The Grandkids…..

This year Austin graduated KindergartenHe was really excited.


They held the graduation in the High School Auditorium.  This was his teacher.  After the ceremony, they went to Spring Valley to the Gold Mine Restaurant that Aunt Connie works at.


They held a little party for him.  His little Jar is cute.  Tina rolled up $1 bills and tied them like a Diploma.  Put his picture inside and a Graduation Hat on top….Great Idea for any occasion.  We weren’t able to attend it so Tina held a small Party at “Fish and Fun”.  Its a little recreation area with a fishing lake and pool area with 3 different sizes pool.  The lake is lined with houses,  house trailers and camping trailers.  It is only several miles outside McNabb and is Membership only.


Aunt Beth brought a cake and all the kids went swimming.   I bought him the pump container to fill water balloons.  They all had a good time with that.  Finally got a group picture of them all.


This was hard.  Cameron didn’t want to cooperate….lol…and then theirs Dexter…



Austin and Miley have both been involved in Sports this summer.  Miley will be in 3rd grade next year.  She is growing but Austin is growing faster.  Soon, if not already Austin will pass her by.


Miley has also been involved with the Cheerleaders this year.  They did a performance at a High School game at half time.  She is so tiny and petite, and has been involved in gymnastics since she was 3.  So she can do lots of great moves.


Here’s the whole family, including Tina, Ed and of course Dexter.  They stopped in Wisconsin Dells on their way up to Wisconsin for their annual fishing trip with Grandpa Dan Dolder. 


Next we have little Carly.  She was 5 this year.   She is such a “Princess” and she’s so smart.

FB_IMG_1497792040882 She will enter Kindergarten this fall.  This photo is at PreSchool.


Now this is one of my favorite pictures of her…Her hair is all natural curly and is very hard to control….Pigtails or pony tails are best..


Her she is sticking her head out of her Mamas new car.  Tammy is in Love……..with her car….


Next is her Big Sissy Cassidy….She is 13 this year….Now an “OFFICIAL Teenager”Cassidy went to live with her dad this year.  He lives nearby, and now she’s getting to know her other family which is a good thing.  She spends lots more time with her Grandma and Grandpa.

She comes out to her moms house a lot.  Probably almost every weekend.  So their all working it out.  It’s nice for all of them.  Teen years are tough.  Cassidy will enter 8th grade this fall….Almost High School….


This is a favorite picture….


Now for their Big Brother Cameron….He just had his“19th Birthday this month.  We are so proud of him.  This past year he has achieved so much.  Last year in the early spring, he dropped out of High School.  He was so far behind, he would have had to take summer classes, if not another year.  He has struggled all of high school.  He said he was going to get his GED.  We were all skeptical, but he made us all believers.  He enrolled at the Junior College.  He had to take the courses that would build his knowledge in all academic areas up to a certain level, so he could enroll in the GED Class.  He completed them and enrolled in the GED classes.  He finished in Nov and received his GED.  Then, with the help of Uncle Scott, he enrolled in CDL classes at the college and completed them in Feb this year.  Finding a job has been hard as he is only 19 and most company’s wont insure him until he is 21.  But he has found a job with the help of Aunt Tina with AG View FS Fertilizer Company.  He is doing so good and is well liked by the company and all the employees.  As you see the family has been behind him, but only because he has showed so much drive and initiative to complete his studies.  He found his goal to complete the GED and he pushed himself to succeed.  He now gets up everyday on his own, anxious to go to work.  Sometimes he leaves as early as  5:30, and works till 8.  But it is the busy season.  He has come so far this year.


Scott and Brandy also had a big celebration in their family this year.  Brandy’s daughter Staci, has now graduated also and received her BSN in Nursing.  She will soon be taking the “BIG TEST” to obtain her license and then pick her job to begin her career.  In the mean time, she is helping out at the bar.


One more photo is my niece Ashley’s little girl, Vivian.  She is Richs sister Connie’s Daughter.  Last year just before we left for AdventureLand, Connie held her Baby Shower.  Little Vivian is growing like a weed and is almost 1……And Guess What…….Vivian will be joined by a new little baby sister or brother this fall.  Exciting news…  The family is growing….


This is a photo of Scott and Brandy’s Billboard for the bar….”ONE PAW’Z PUB”…..It is located on Rt. 89 at the corner of Main Street into McNabb.   Rather IMPRESSIVE isn’t it.






