Thanksgiving and Finally…..DAY 1…. We Are On the Road….Heading For Sunshine….

Finally,….It has come…The time we have been planning for over 2 years for….DAY 1…..We left yesterday just in front of a cold front heading to Illinois.  It still doesn’t seem real that after all this planning and last minute chaos, that were in the Motorhome with most of your everyday needs (and more)…I think we probably packed away much more that we should have.  Probably should have weighted in at the elevator on the way out of town, but then we would know how overloaded we were.   Ignorance is Bliss…..LOL….But first………Thanksgiving at Scott and Brandy………


Our Good Friend Pam


Staci with her back turned….



Kids playing Pool


The only pic of Brandy


Tammy Pam and Cameron


Brian, Matt and Daughter Asley


Not cooperating…


Aunt Beth….lol…



Mat and Ashley



Uncle John showing Austin the IPad


Telling secrets to Cassidy…


Tina Pam and Scott


All us Girls….


Our littlest one…Carly


Look Rich is smiling…


Charlie Pat and John


Good shot of Ed..





He looks innocent doesn,t he…


We had our family Thanksgiving at Scott and Brandys this year.  Our house sure did not need that much activity.  They have a huge bar room down basement, complete with bar, pool table, fooz ball table, tv, and many other toys for adults….lol…Now he is building a small stage area, because he just ordered a karaoke machine.   Everyone showed up this year.  It was so nice. Tammy and the kids came to our house first …She made scalloped corn and went through some more stuff to take home.  Then we all went to Scotts…Everybody came, Rich’s Sister Pat and Charlie, sister Connie and Brian and their daughter Ashley and Mat, and Rich’s  brother John.  Also their was Staci, Brandys daughter.  She came home from college just to have dinner with all of us, and also Ed’s sister Beth.  She has become a very special person in our lives as well as Tina and Eds.  Aunt Beth is GREAT…… Also a very good friend Pam came to say goodbye.  Pam,  and her family have been in our life since we were newly married and with out kids.  We met Pam and her brother Bobby, and  her parents Carol and Bob, way back in the 70s when we first started camping.  Bob was sheriff of the hill at the campground….lol….We took Pam and Bobby to Chicago just to have fun when they were just kids.  Also Rich and I and Bob and Carol even did the Demo car Derby together.  We all 4 had our own cars…..Later when Scott was born, Pam went with us to the hospital and watched Scott be born.   Lessons in life to be learned…..haha….So it was so nice that she came by to see us.  Carol was home sick.  So sad Carol….Hope your feeling better by Thanksgiving.

I think we had food for another 50 people after we were done.  So so much food.  We made ham and green bean cassorle, deviled eggs, pea salad, and jello.  Scott and the guys deep fried a turkey.  Connie brought some friend chicken.  Pat brought a crock of little weinies.  Everyone loves them.  and that is only the beginning.  Much more food.  For drinks, we always have punch in the punch bowl.   Its just sherbet and 7 UP.   But so easy and the kids love it.  Of course the Adults had something a little stronger.  The bar is always stocked.  We all left stuffed and with bowls of food to take home….Isn’t that they way it always is.   So now our frig is packed with left overs….Actually, were going to have leftovers for breakfast this morning…..cake and deviled eggs….lol…We went home after the dinner and cleaned up the kitchen, knowing the Sunday was going to be a BIG Day…

We got up by 7 in the morning and started in.  So much yet to do.  Last minute clothes to put in.  Fridge to clean out.  Cabinets to take out last minute stuff.  Bathroom to clean out.  Just to name a few things…….Well guess who showed up….Tina and Ed and the kids.   Now those of you who know Tina, will understand.  She is an organized work horse sometimes.   She can give orders and expect to work right along side of you while ordering you around.   And so it began.  She would question me on what to take and she carried it.   We would put it away in the RV and return again.  The worst part was the carrying.   Out the kitchen down 2 sets of steps,  to the Motorhome and back up steps.   Then here came Connie and Brian.  Connie stepped right in and continued the packing and carrying.   And so by Noon we were almost ready to go…. The guys loaded the scooter on the pick up, and did all the guy things.  haha….And LAST OF ALL KITTY……He was not happy.   He seen his bed get ripped apart.  His bedspread disappear.  then his sheets leave.   And finally his pillows left the bed.  Then I came for HIM…….He sunk his claws into the mattress….HE KNEW SOMETHING WAS UP….He fought me all the way out.


Last things from the house…


The girl with all the faces



Yep…checking the generator..



Do you have a CDL?


So finally time to say GOODBYES…..Connie and Brian left to go to Breakfast…..You know it was almost 1 pm and he hadn’t had breakfast yet….OMG….and Tina and Ed and the kids stayed to lock up and take the LAST PICS…


Kitty settled in….Actually took a nap…


We left finally around 1;30….fully expecting to eat leftovers….Well we decided to eat at one of our favorite resturants…..BONANZA in Lincoln….love the Sirloin tips and salad bar….and of course we get Senior discout now….Being old does have its PERKS…..then headed down St. Louis….That’s were we have spent the nite.  Kitty did well.  He finally took a nap on the sofa and last nite slept in bed like normal.  So going to have breakfast soon.  Deviled eggs, cake and maybe a little pea salad.  lol….and on down the road we go…..Soon no more rain…Maybe sunshine by tonite?


4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving and Finally…..DAY 1…. We Are On the Road….Heading For Sunshine….

  1. On the road, are you? Finally? Congratulations!!!

    Where after St. Louis, then? We are on the coast of SE Texas, edging our way toward FL. it’s so nice to be warm!


    • Sue, we are almost to Harlingen….This is Thanksgiving and we will be their tomorrow….Sure would be nice if you were still done their….Does’nt this warm weather feel nice…


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