Happy Birthday Tina, Today is Your Special Day…….


Our middle child, Tina was born 35 years ago.  Time has sure flown by.  So hard to believe it has been that long.  Tina was born in the early morning hours of Saturday March 8th 1980.  She weighed in at only 7 lbs.  She was born in Spring Valley, Illinois at St. Margaret’s Hospital.  Our doctor was Dr. Wm. Farley of Peru.  He was a really good doctor who had  a Mid Wife, Mary Bradish on staff.  At the time this was entirely a very new concept.  He paved the way for the Illinois Valley to modernize their birthing techniques.  Mary was our Mid Wife for Tammy and for Tina also….and Scott, 2 years later.  She is an Awesome person.  It was a very easy birth, as all of mine were.  Tammy was so excited to have a new baby sister.  Tammy was almost 2 at the time, so she was a big help.  She could go get the diapers and anything I needed.  But as always, little ones think they can do everything, like change the diaper too.

I was working still at Toluca Garment Co in Toluca.  I had been their since I was 16 in high school.  I realized that I would never make it on time with 2 kids…lol…I was always late the way it was…., and also my paycheck would all go to babysitting.  Rich and I decided that I should not go back.  So it was nice to stay at home, but money was really tight.   and I mean REALLY TIGHT…..But we always manage don’t we.  We lived in a little 2 bedroom house that had been remodeled when we moved in 2 years before.  It was cute, but heated with a space oil burner….grrrrrrrrr….But we all survived.

Tina was a cutie….Our landlord and his wife lived next door.  They loved kids as they never had any.  They took the girls to their heart and took them everywhere.  Buck and Gertie were an Awesome couple.  They loved boating and would take them boating and shopping.  Many people use to ask if they were twins….lol…I use to dress them similar sometimes.  Several years later we moved across town to our new house.  That is where Tina started preschool.  She went to Lads and Lassies in Granville at a church and then entered Kindergarten the following year at the Swaney Junior High.


It was a country school just 2 miles outside of town.  It was the home of the Junior High for Putnam Co, and the Kindergarten.  It was nice for the fact, the older kids would come and be helpers for the Kindergarten Teachers.  The following year, she entered the First Grade in Granville.  She attended 1st – 4th in Granville, then 5th Grade was in Hennepin, then back to Swaney in McNabb for 6-8, graduating in 1995.

She entered Putnam Co. High in fall of 1995, graduating in 1999.  All through school, Tina has always been very athletic.  She played T ball and then on to softball.  She played in the summer on the town leagues, as well as school leagues.

She loved PE in school and also played Volley Ball.  One summer, she even went on a bike ride for a week in southern Illinois…..It was a Church sponsored activity, where they traveled several hundred miles by the end of the week on their bicycles.  Every nite they had a destined place to be.  Usually a church that had meals and showers and places for the kids to sleep.  She had a Great time.  Tina also detasseled corn.  We had our own seed company in town.  They would hire kids at age 10.  Tammy was already working and Tina, when she was 9, went and begged them to let her go.   And they did….She was a very determined and stubborn girl.  She learned the LOVE of MONEY at a young age.  She detasseled every year after, till she got a real job.  All the kids also had paper routes, delivering a 6 day a week paper after school.   For awhile we had all the papers in town…lol…only like 100…but the girls both had the 2 routes.  Now when Tammy was in the hospital, with an emergency surgery, Tina did both routes herself for several days.  She was a determined girl, that always came through…

After Graduation, Tina enjoyed the freedom of a single person…..lol….She attended Beauty School and enjoyed life….I will say no more on that subject…lol…..Finally she came back home for awhile and started seeing Ed Dolder.  Now funny thing is, Ed use to live down the street from us.  He was our paper boy.  He graduated a year before Tina.   One day she told me ………..She was Pregnant…… Wow……I was in shock…..Tina, Settle Down!!!!……But We were Happy!!!!……Little Miley was born and then 2 years later Austin came along….

Tina and Ed are raising a Beautiful Family.  Their life has so changed.  They are wonderful parents.  Tina has attended ISU in Bloomington and has done a semester at St. Francis Nursing School in Peoria.

She also achieved her CNA as well as an Associates Degree from IVCC. in Oglesby.  She is now employed at the Putnam County Court House as the Assistant Probation Officer.  She ran for Granville Town board position last year and won.   Tina, your leading such a busy life, but so fulfilling.   We are so proud of you and all your accomplishments.



Also, as of Jan, they have a new family member…..Dexter Dolder….lol…He was born last Dec. around Austin’s birthday.  He is a Golden Doodle….


And Now their are  3…….

We love you Tina, This has always been a Favorite of mine…….



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