Randy Reindeer Came to Eastgate

Santa sent Randy to Eastgate as a back up for Christmas Eve if any of the reindeer got tired……Or the Story goes…..lol


The very end of November Alice and Tom came to me with this really cool idea.  “Lets have a Scavenger Hunt.  They had this cute little reindeer that we named Randy and we decided on this story.  received_1817546911841039-1.jpg

So Alice and Tom would hid him in the evening and text me the clue.  In the morning I would post the clue in both halls and on FaceBook.  Someone would find Randy and bring him to me and get an entry into the drawing on Christmas Day.  Everyone started getting a kick out of Randy.  He would hide in flower carts, peek out tree branches all through the park.  Several weeks back Randy was taken to Port Mansfield which is over an hour away.  They have lots of deer that are very tame.  They come right up to your car.  fb_img_1482978285847.jpg

The group that took him said that Randy wanted to meet his family.  Then they all went bar hopping.  The funny thing was, Alice and Tom were part of the group.  Nobody knew they were hiding him.  lol.  They played the game well.  fb_img_1482974091376.jpg

So Randy started to drink.  He made new friends and I think sucked down beer, Margaritas, and who knows what all.   He was a Very Bad Reindeer.  I didn’t know where he was until the group was posting these pictures on Eastgate FB site.


I knew Randy was going to come home with a BAD BAD Hangover.  Finally he came home.  He rested up a bit and later he was dressed up in a new Hat.  He decided to get out his inner tube and throw it in the hot tub.  He wanted to rest up and wake up in the morning floating in the sunshine.  The Clue for the morning was …….

Fun in the Sun before the busy week ahead…..fb_img_1482970704631.jpg

But poor Randy,  he didn’t realize a bad storm came up about 4 in the morning.  It rained and the wind blew hard.  In the morning, I had went up to post the clue and I got a mysterious text.  …… Randy was found in the water, his tube had capsized overnite…….  But he was safe, just water logged.  lol.  I had to towel dry him and use the blow dryer on him.  I feed him soup and tucked him in bed for the rest of the day.  So Randy hid again that nite…….Clue….”Randy has to check out a line for messages.  He will be sending out Daily Messages to Santa this week”….lol…So where do you suppose he was this time?  He was by a Direct Tv Satellite.   After several days, Randy decided he wanted to go to Mexico.


He hid on the window of our neighbors, Glen and Kathy.  So this time Randy dressed up in his Santa hat, a red coat with fur and a snowflake on the front. He also had a glass in his hand…..He had a sign….’Help!!!  I need a Margarita”…..Now I think he’s turning into an Alcoholic.   So he went to Mexico with Kathy and Glen, Dawn and Rob, their son and girlfriend, who just came and Rich.  Now Rich was designated driver for Kathy and Glen,  and Randy also.

He had his passport and climbed in their back pack.


He went through the turnstiles and entered Mexico.

It all went down hill from then.  He found the hard liqueur.

And the worst part was all of his chaperones didn’t stop him.  He even sang with Mexican band and they did a Hat Dance with him in the center of the floor in the hat.


He was such a mess.  When I didn’t hear from him by late afternoon, I knew he was …..”WASTED”…..They finally got him home around 8:30 that nite.  Rich was fine…But then their was ….”Glenn”….He had a good time.  But he probably doesn’t remember.  So Randy took the nite off cause of a hangover.  He stayed in bed most of the next day.  The last days Randy was good and hid every nite, entertaining all of us.  Christmas morning Pastor Squire even invited him to church.  Pastor gave him a front row seat and announced they had a visitor for the services.  We all hoped he would listen to the sermon and see the error of his ways.  Later that day was our Christmas Dinner.  He sat proudly in front on the stage and helped us pick our ……Winner of the contest……..fb_img_1483062421563.jpg

…..Ursula Randall…..She was presented with a Gift Certificate at a local Mexican Restaurant  and Reindeer Ears.  lol….We then announced our wonderful Owners of Randy and who had been  hiding him all this time.  No one ever suspected Alice and Tom.  Every nite they would ride around waiting for people to go to bed so they could hid him.  Kudos to them for doing this for almost 24 days.  They only took several days off when they got sick with the Texas Crud….lol…The Park had so much fun.  Some were waiting everyday to see the clue.  Some enjoyed just reading about him and laughing and trying to figure where he could be.  Never the less,  Randy made a HUGE difference in the park this year.  Now will Randy come back next December?received_1827312584197805.jpeg

It all depends on what Santa decides.  He never used him for Christmas Eve.  So was it because he couldn’t trust him, or did he just not need him.  We’ll never know.  I did hear he was thinking of sending him to AA meetings.   He might go to Rehab for the Summer.  Randy had promised to stay in the Park, so he broke many rules.   So for now Randy is sitting in the Activity Office in the Park.    Just waiting for Santa’s decision…..

