Heading Home…Houston Flood….

The time has finally come.  Would you believe we have been in Texas 8 months….Wow….We left last Aug. for Gate Guarding in the oil fields, did that for 2 months.  What adventures we had their.  Now we have just completed our time at Eastgate as Workampers again.   It’s really not work, it is visiting, talking, and making many new friends.

20160417_162420Pulling off our pad, getting ready to hook up the truck….

So yesterday we packed up and left.  We had been doing a little all week. We still had a lot to do.  We work best at the last minute.  Then we visited and said our goodbyes….Had to stop at Alice and Toms,  their from Maryland.  What good friends they have become.  Rich returned tools to Gary and Marge and said our good byes.  Then up to the office to get the rest of my things.  On to Debbie and Rick to turn in all our keys.  Next, really good friends Roberta and Ken…..Then on to the Hall, their was John and Sandy , Glen and Kathy, our new Canadian friends…..and of course Jean and Eugene…..Finally Off we went….

20160417_163908Alice and Tom from Baltimore Maryland, made signs….Be….Safe….



Spider-Man is Watching Over  Us……..We Will Be Safe…..lol

It was before 5pm.  Everyone said, Stay another nite……But then the Good byes would start all over again….lol….A huge storm was coming, so we decided to head east.  Over to Houston and east to Louisiana, and then turn north on 55.  All the way home….

So we finally left….fueled up at the edge of town and went on our way.  We stopped the other side of Victoria, in a rest area for the nite.  We were 2 hours from Houston.  The big storm came finally.  It was forecast to extend from the Rio Grande Valley up to Dallas and past to Oklahoma, and heading east.  It would dump up to 12″ of rain.  It sure did. The news from Houston in the morning, was more like 12 – 20 “…..Streets were underwater, they closed the schools and told everyone to stay home if they could.


Calls came in, people needed rescued.  Eventually  1200 people had been rescued and 6 people died.  Most of them was from driving into the flooded waters.  This was the worst flash flooding since Tropical Storm Allison in 2001.


We watched the weather on the Weather Channel App.  Finally we found a break and we took Interstate 10  all the way through Houston.  It was a good ride for us.  But when we went through, we could see many of the city streets below the interstate flooded.  Cars were sitting in the middle.  Flashers were on and in a few cases, the police or ambulances were their to help them.  We only had 2 places  where 1 lane was closed because they were full of water.  A friend, (Thank You Tammy Bellamy Bybee) gave us the website for Texas Road Closures, so we felt safe enough to drive through.


As we watched tv newscast the next morning, a news reporter was down by an under pass reporting on the flood.  Right behind him this man drove right into the water.  He got out of the car and the reporter still with the camera on him and his mike in hand, swam into the water and helped him to safety.  Crazy to be caught on video.  He was so lucky.

We made it through Texas finally, and stayed just north of New Orleans at the I 55 Junction.  Headed north the next day , all the way through St. Louis.  We timed it so we could stop at our favorite restaurant in Lincoln Illinois.  One of the old original Bonanza Steak House restaurants.  Love their buffet.  I always order their sirloin tips…loaded with mushrooms and onions….mmmmmmmmmmmm…


We try to stop every time we go through.   It is a 3rd generation home owned restaurant.  It was built in the 70’s and is one of the few left in Illinois.  We left Harlingen on Sunday and pulled into the drive Thursday Afternoon.  Stopped up at the One Paw’z Pub, (Scott & Brandy’s Tavern)….Spent time their, unhooked the truck, and homeward bound.


Sunday Afternoon around 4:30 PM……..


Thursday Afternoon around 4:30 PM…..A Beer on the bar…..One Paw’z Pub…..


2 thoughts on “Heading Home…Houston Flood….

  1. We are so glad you are home safe. We leave tomorrow morning and will be on the road. Sure hope we do not get into any of the storms predicted coming through OK while we are on the road. If we need to, we will stop. We hope to see you in May before you begin your next adventure.

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