This is the Beginning….Retirement is near….

Well this is my first Blog. I have decided to start this blog, for the purpose of letting the kids know what we are doing after we take off in the RV. The RV?…..For those of you who don’t know, we are going full time RVing. Were heading to Southern Texas for the winter. No more Illinois snow for us. What a terrible winter it was. A week ago, I went to Social Security Office and filed for SSI. I will now be working part time for awhile, so I can still have Insurance. Rich will retire around the end of Oct. AND THEN THE FUN BEGINS…………LOL….

Im sure you all wonder how and when this decision was made. Rich has been wanting to do this for along time. I was the hold up. But as time went by, I realized how much work is involved in taking care of a house and yard. Think about it, How much of your check goes to taking care and supporting the house. We have always loved our spontaneous vacations. I do plan in sharing all these stories with all of you. We have so many. and Pictures also. About 2 years ago, I finally decided that this is what I wanted to do. So we went RV shopping. Really didn’t look long. We found our ‘”Little Beaver”. lol. not to far from us at a dealer. It is an older one but well kept. We made the plunge and bought her in Oct 2012. Everything the last 2 years, we have done to prepare for this Grand Time in life….RETIREMENT…AND TRAVELING….So I hope everyone will enjoy this blog and enjoy our adventures. We still have so much to do……So much STUFF in the house to get ride of….lol…Over 30 years of STUFFFFF…….OMG…..

Today is my Birthday, so Happy Birthday to ME .    I decided this would be a good day to start this diary.  I plan on only posting once a week at first.  Unless I have something exciting happen.   Like another trip to Goodwill.   LOL.


4 thoughts on “This is the Beginning….Retirement is near….

  1. I am so happy for you and VERY jealous! You will be living my dream. You deserve it though because you are such a great person and I love you as if you were my own family. I will always miss you when you are gone but I am thankful for this blog to stay in touch. I LOVE YOU!


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