Still at the Gate….and Hill Top Cemetery

Chris came the other morning and finally brought our License.   We are now Level 2 Private Security Agents registered and certified by the state of Texas…..Rather impressive I think….lol…We can now get jobs at any Company in Texas that is looking for Security.  It is really quite a business down here.  The fingerprinting stations rotate in different towns through out the state.  Their were at least 6 different towns just in our section of the state open when we were fingerprinted.  They move around every week within that section, so no one has to drive very far.


We are still at our Gate 15.  They don’t have much left to do, but they are spending most of their time at other gates, trying to get them closed.  Out of 25 gates, only 3 are still open.  We thought we would be done last weekend, then we were told this Friday.  Now today we were told they might not be finished till next Wed.  Hopefully we will be done by Sunday.  Their not closing the gate this weekend, working through to get it done.  They still have concrete work to do at the valve area and build a fence around the valves.    So the days stretch on.  Last Friday we had a bad rain storm and left early.  When it rains in Texas on the back roads its not good.  They had to grade the gravel road because of all the ruts.  The weather has turned hot again, It was over 100 degrees, the last several days.  So glad this is almost over.


I went to visit Hill Top Cemetery the other day.  It was formed in the late 1800’s after Boot Hill Cemetery was closed.  When Choke Canyon Reservoir was formed in the 1980’s, the remains of another Cemetery was relocated in the Hill Top Cemetery.  I didn’t find as much history on it as I thought, but did find some interesting stones.  You might think it rather strange that I seem to enjoy Cemetery’s, but many people do.  Many stones tell a story of a person.  How many children, what type of job in life, how old they were and sometimes how much they were loved by their family.


Here is one that I thought was special, as the wife had written this beautiful passage about her husband, for all to read.  They must have shared an amazing Love.


Some were very sad.  This plot was a father on the left Abel and his 2 little children, Mark 4 and Alicia 8 on the right.  All three died on Oct 9 1994.  One would assume it must have been an accident.  The wife is still alive.  They planted palm trees and bushes on either side.  On the far left is another stone.  I believe it was Abel’s mother.


This is the back of her stone.   It is a family tree of her children and Abel’s name is on it also. This was a very beautiful setting, but so sad when you try to imagine their story.

I also found some simple stones, some cross’s.  Homemade. The one on the left is simply wood.  The one on the right was made with concrete with colored stones pressed in to decorate it.  He passed in 1948.


Many of the plots are surrounded by rusted iron fences.  It must have been the thing back then to surround the family with fence to keep intruders out.


This must have been an infant.  Behind this plot across the road was another family plot.


It was surrounded entirely by a crumbling stone wall.  Ironically, their was no gate or way to easily enter.  The stone on the left was Mary, she died when she was 29 in 1889.

As I walked around you can see the grass was dead and brown.  The heat has been 90-100.  I seen many places that there are water spigots located through out the cemetery.


Some were actually being used.  The family must spend lots of time coming out to take care of their family plots.


I seen only 2 mausoleums.  This one was really old and crumbling.   The headstone  was on the top and at the other end must have been a ventilation pipe.


Here Lies Our

 Beloved brother

Tommy Sotello

There was a lot of love and thought put into this one.  I has a concrete base with wooden sides.  Alphabet beads were used to write his name and a plate of glass was sealed over it.


Another one similar to the last.  It is formed with concrete.


This lady was also very loved by her family.  Her photo was their along with a coffee cup, and a ceramic grocery store.  Flowers, a solar light, metal rose and an arbor completed the plot.


Here is a row of  identical cross’s.  Their wrapped in Christmas tinsel that has faded and grown old with time.  It makes you wonder how long its been since the last family visitors’.


This one was really constructed with LOVE…..concrete blocks and wood posts….created a garden fence with flowers inserted.  The flowers were all silk and also very pretty.  They hadn’t been faded or wind beaten yet.


This plot was all by itself under a tree.  It contained one headstone and had a single faded silk flower attached to the gate.   ……Simple Beauty……It is a really beautiful Cemetery sitting on a hill top.


This is the view looking out over the country side.  So tomorrow is another day.  My turn at the gate.  The temperature is coming down a bit.

“I think only 94…lol…”

2 thoughts on “Still at the Gate….and Hill Top Cemetery

  1. Beautiful! And very interesting – thank you for sharing! A few “migrators” are here (people) – hear more on the way – C U soon!


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