My Date With the Dentist……….Hellllllllpppppp!!!!!!

I really hate dentists. I have always said I would rather have a baby than go to the dentist. Now that should tell you something about me.. Haha…CHICKEN SH—- I have a partial on the top and now I need a full set on the top. I am living on borrowed time, not only because several are bad and ready to cause trouble and of course, when I quit I will not have dental ins. So I only have an open window of 8-10 weeks. I have known this since last year. I prepared by having money put in my Flex account. I was going to start this in January. Well that’s where common sense ends. lol…..

When I was a Kid , I had the dentist from HELL…..I think he was in a relationship with the devil….OMG. I was so scared of him.. He caused me so much pain. I remember during my check up for Freshman year, he found 7 cavities….OMGGGGGG….Now back then It was just one cavity done a visit. So for 7 Fridays, I was to go after school and have them fixed. He was evil! What ever makes a person become a dentist. Why do you want to look in another persons mouth. Rotten Teeth, Bad Breath, Bleeding gums. I have never understood that. So my dentist would pretend to be friendly and then it all went to HELL….He put that sucker in you cheek to suck out all your saliva. Then he proceeded to drill. OUUUUCHHHH………..Hellllllllllpppp….He would hit that nerve. Then stop, have you sip some water. the sucker would suck it out, and then back came the drill….Over and Over Again….I would just hear that drill whine and whine and drill….Ohhhhhhh. The Pain of it all. So for 7 Fridays I went after school. By Monday I started worrying again. Now one of those Fridays, I made the decision not to go. I told my mom I forgot. Haha…I got caught in a lie…She knew better. So what was worse. Facing the Wrath of your Mother or the Evil Dentist. So that obviously made an impression on a 14 year old. It has stayed with me ALL of my life.

So through my whole adult life, I never went unless a tooth abscess , and I looked like I had a softball in my mouth. The pain that I endured…Silly Isn’t it. I remember once when Rich and I wasn’t married very long I was crying in the bedroom. He told me to go to the dentist. Noooooo….Suddenly the pain stopped…Wow, did I feel great. and then I felt my cheek grow. What an ugly sight. lol. So went in the next day and he lanced it. Went back several days later and he pulled it…It wasn’t that bad, but with time, the old feeling came back.

So the time came for the partial. It had to be done. I was eating a large Pretzel with Tina in the car. Well my front tooth broke off. She looked at me in shock and started laughing at me. All I needed was a chicklet. It would have filled up the hole.. I took some advise and went to a wonderful dentist. I was so scared, but all went GREAT. Well Now this time has come again. Ohhhhh No…..My dentist just left the area. I heard that the replacement was horrible. That’s all it took. Im not going back. So decisions had to be made. I was going to go to Aspen Dental. They are new by Walmart. My insurance plan covers them. And then I got the paper listing all the dentist on the plan. Would you believe they have 18 dentists. OMG, You’ll never know who you will get. and no offense, but at least 15 were foreigner’s. lol. I couldn’t pronounce their names. So, NOPE, not going their. Well we have a dentist that just built a new building. I stopped in last Friday. Their day was over, but they took me in for Xrays. I am now on the way to new teeth. lol..Impressions next Thursday already. But at the beginning of the visit, she asks me. “What kind of dentures do you want?” What? “What kind are their”…Well she came out with all these dentures. She tried to sell me on the ones that are put in permenately. They put titanium implants into you bone. OMG. The looked like large screws that went up your gum into you bone. They needed to put in 3 or 4. Well Guess the Price………….I’m not Rich….I only married a Rich…I’m actually poor……….$3000 an implant. that’s $9 to $12000 before you even get the dentures. Wow. So Of course I went with the traditional big ass plate in the mouth…Ill probably gag a lot till I get use to them…lol..but I will live with it. So that is going to be my near future. Grrrrrr ….but I keep telling my self…IT HAS TO BE Done. Next visit, Ill tell you about the COMFORT MENU….lol….

Tomorrow is Labor Day, The last official Holiday. Then all kids should be in school now. Rich and I are going to Toluca for their parade. It is only about 20 minutes away. I grew up their and graduated from Toluca High School. My oldest Grandson Cameron, is over their now. Him and his friends love to play with their 4 wheelers and vehicles in dirt and mud. So they are going to be in the parade as the mud boys I guess. I told him he should have washed it. He said Noooooooooooo, that’s the point. Its the MUD….So hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow, even though its predicted.



This is Cameron last winter…. He loves his 4 wheeler.   But it seems to be broke down more that running.

4 thoughts on “My Date With the Dentist……….Hellllllllpppppp!!!!!!

  1. Probably no help now, but many of the Texas snowbirds used Mexican Dentist that are even trained in the US. Ask around when you get down there … go with personal recommendations.


  2. Well Dave, Rich mentioned that….lol….I said NO WAY….I don’t care where their trained….Not letting them touch me….lol…


  3. you will be sooo glad to have all those natural “painful” teeth out of your mouth ! It does take a little getting used to having a plate, but that is quickly over come 🙂
    and if I had all the money in the world I would not let them put crews into my mouth! I saw a commercial for $457 for I denture , probably is more for pulling what you have left , but that is a very good price !


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