Catching Up On Activities Around the Park

Their has been so much going on that I have not written about.  It seems life at Eastgate is so busy.  Never a dull moment.  On the other hand, the other problem is that I have had to find another way to transfer my photos to my laptop from my phone.  I did have my phone synchronized to Facebook.  All of them would go directly to fb and I could choose those to download to my laptop to write the blog.  Now Facebook has done away with that feature.  They have started a new App called Moments.  So far I have not found it compatible to the laptop, only the phones.  They seem to want you to share your pictures with everyone else.  That’s really not what I do.  So I’ve had to find a new cloud for storage.   That has been completed, and now I am moving forward again.  My phone is not quite a year old and it seems it ran out of storage already.  You mean 2550 pictures + is too many?…….I guess…..I went to see about an internal memory card.   Well Samsung 6 doesn’t have one…..Darn…..So I have had to  download remove at least half my photos in the phone.  So now I think I have it figured out…..Its 2 steps forward and 1 step back….lol….That’s just the way it is.

In this blog I am just going to cover some of the things briefly that have been going on.  First we have started a Garden Club.


We only have five members.  lol  Pretty small.  We decided our first challenge was to spruce us our entrance.  It is full of Aloe and Mother in Laws tongue.


Very uninviting.  We wanted to completely redo it with plants that would flower and have different textures.  Now how does one raise money?……Have a Plant sale….lol…The girls drove through the park and found lots of plant starts that people wanted to get rid of.  They found old pots from people, used tin cans and milk cartons to repot in.  We advertised, we would take any pots or items that people were getting rid of.   We received more plants and pots.  We also made some mosaic blocks for the garden.   We scarfed up cement stepping stones from everywhere,  and also found some broken ones.   lol….We made many of the blocks.  The girls are now pros at mosaic work.  Finally we held our plant sale on two different


Saturdays during the Jam.  That would help bring in people.  We set up by the office so we were in great site of everyone.   All in all we did great.  We made over $250.  That was amazing.  Today several of us went to Grimsells, the Garden Center and we’ve come up with a plan of flowering plants.  Now just submit it to Debbie and get her blessings and away we go.  Now we feel good about presenting the owner with our plan and ask for the balance that we may need.


This sign will be moved also as it is a blind spot as we leave the park.  Their is a bicycle path, right by the street, following the length of the park.  Soon this should be transformed.


One day we were all going to go to Boca Chica Beach at Brownsville to collect shells.  Alice and I couldn’t go till late morning.  The others left early trying to beat the tide.  Low tide was around 5 am.  Well we didn’t meet up like we planned, but it was a beautiful day.


The sound of the waves crashing to the shore and the feel of the sea breezes whipping across your face and hair are just indescribable. So beautiful.  The beach is so untouched by the real world.  When vehicles drive over it, it doesn’t take long for the tracks to disappear due to the raising tide.


The sea gulls are flying around, and here and their you see the lone fisherman.


One night I went to the grocery store and found this little gem sitting in the parking lot.


I thought it was really pretty neat.


We had a Ladies Day luncheon.  Some wonderful food, and wonderful decorations.


So much food.  What great cooks they all are.


Their was so much food, we could have feed another fifty people.  These were the decorations hanging from the ceiling and the fans.  The girls made them.


I’m saving them for Easter for table centerpieces.  To pretty to not use again.

We also hosted a Super Bowl Party.  We served Wings, smokies, Nachos and Cheese, veggie tray, Shrimp and Cheese Ball.  Everyone brought a snack to pass.  It was Great, more and more food.



20160207_165711My Cheese ball….Pinterest is so full of ideas.


We had prize giveaways and a Kindle for the Grand Prize giveaway at half time.

Next on the agenda is our Woodcarvers show here in Harlingen.  This year I haven’t done any woodcarving.  My friend Cici entered for her first time this year.


She received a First Place, a Blue Ribbon……She was so excited.  Her Dolphin is beautiful.


This was the table of our club. We have lost several members this year.  Some real talent.  These Hummingbirds were carved several years ago as a club project.


This year this project won a 3rd, but also won Peoples Choice.    All of our parks carving members had something in this project.  Notice the hunter by the tree.  The dogs have the raccoons cornered in the tree.  ……lol…..Peoples choice is an honor.  These group projects are all on display in our north hall.


Now my last piece is about a couple who has become good friends.  Gail and Dewey have been together for several years now.  Gail has been coming to the park for around 20 years with her husband.  Dewey had been coming over 15 years.  Gails husband died 5 years ago, and Dewey and his wife divorced.  They had been friends for years but they finally got together as a couple and are so happy together.


Gail is so sweet. She plays pool with the lady’s.  Dewey plays with the men.  They have decided to move back to Missouri near her kids and grandkids.  They were so excited to begin their new adventure together.  Gail put her trailor on the market and it sold really fast, so they left last week.  We will so miss them.


This year when we first got here, Gail had fallen and broke her arm.  She had a lot of fun with her cast.  Her daughter had sent her some stickers and she had us all autograph it. She couldn’t play pool till recently, but she still came and gave everyone moral support and visited.  ……..Good Luck Gail and Dewey……..I told them…Their the lucky ones, most people leave here in a box……They are heading for a new……” NEW ADVENTURE.”….Miss you both…..







Great Time on a Segway and Seen a Terrific Raptor Show

Were been back at Eastgate now almost  a month already.  The weather has been so nice and warm. 80s’ and 90s’.  We’ve had some rain though.  We have been very lucky in Harlingen, as their has been much more rain to the east and west of us.  Many of the drainage ditches have overflown and homes have been flooded.  So far the new position is going well.  My official name is Event Coordinator.  I have been checking out some great things to do.  Sunday we are car pooling to the Local Theater to see a play of “Steel Magnolias”……Last Wed, I went on a Segway Tour of Harlingen.


