Adventureland…Tammy & The Kids Visited…

Last Monday Tammy came for a visit.  She only had 3 days off work, but she made it work.  Its only a 4 hour drive from home.  We had talked with Scott and had asked him if he could load the Golf Cart up so Tammy could bring it for us.  Parking is becoming a problem now as the summer is progressing.  Sometimes you have to park on the street as the employees parking lot is full and so is the lot across the street.  Many ride their bikes and scooters, and theirs also some golf carts.

Tammy brought Cassidy and friend Abby,  Carly and my other little grandson Austin.  He is Tina and Ed’s son.  The girls are 13 and the little ones are 4 and 5.  They both had friends to enjoy the rides with.  They have been so excited to come visit.  Cassidy said she researched all the rides….lol…They arrived Monday nite and they all slept in our attached screen room.  We have a outdoor carpet to put down on the ground.  It makes a nice floor.  We had the cot from Cameron’s visit, and our lounge.  Then Tammy put up a blow up king size mattress.  So lots of room and the weather had really cooled down.  It was really the nicest weather we’ve had in weeks.


Here they are in the morning.  Carly was watching me as I took the picture through my window.  In the morning, we got up and the kids ate.   The park opened at 10 and we still needed to buy 1 more ticket.  I had to be at work at 11 and Rich at 2:40.


We all loaded up in the golf cart and headed for the Park.   Their was 4 of us in the cart and we put Carly and Austin in the Wagon…….The girls held the handle and we drove slowly.


We crossed the bridge separating the Campground from the park and seen some mama and papa Ducks with their babies.  Finally we arrived at ticket office.  They all stayed in the golf cart while I got the extra ticket we needed.  I had purchased the others earlier.  Finally they went in with the little ones in the wagon.


I’m sure that saved a lot of hassle.  Many families bring their wagons or rent wagons and strollers.  But it’s so expensive.  I went back home to get dressed, and arrived back at the park later.   I was working at County Fair that day, doing Skee Ball, and then moved to Roller Bowler.


The kids had a blast.  The bigger ones cut lose to ride the big rides.  They rode the Storm Search, Space Shot, Dragon rollercoaster, and the Tornado to name a few.  Tammy took the little ones on the smaller rides.



This is the Big Wheel.  Just look at those little faces.


This is the view of the park from the top.

13507009_10208857696552235_7149900558414878422_n13533125_10208857695592211_4654327868859411744_n  They rode the train and the Carousel. 


This is a really cute ride for kids.  Its called the Frog Hopper.   It takes the kids up and down and it hops as it does it.  Austin is on the left with the orange hat and Carly is on the far right.  Austin is having a blast.  Finally they all met up and rode The Raging Waters Raft.


The finally came over to find me and they had gotten wet….but I’m sure it felt sooo good


I was at the Roller Bowler game by then.  They were all pretty exhausted and hungry by then.


Several games from me was the fishing game called Octopus.  You have a fishing pole and fish for Octopus.  The dot on the bottom determines the prize.  They all got small prizes.  They went back to the camper and ate, and then returned to go to the Water Park.  Grandpa was suppose to be assisting on the Outlaw Rollercoaster.


On the way back the little ones road the Chuckwagon.  Its really a cute ride for the kids.  Then they went to the Outlaw.


They walked up to find grandpa, and he wasn’t their.  It turns out he was assigned to drive the  second Trolley for the day.  But it was broken, so he drove the Adventureland van all afternoon.  They run nonstop all day from the Park, to the Hotel, and Campground and back.  What a great job to have.  Rich had mentioned it when we first started that he had a CDL and he had driven a school bus.  So they actually must have remembered or taken notes.   He drove it the next day also.


On they went to the Water Park.  I have never been their yet.  Its so far to walk, especially on my day off.  It sure looks life a lot of fun once you get their.


This is a great place for the kids.  They also have a Lazy River, Wave Pool, with swim up bar, a huge slide that you use tubes.  Many other things that would sure make your day a cool, fun, wet day.  You can rent tubes, cabanas, and they have plenty of food and refreshments for sale.  After a fun, and exhausting day we all went home.  Rich made hamburgers on the grill, and we all went to bed tired….lol…especially the kids.  The next morning, it was time for Tammy and the kids to pack up and say good bye.


It was sure fun to have them here and see what our daily life is like and enjoy the park.


“Thank You for Bringing Us The Golf Cart.  Now Were Living In Luxury….”

On the way back home, they stopped at Walcott Iowa at the Worlds Largest Truckstop.


Looks like it is a fun place to visit.


Finally Tammy delivered her kids back home.   She probably had a very tired day at work the next day……lol…..But we were sure glad she made it here for a short visit….



4 thoughts on “Adventureland…Tammy & The Kids Visited…

  1. What a great thing for the kids to be able to do. Glad the weather was good for you. It is winter her in Africa now and it is beautiful, nice and warm in daytime and cool enough to sleep at night. Another great post and advertisement for the park. Glad you got the golf cart so you can get to places better. Keep up the good work.

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    • Winter must be far different than we know it in Africa. Summer must be so miserable. What a great time to enjoy your journey. I am so enjoying your fb posts.


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