D Day….Has Come….and Gone……(Dentist Day)

All weekend it has been rainy and cloudy….Finally the sun is starting to shine but fall is in the air.   Tonight is the first possible freeze.   So everyone has been warned to cover their flowers.   I thought I would post a pic of my favorite tree in the front Yard

fall pic 1

The last fall we live in our house…Notice the MH ready to go in the driveway….

This is the Family Tree.  This tree came home with me in the 80s.   I was taking my mom to Iowa City to the hospitals and I would go to Walmart.   I was pretty poor, and we had no trees in the yard, so I was buying bushes and trees that were reduced in price because they half dead or because it was end of season.   This tree was even transplanted twice.   Well it came home in the trunk….Such a beautiful tree it has turned out to be.   It is the tree the kids love to climb.  Weve taken lots of pics with the kids in the tree through the years.


Halloween ….All dress in their costumes…


All 5 grand kids in the Family Tree


Cassidy….She can be so cute when she wants to be…..

Soon all the leaves will be gone….and we will be in Texas when the snow starts to fly…..yeaaahhhh….

Well, Wed was Dentist day.  Tue started out as normal.   Went to work and got off.   Knew I wouldn’t be eating hard stuff for a few days, so I went to Hyvee and bought some soup.   Cheddar Broccoli, and some other stuff.   Bought my last meal…lol..at the Deli….They had Roast Pork Loin special with 2 sides.   So I bought 2 for supper for Rich and me.   Well I got home about six and found 2 messages on the phone from the Dentist office.  She was trying to contact me about how I was going to pay the remaining balance.  “” What Balance“”.   I called and left a message…….” I don’t know what you are  was talking about.   Everything should be taken care of”…….   The second message said….”” it is 4 o clock and we close in 30 min.   If we don’t hear from you , we are forced to cancel the visit”””   WHAT!!!!     Blue Cross had already paid one check.   So just didn’t understand it.   The next morning I got ready and just before I left , I called again and left another message….”” I don’t understand what the problem is, I am coming anyway, I don’t know what else to do.””……I drove to Tammy’s, and waited for her to come home from work.  I had a prescription of 4 pills for Xanax.  I took 1 and brought the rest if I needed them per instructions.   Now let me tell you.  I don’t take drugs, so 1 little mg. of  Xanax is alot for me.    Well lets just say i didn’t really notice it like Tammy did.  lol.

When we got their and walked in, I definitely was under the influence.  lol.  So Tammy says.   I locked eyes immediately with the office girl.   Went up to the desk, oblivious that their were other people sitting in the office also.   I asked her, did you get my message.   Well after a little conversation, I found out.    MY INSURANCE WAS CANCELED WHEN i WENT PART TIME.  ….. OMG….I was in shock.   They only reason I went part time was so I could keep the insurance.   and I might add, at their suggestion.    They needed $1700 before they could proceed with the appointment.   Well I called HR immediately and she was on Vacation.   So talked to the other girl.  She was shocked also and agreed I should have it.   She would follow through and find out what happened.   She said what are you going to do?  I said, “”I don’t know, guess just sit here””.   Finally Tammy told me “”Mom, please talk quieter””.   Well didn’t realize I was so loud.   I just sat down and put my feet up on the chair next to me like I was at home and started calling people on the phone.    Must have been a sight.   I think Tammy was embarrassed.  lol lol.   So long story short, I finally thought, ya know,  I must have this done today.  So I told the girl to put it on Rich’s charge card.   Then I just sat down and waited.   Finally after about an hour and a half they called me in……………………

And then it began……..The needle came……over and over….finally no more pain….yeaaaaa…..my eyes were shut…..then the pliers….the pressure…..the pushing and pulling…..Heard one go SNAP…..Then the drill…..and more drilling…and more drilling……finally the thread…..Then the new teeth…..OH gosh…What a mouth full.   Then they put some goop inside and put them in my mouth and I had to wait 10 min.  while it set up…..It was squishing out the back….Then they took them out and carved the excess off.  It is a soft material that is a cushion on the upper pallet and gums.  Finally after arriving at 8:30, we walked out of their by 12……..Whew…..I still had to be carefull how I walked.  I could never be a druggy…..lol….I have no tolerance…Guess I would be a cheap thrill…hahaha.  Started my pain meds when I got home.   Did a lot of napping.   But oh how I had to keep wiping the blood from my lips….Yuck.   I think I slept from exhaustion.   Didn’t feel to bad the next day but my jaw was really swollen.   Thur. nite I had to take the teeth out.  It was just to much.  Friday, I got up and looked in the mirror and….. OMG,…..  I was bruised under the eye and down by my jaw.  That is the side I heard the pop….I bet he broke the eye tooth when he was pulling it.

Ive been eating my soup,  Rich brought home Chicken Pot Pie from KFC.  Yum..and of course Rainbow Sherbet.    But do you think I will probably lose some weight?…Probably not…Monday back to remove the stitches, HR will be back and will get this mess staightened out. Work on Tue.  Early Halloween…..Here come the jokes…..hahaha…..But, you have to laugh at yourself.  I gave it much thought about posting pics, but decided……WHY NOT…Ya just  have to laugh at yourself..Gotta just wait now and see what happens….

fall pic 2

Beautiful Maple Tree at my sons house…..