or the teeth that is left…lol.. When Rich had his done, They had so much Gobbledy Gook packed in the teeth tray in his mouth, He said it was ready to run down his throat. He wanted to gag….Yuck… Well guess what. They have now invented a new faster drying gobbledy gook….Really wasn’t so bad. Less than 5 minutes, it had set and out it came. She was fast efficient and very nice. Second visit…score…A+….so so far not to bad.  Have all my dates set in stone now till the …GRAND FINALE….

Last Monday was Labor Day, and what an AWESOME DAY “WHY” cause I had it  “OFF”  My first Labor day in years that I haven’t been working.  It felt so good.  I kept telling myself, this is what the future will be….NO MORE WORKING ON HOLIDAYS…  Rich and I went to Toluca for their Annual Labor day Parade.  I grew up in Toluca, and the Labor Day celebration was the ultimate for the year.  I was comparable to Christmas … The carnival came to town.  The greatest time ever.  The only thing I hated was,  we usually started school the Wed. before, and the teachers still gave us homework on Friday….WHY….This was the biggest weekend of the year…..  No time for homework!!!!…..  My oldest grandson Cameron has been ridding his 4 wheeler in the parade for several years.  Not to advertise for anybody, but just to ride.  lol…He lives about a half hour from Toluca… This year, now that he is 16, he has been making lots of friends out of town….including Toluca.  They are all MUDDING friends…lol….They all go to the river and get their vehicles stuck.   Crazy isn’t it.  He rode his 4 wheeler in the parade and 2 of his buddies rode their mud infested trucks….lol…Cameron even had 2 girls on the back of his 4 wheeler.  It was a nice parade.  Hardly any floats though.  Mostly , Marching Bands, police and firetrucks, tractors, old cars, and the Shriners….They always put on a good show.  Their were 2 awesome Semis, pulling grain trailers.   They were painted a beautiful PINK….It was in honor of Cancer.   Too pretty to use on the job…  The most unique vehicle was a tank.   A water tank.   It was at the end of the parade, and it was shooting water into the crowd.  It would swivel back and forth and shoot water way out.   The guys on each side had water hoses and shot at the crowd.   On a “HOT” day, what a way to end the parade.



The Water Tank


Old Antique Firetruck


Awesome Pink Dump Box


Pink Trailer, advertising Cure for Cancer….


The Shriners…..Calliope in the back


Shriners in their little cars. …They have some great formations. They are in Toluca every year


Cameron and his mudding friends


Cameron and his Girl…………..friends………………lol


It has been raining this morning, but now it is over.  Sun is starting to shine.   I have to get some laundry done.   The dryer broke over a month ago.  Why fix it, or buy another.   We’ll be leaving soon.   So time to go hang out on the line……Who doesn’t like cardboard feeling towels?…lol…At least nothing shrinks this way…..till next time…………..