Turkeys, Turkeys, Pipeline Nearing Done……….

“This gas pipeline was suppose to have gas in it by Oct. 1, according to the contract.  They are behind.  This past week, they finally finished all the tests with the “Pigs” to clean out the pipes and reduce the moisture percentage.  They called in the welders to weld the 2 sections of 15 miles of pipe at the valves.   This is on my gate.  When the welding was complete, they then had to run more pigs from plant to plant.  That would be a total of around 32 miles of pipeline.  They had to send a “smart pig” down to check humidity and cleanliness.  Then they had to send another “smart pig” down to check for anomalies at the welds or any dents or anything out of the ordinary.  This “pig” costs around $50,000.  It has sensors all over and records the whole pipeline, sending print out as it goes.  All of that is nearing completion, but Oct 1 is here.  In the contracts, all the property owners had put in fines if the deadline was not met.  On Richs’ side, the owners had a daily late fee…..We heard $20,000 a day…..Lot of money……On Wed., the 31st, the company gave the workers a deadline.  ” You must have the stretch between Gate 16 and 20 closed off and released to the property owners by midnight”.   So we had to stay on our gates till after dark.  This stretch consisted of around 7 miles.  Unlike Illinois, their is so many roots from the cactus and mesquite trees in the ground.  After they cover the pipe with the dirt, they have to manually walk the pipeline and pick up all the roots.


This is one trailer of many, they hauled into my gate.  Their were at least 3 trucks pulling trailers and cages driving rounds.

It is unbelievable the amount of roots that are collected.  They hauled them to my side and dig big holes to bury them.  Eventually the whole 32 miles will be walked and cleaned.  So Wed. nite, they pulled every man off their job, even the heavy equipment operators to clean.  By a little after 9 pm. they had hauled all the port a pottys from the  other gates, and had picked up the roots, and all machinery was driven across to my gate.  Finally they locked up the gate………Gates 15-20 now OFFICIALLY closed……So now, my gate is still open, and Rich and I will be taking turns with it.  Now we get a day off every other day. …..  Good Deal. …..  We are sure ready for that.

When they first enter an area to dig, they have to clear the trees and cactus.


This is what typical property looks like before cleaning.


This is what the ground looks like after.  These are roots that are still growing.  The brush on top has been cut down, but see all the roots?  When the ground is dug, all these will be in the dirt.  Sure is different that Illinois dirt…..and I complain about weeds?….lol….


This is the section of pipeline now closed.  The road on the right belongs to the rancher.  On the left is the pipeline.  The ground will eventually be taken over by nature and will be a great pasture area for the wildlife and cattle.


This is the property line of the rancher on my side.  Most all of the ranchers mow a path against the fences and the rest is natural land for hunting.  They use it as a path to get around to hunt with their vehicles or 4 wheelers, and it is also a great grazing area for cattle.  This rancher has a high fence for the purpose of keeping his white tailed deer inside.

Their are lots of turkey here.   We can watch them herd up and down the road a half a mile away.  They never seem to come all the way up to us.  I guess they know where home is….lol..


We had heard some guys say they roust on the telephone poles at nite…..Really….That’s a long way up for a big bird.  They other morning at sunrise, one of the workers said they seen them 4 telephone poles away.  Rich and I got in the truck and drove down.  ….. Amazing……


They just sat their and then they were getting nervous, probably because we were watching them, and then flew away one by one….Amazing these big birds can lift their bodies and fly up that high.


Last nite as I was leaving and making my 3.5 mile drive up the gravel road at about 10 miles an hour,  I drove past a ranchers gate, and the flock was running back and forth in front of the gate….It was so funny.   I sat their in the truck and one by one they finally flew over the fence.


 Looked like they were saying………..”Let us in…Let us in….”


Over by the edge inside of the fence was a Long horn Steer watching….Then up came a cow….Imagine what they were thinking…….”Stupid birds, You can fly”…..

Just found out, we will have the weekend off.  They are closing our gate for the weekend for hunting.   I think they are trying to keep the property owners happy….lol….Deer season is almost here and Quail season is here.   As we sit every day, you can see the Quail walking in flocks across the road.  You can hear the little peeps and then here they come….lol…so cute….It you scare them they take off flying.  I tried to take a picture but haven’t succeeded yet.

It will be nice to have the weekend off.  That means a trip to town, probably eating out several times. and a little exploring………….I sure hope that I’m not boring you with some of this info.  Rich and I find it very interesting.  Were always asking questions to understand what is happening.  So interesting…..Were never to old to learn are we…..


2 thoughts on “Turkeys, Turkeys, Pipeline Nearing Done……….

  1. We are all learning what and what not to do when it is our turn to run from this Illinois weather!! Glad you are having fun!!


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