Our Next Stop….Visit With Good Friend Tammy….Lots of Laughs

After we entered Kentucky through the Cumberland Gap Tunnel we headed north to the Kentucky Bluegrass Parkway.  Central City is on the other end of the state.  It is the home of my friend Tammy and her family.  She was anxiously waiting for us.  We have been to visit her several times before, the last time was 2 years ago.  Time sure has a habit of flying by doesn’t it.  We decided to take our time as it was raining again….Imagine that…We stopped halfway across the state and stayed overnite at a truck stop.  Rich said they have a great theater room their and we could watch a movie….haha…well guess what was on….His favorite channel…USA…Law and Order…Now we have been watching that channel for the last 5 months in Texas.  I think we have seen all the shows 5 times each.  After an hour, I decided it was time to go back out to the MH.  In the morning, we took off and headed for Tammys.  She has a long lane that dead ends at her house in a circle drive.  Rich managed to make it and back up to her house after we unhooked the truck.  It is only level spot.  Well lets just say,  the most level their is.  She was so excited to see us.

I met Tammy back in 1991.  I had just started working at Plano Molding in Feb.  Tammy started in June.  She was so young, right out of high school.  Just a baby….hahaha….don’t get mad Tammy, but you were…..but she was so much fun.  We all worked on a pod.  It consisted of 3 plastic molding press’s that made product and delivered them to the pod area by robots to be assembled by 5 or more workers.  After assembling we packed them in boxes and sent them down the conveyer for shipment.  We made many different kinds of  tackle boxes, lure boxes, caboodles, recipes boxes, cd storage and even a toy line of storage cases.  It was total monotony for 12 hours.


Top row….Tammy, Mary and me….Second Row ….Julie and Dawn…

OMG…..So Hilarious

We all worked together for 4 1/2 years on nite shift.  6 pm-6 am.  I had a 45 min drive both ways.  You can only imagine how boring it became every nite on the pod.  We all became family.  We knew all about our family’s, good and bad.  Horse play became an every nite occurrence.  There was a lot of wrestling and hair pulling….I can remember a number of times ending up on the floor.  All in fun of course….Lots of times, it was at other peoples expense also.  Those times I can’t write about here…….lol….Just to let me tell you how BAD we were, one nite we brought in Super Soakers……hahaha…….We hid them in the nurses office….The nurse was only their days.  I had the key as I was on first aid committee.  When the supervisor was gone, we got them out…..Ohhhhh what fun we had….We filled them up and shot each other.  Then we hid behind the other pods and shot each other…..lol…Then we would shoot over the pods in the air…..We never got caught or if we did, Larry never really did anything.

The one time I will never forget was one nite we were on Pod 1…Tammy was working the link machine.  The robot would come from behind and feed 2 links into 2 tubes that were at the top of the machine.  They would sometimes clog and you would have to climb up the step ladder to unclog them.  Tammy was on top of the ladder and forgot about the robot. It came up behind her and was pushing on her back trying to complete its cycle.  Tammy left out a scream and everyone came running.  I was at the bottom but we couldn’t do anything. As I looked up at her, her hands were inside the tubes….I had visions of her hands being chewed off, even though I knew nothing was in them.  She kept screaming and crying.   Larry the Supervisor and John the maintenance came running and pushed the E stop.  They climbed up and started to pull her down.  Her shirt was caught in the robot, so as she came down the ladder,l her shirt pealed off of her and all she had on was her bra….John through a coat over her and they carried her to the nurses station and then to the hospital.  She was fine.  Bruising and cuts on her back and emotionally drained.   OMG…I can still relive it….What an evening….

During that time Tammy was dating Dan.  We all went on camping trips together.  What fun we all had.  It seemed like during the 12 hour nites, we let our imaginations run and conversations escalated until the unimaginable came out.   One nite we were talking about our up coming camping trip with the whole pod, and we led poor little incent Tammy to believe we were all ……”SWINGERS”……Yes we were trying to get her to commit to……. “SWING”…..with us…..lol….We told her….”Why do you think we all go camping together?”……lol….I think she started to believe us……We all went camping, and we tried to get her to come around the corner of the camper late at nite…..We finally told her it WASN’T…..true…..We had so much fun with her.   Dan and Tammy finaly became engaged and bought a house and started remodeling it.  We took her on a surprise Bacholorite Party to Peoria.  We told her to pack her bags for an overniter.  I made reservations at a motel not far from the gambling boat, Paradise in East Peoria.  We didn’t want to pay for an extra room, so 2 of us went inside and opened the window,….. lol….The rest crawled in…..I think some slept on the floor. We went to the Paradise that nite and gambled.  We had all signed up for a drawing.  While we were playing the machines, Mary’s name was announced over the PA…..would you believe she won $1,000.   How excited we were.   After that we went to Big AL’s strip club across the river in Peoria.  I remember drinking these big huge shark drinks at 2 am in the morning, sitting on the balcony outside.   We went back to the motel, crawled in the window and went to sleep.  Next morning we went to Bob Evans for breakfast and of course, we had Mary pay for all of us….


Finally Tammy and Dan’s wedding day came….. August 20, 1994…….(its wrong on the Pic.  me bad)…..She was so Beautiful …..Dan was so handsome….

After awhile I couldn’t handle the nites any more.  I was falling asleep behind the wheel on the way home.  I went to days for another 3 years and then finally got smart and found a new closer job.  Tammy and Dan had 2 kids, Travis and Racheal.


This was taken 2 years ago on our visit.  Travis is now taller than his mom, and Racheal is almost even with her.  She is growing to be a beautiful young girl.

Eventually Dan’s job caused them to move to Central City Kentucky.  He found them a Beautiful home with some land and garages to keep all his man toys….lol…Tammy has been able to stay home and be the housewife and mom….That would be Taxi driver also…..But we have never forgotten our friendship.  We talked often before, and now with facebook, it has just made it so much easier.  3 or 4 years back, Dawn and I made a weekend trip to visit Tammy.  It was a riot.  We pitched blankets on the floor and had a big ole slumber party telling stories till the wee hours of the morning.  Then 2 years ago Rich and I took the motorhome down on its maiden voyage….That is one of the 2 cover photos.


We had Tammy take a new picture with this motor home.  I have added it to the cover photo slide show.

We had such a great time.  We spent so much time laughing.  That’s what we do best.  lol.  Tried taking some selfies.  lol.

Oh gees….so corny….But is was so much fun visiting again.  Talking about old times, catching up on the family.  Tammy has also become a great cook and host.  She made meatloaf, chicken, salads, and a great fabulous Dump Cake.   Peach Dump Cake.   I will be trying this one.  You don’t leave her house empty.  She is always pushing the food.   Is that why we have gained weight?……..  Guess I can blame her….lol……After a fun couple of days reminiscing old times, we had to leave.  I know it was sad for her and for us.  She loves company.


They love their baby kittys.  Giving them love and hugs…..

We will be Back Again……Don’t Worry

Next Stop HOME………


4 thoughts on “Our Next Stop….Visit With Good Friend Tammy….Lots of Laughs

  1. We have enjoyed your retirement almost as much as you two. Also, enjoyed the diary of the trip back North. Hope to see you this summer.


  2. Great writing. Yeah I remember those days myself always something crazy going on at night. You know Tammy for years after that I called you robot girl just kidding


    • Thanks Craig…those were the days weren’t they…. every nite another adventure….lol…but for management im sure it was like daycare….lol….lots of memories and best friends


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