One Paw’z Pub-2nd Annual Pre-Harvest Throwdown & Cruise In

On Sept 10 2016,  Scotty and Brandy hosted the 2nd Annual Pre-Harvest Throwdown.  Now in McNabb this is a huge affair.  The town is a little farming community on Rt. 89, but surrounded by corn fields.  It is one of the six little towns in Putnam Co., which is also the smallest county in the state of Illinois.  Our little village only has a population of 285 as of the census of 2010.  It is down from 310 in the year 2000.  McNabb has 1 gas station, Jacks Gas, 1 little convenience store attached.  It also boasts of Grassers Hardware and Heating, Morenos on Main Resturant, and a very modern Bank.  On the corner is One Paw’z Pub, our son’s tavern.


This is the 2nd year that Scotty and Brandy have thrown this party.  This year the Village Board agreed to close 2 blocks of Main Street to host the event.


The car club Blood Sweat and Gears were invited.  They showed up with some amazing cars for a Cruise – In. Their was such a nice collection dating from the early 30’s to new.   Over 70 cars were there


This was my favorite.   1969 Camaro SS.  Now in the fall of 1969, I bought a brand new Camaro from the showroom floor  at Imm and Son Chevrolet in Toluca Ill.  It had a 350 and wasn’t an SS or RS, just a basic car.  But it was this maroon color with white seats and black dash and carpeting.  My first and only new car.  You wouldn’t believe what I paid.   The new 70’s had come out, so I was able to purchase it for $500 off sticker price…….Final Cost…..$3,000……Amazing…..I was single at the time.  I remember the gas mileage was awful.  I had it in the shop several times and I think it was only getting around 12 miles to a gallon. Gas was cheap in those days.  It was only 30 cents a gallon.  We had gas wars back then.  All the stations would try to out do each other to lower prices and have the cheapest gas.  I remember the low 20’s.  Rich remembers 21 cents in Chillicothe but 16 cents in Missouri on a trip.  Unfortunately, after we were married, we traded the car for a used pick up truck…..Grrrrrrr….If we only knew then what we know today…..


This was a pretty car.  The gold looking trim paint between the red and purple was a pearl paint that changed colors when you walked by.


This is Brandy’s favorite car.  A practically new Camaro in a beautiful shade of green.


The head lights are awesome looking…..Eyes are looking at You….They are actually covers that are for show.  They take them off to drive…..



A few more of the awesome cars in the Cruise In.


A view down Main St.  This is a site this town rarely ever sees.  A Beautiful Site to see in this little village of only 275.


This is the view from the bank looking at One Paw’z Pub.  You can see the stage set up for the band, the small tractor display with the Grain Elevator in the background.


Now this picture I had to include,  These 3 red Dodges all belong to the Sandberg family.  They are HUGE MOPAR fans.  Far right is John and Trudy Sandberg (parents) Cuda,  middle-Sean(oldest son) Challenger,  in front of flower pot is Ryan (youngest son) Duster.  Tracy, their daughter and husband also had cars down the street on display.  Rich worked for Sandberg Trucking for a number of years on and off.  The kids all are part of the Company now and he still drives for them sometimes when were home.  Ryan’s wife Brandy is also the Mayor of McNabb.  During this time of the Cruise In the Restaurant and One Paw’z Pub were bustling with business.  The bar was full and really had to get through to the back.  Scott and Brandy have recently put in Slot Machines.  They remodeled the apartment on the side and incorporated it into the bar and installed 4 slot machines.


Rich said they were busy all day, sometimes even people waiting to have their chance at the machines.  Scott has also added a patio off the back now.  He is still working on it and more plans for next spring.


At 7pm. the Band was set up and began to play.  The RADIUM CITY REBELS was a 5 piece band that played some awesome music.  Scott backed his semi with trailer across Main St. It made a Great stage for the Band.  All traffic was rerouted through the back streets.


They played till midnight.  It was a beautiful evening.  It was a little chilly but Perfect.

My sister in law, Connie lives in a little hamlet…lol…Mt. Palatine.  Its around 4 miles as the bird flys.  She sat on her back porch and she said it sounded like the band was in her back corn field……


It was a really fun evening.  We seen many friends.  Carol and Jim came by.  Of Course Pam, your always their for a good time.  It was so good to see all of you.  Many more, but my biggest surprise was Lynn and Dale……They were celebrating Birthdays.  but Dale had just proposed to Lynn that day….He was even on his knees I believe…..How Sweet….Congrats to you both…..They are so Happy.  Also with them was a long lost friend from work.  Cindy was a supervisor.  She also went on to a better job.  lol.  It was a great time.


So here is Scott and Brandy, early in the evening.  Unfortunately my phone went dead later and my charger also died….lol…Always happens at the worst times……Walmart here I come…..But what a Great Nite for this little town.  It was really loud and booming with music.  I asked several days later.   Did anyone call the Mayor or board and Complain?

…..Nope, Not A One……Maybe better read the Village Board Minutes next meeting…lol….