……………Poor Randy………..




Christmas is Coming At Eastgate

Christmas is on it’s way here at Eastgate.  We took all the Thanksgiving decorations down and set a date to decorate for Christmas.  Many of the girls showed up and in an hour the tree was up and the hall was decorated.


The South Hall looks so nice especially with the new paint job this summer.  I’ve been busy planning lots of activities and trips for the rest of the season.  It going to be a grand year.  Our good friends Larry and Cici, have been looking at trailers.  They want to leave theirs here permanently and not pull it back and forth.  So we went shopping with them.


They found a beautiful 39 foot 5th wheel, and also a golf cart.  They have the golf cart at home already and the trailer will be delivered Tue.  This picture was taken in the RV Sales lot.  They have this rickshaw to run customers around in.   Rather cool.  The salesmen drove the bike while Cici and I were in the seat.  Larry and Rich took the Golf Cart.  They are standing in front of their 5th wheel.  So Tuesday will be their day to switch their belongings to the new trailer.


I would like you to meet Randy the Reindeer.  lol.  Now I have an Accomplice that came to me with this story and plan.  Randy hides Every nite.  My Accomplice texts me a Clue.  I put out the clue on FB and in both halls by 10 am every morning.  So this has been going on for just over a week.


Here is Randy’s story.  Last week we almost lost him.  Someone dropped him in Nite Deposit.   Today he was found and went to Progresso Mexico.  I don’t know if he crossed over or stayed in the car in the parking lot.  But he returned.  So this little game is starting to take off.  It seems we are getting more and more participation, and lots more people are getting a kick out of it even if they don’t hunt.  The clues are supplied by my Accomplice.  Today the Clue was….1, 2, 3,  Strikes….Your out…..    So finally he was found by a yard statue of a baseball player.   So they aren’t really that hard.


We have also started Crafts finally.  This is Alice and Cici with their Tomato Cage Christmas Trees.  These are so easy.  Turn your cage upside down.  Use a zip tie to tie the wire ends together.  Wind the lights around and tie them, then your garland.

Our next project is a 6 point star.  Our friends from Canada, Glen and Kathy found one at a garage sale back home and brought it.  Another friend Roberta got all the sticks from our trees that are trimmed and cut a whole box sticks all the same length.  So the only cost was zip ties and twine to join points and a set of 100 lights and decorations.   Another very easy and cheap project.


Our Christmas Decorations ….My Tomato Cage Tree, Stick Star….and Toilet….lol

Now the other morning at Coffee and Donuts, another couple was with us.  The question was “Why is the toilet in front of your trailer”  lol.  Well, the reason is,  one of the trailers needs one replaced.  Rich found this one at Habitat for Humanity….So he brought it home and it will be installed next week.  But until then, its our conversation peace.  So I said wouldn’t it be funny to sit on it and put that picture in the Eastgate Video at the end of the year.  So later that day,  …..THIS IS WHAT I WAS TEXT….


So So Funny,  I want you to meet Rob.  He even had to pull his pants down.  OMG……I told him,  Love the Pic, but sure can’t put this in the video,  Some of these people would have a heart attack……No sense of humor….But WE ALL LOVE IT…..HILARIOUS……


Last nite we had our first Entertainment here in our South Hall.  Jeff Gordon was here.   NO, NOT the Race Car Driver…..The Singer….


He did a great job,  Elvis, Tom Jones, Conway Twitty, Glenn Campbell,  Neil Diamond, Merle Haggard, and more.  He was originally from Bloomington Illinois.  His daughter lives in Washington Illinois.  Only  1 hour from my town.  He now travels the south in the winter and heads to the Mid West in the summer.  Today we had a Christmas Bazaar at the hall.


Lots of neat crafts.  Crochet and knitting,  jewelry,  woodcarving, and even lights made out of liquor bottles.


This past week was by Grandson Austin’s 6th Birthday….Also Dexter had his 2nd Birthday.  So the boys shared a birthday party


Yes, Dexter is a Very important member of the family.   He is another son….lol…Dexter is a good boy and always poses for pictures.  But he doesn’t look to happy about his hat does he…..lol