Invasion of the Crickets and Seismic Trucks…..

Today is 9-11…..A day we will never forget……and will always remember

Around 3 am. I was woke up by a very loud semi noise.  All last evening we had heard this noise from a distance.  I walked to the road and couldn’t see it.  Later threw the mesquite trees across the road we could see moving headlights.  We knew the seismic trucks were in the area.  We were told over a week ago they would be coming.  We had seen some company trucks and 4 wheelers in the area, but last nite they arrived.


So I got up and looked out.  Their were 3 of them. They came to our gate by mistake and then went over to the neighbors gate.   After they signed in, off they went in the darkness.  When I got up this morning, I could still here them working in the distance.  After I went outside, they came out from the area over by the neighbors.  They are very big.


The seismic trucks are used to plot out the land and decided where the oil is.  Their are 2 ways to do this.  One is to dig a hole and stick in some dynamite.  Then send down sound waves that bounce back to help them diagram the land. This is the other way.  If you look at the picture, in the middle of the truck, their is a huge metal plate on the bottom.  The travel along together and then stop.


The metal plate goes down and all the weight of the truck is put on it.  You here the engine revving, as they send sound waves down through the plate into the ground.  The instruments in the truck record it and after about 3 minutes they move to another spot together.   We had heard this all nite.   It sounds like when a truck is stuck in snow and trying to rev the engine to get out.  They finally came up the lane and left around 1 pm.


I thought they may come over here to this property, but maybe tomorrow.  or tonite?  For the last several days, we have noticed the crickets were getting thick.  Well today was horrible.  You could see them come crawling over the road to our screen.  They would jump on me.  I looked at the awning top by the roller bar and was  ….AMAZED…..Time to do something.  They were thick on the top of our awning.  They were like this on the inside and outside.   They birds just sat on the fence across the street and just looked at us……….ARE THEY ON STRIKE…..THEY MUST WANT US TO LEAVE…..LOL….


I bet their were couple thousand all together.  I got out the mothballs………Nothing………They didn’t care.   So finally I got out the ant and roach killer.   I started spraying…..OMG………They were dropping like fly’s from the awning.


They  were thick around the tires in the sand.   Then by the charcoal bags they were ……HORENDOUS…..YUCKKKKKKKKKKKK………….If you look, they were thick between the bag and the smoker….Horrible…


So I sprayed and sprayed……..they were jumping like crazy, then some were flying….they would land on me.


I walked around the rv and sprayed the back side.  They weren’t as bad.


I was thinking, maybe because rain was predicted, they were looking for a dry spot.   I don’t know but these birds had better start working around here and stop watching us from their fence…….


This is the aftermath by the smoker….but if you look at the bags you will still see more still alive…..Well I still have a half a can left, and more in the cabinet.  Stay tunned and we’ll see what tomorrow will bring……lol….

…………..Any Ideas on Cricket Control…………Any help will be appreciated……

I also had this kinda cool moth on the screen.


But I did wait till it left to start massacring the crickets….


This is the moth on the screen compared to the crickets.

Also another visitor yesterday was this little bug….

.Look like he stopped on my log paper to take a short bath….


Also had some Quail this morning….

The other day, a very nice Escalade with 2 women dressed very nice stopped.  It turns out they are the property owners from San Antonio.  They come down every couple of weeks to check.  They were wondering if the seismic people were here yet.  They also said they have hunters leased to the ground.  Soon they will be coming in to deer hunt.  After that will be quail…..So what does the future hold for us……we don’t know………They came by yesterday and pumped our septic, filled our gasoline tank with 200 gallons, and our water tank is also full……So time goes on…..