I have always wanted to do it.  We were at Don Wes Flea Market, last year, when the were advertising, and they let me stand on one.  It is balanced by a Gyro inside.  It stands on its own.  It is really easy to do.  This company has tours through out the Rio Grande Valley including South Padre Island.  I had attended a convention for Activity Directors and was able to sign up for this tour, so we could take our experience back to our Parks and book tours with a fabulous discount.


Check out our helmets…….

Our guide, Rachael, gave us some great instructions and was very patient with training us.  She also had an assistant, John with her.  He was awesome also.  He always followed us to make sure we were all safe.  After about a half hour of instructions and training we took off for the 1 1/2 hour ride through historical down town, focusing on the many murals.


I didn’t take to many photos of the murals as I was a little nervous to take my hands off the handles.  Sure didn’t want to fall off and make an A***** of my myself……lol….Our first stop was a fabulous garden center, Grimsell’s Garden Center.


It was so pretty, It had beautiful patios, and gardens.


I heard some birds tweeting,  I sounded so pretty, so as I walked through, I came upon a garden with a cage of parakeets…..They were so happy enjoying the gentle breeze and singing happily.


Their cage was on a set of wheel barrow wheels. That way they can wheel them in at nite and bad weather.  They are well taken care of and obviously so happy.


I continued on enjoying all the beautiful plants on display, and for sale.  Such a beautiful, soothing and relaxing atmosphere in the middle of town.  PARADICE


Next, back on the Segway’s for another mural.  This building is all the windows and downs painted.  Its is different and a departure from the other murals.  An artist actually has a shop their.


On we go to Harlingen Lake.  It was huge, right in the middle of town.  I hadn’t seen it before.  It has awesome walking trail around the lake with many grassy areas.  We rode the walkways halfway around, and then got off to rest.  We had the opportunity to either rest or go play on the grassy hills nearby.  It was time to rest my feet as I think you stress your muscles at first.


Several of us just sat and relaxed, enjoying the beautiful breeze from the lake.  This is a picture of Rachel (Owner) and John.  We had them pose for it.   Nice advertisement….lol…I want to give them all the plugs I can…lol….


Onward to the Library.   They had a beautiful Plaza area.  The emphasis was obviously on books….The gorgeous arch, was structured with books.


Some had rather comical names.  One of them, as you would be standing under the arch staring up was named….”Looking Up”…


This was a cool statue of Thomas Edison.

12242728_10205027847603556_343139502_o12242221_10205027845723509_944901624_nTime to get back on…


.Rachael  and John were always their to help us get on.  So patient


One of our last murals was down town.  The Lady from the Visitor Center welcomed us and took our picture.  Finally it was over and back to the parking lot.  It was a blast.  The next day I called Rachael and have scheduled 2 tours for our park, one for this Wed. and another in Dec.  I hope they have as much fun as I did.

We also had a Birding Convention in town.  The RGV is a huge birding area.  So many kinds, as we are on the main migratory areas.  They held Bird walks all over during the week, even going over 50 miles away.  For the weekend they had a great show at the convention center.  I went with my Good friend Roberta, who is a permanent resident of the park.  She has 2 birds…..”Maui” a beautiful Macaw, and “Love Love” a cockatiel that has broken hips.

They are awesome birds. Roberta found many books and contacts on birds.  They offered many trips all over the world, even New Zealand for Birding. People come from all over the world for these Birding conventions.   But my favorite was the Raptor Project.


The Raptor Projects is an extraordinary and outstanding array of eagles, hawks, falcons and owls that have won the rapt attention of enthralled audiences throughout the nation. Presenting almost 1000 educational programs to over 10 million people annually, The Raptor Project leads the way in outstanding, top quality, professional wildlife education. Featuring 15-20 raptors from diverse habitats at each presentation, these dynamic fierce predators capture hearts of both young and old.


Jonathon asked a little girl to feed meat to the eagle. She wasn’t even afraid

The Raptor Project founders, Jonathan and Susan Wood of New York’s Catskill mountains have assembled a traveling collection of feathered predators that is unrivaled in scope and size anywhere in the world. Jonathan Wood is a Master Falconer and Wildlife Rehabilitation, bringing unique insights, observations and humor to his exciting, riveting, nationally acclaimed shows.


This Owl was so beautiful. At first he looked stuffed…lol…but He was real

Many of the birds in About Johnathan Wood - BiographyThe Raptor Project have
permanent handicaps and have been donated to his project by crowded wildlife centers around the country because they were unable to be re-introduced to the wild. Some faced euthanization and now have been tamed and trained to educate the public as charming ambassadors of their species and the environments they inhabit. Jonathan and Susan Wood and their staff operate the organization from a beautiful 14 acre, private facility in New York’s Catskill mountains. All birds are housed, exercised and cared for in spacious, state of the art aviaries.


Jonathan Wood works with birds in a wide rage of sizes. From small falcons and owls weight 3-4 ounces to majestic eagles with 6-8 foot wingspans. He is honored with 35 years of handling experience and has produced and presented The Raptor Project to over 10 million people… up close and personal!


These birds were so awesome to see in person and close up.

It has been a fast month already.  Time is flying by and its all most Thanksgiving.  We are doing our final plans on that now.  Thanksgiving menu will consist of 7 Turkeys, 2 roasters of Dressing and 1 roaster of Gravy.   Were on the cooking committee, Well rather Rich is, I will be doing other stuff.  Sure isn’t my forte…….Till next time, which I have a Great Article on Veterans Day to write next, I will leave you a picture of Kitty in the shower…..He loves to drink the water…..lol12233369_10205026521490404_1724181842_n