Paying It Forward with Kindness

Yesterday (Sunday) I worked my shift at the Cinemark 10.  I witnessed something I thought was so …….AWESOME……It was later in the afternoon, and a manager came across on the walky , that a disabled lady was in the parking lot and had locked her keys in her car, can we help her.  The message back was, not really because company policy.  As we all know most large corporations or company’s are always strict on rules to protect themselves from law suits.  It is understandable as some people are so sue happy these days.  It has become a strange world of opportunity for some people to make a buck at the expense of someone else.


pay it forward

The manager then went outside to the car, and I seen the lady standing by her car.  He called the police station….No, no help their.  They couldn’t do anything.  Shame isn’t it….He asked one of the girls who was bilingual to come out and help translate as the lady was Spanish.  Then he called a locksmith.   The locksmith wanted $45 to come.  She only had $20, so he wouldn’t help either.  Now keep in mind it is upper 90’s and I found out her walker was also locked in the car.  The poor lady was leaning against the car.

Finally a miracle happened.  A guy in a pickup had pulled up to just buy popcorn at the theater and go home.  He had a long rod and stuck in down in the door and unlocked it.  He must have been her Angel sent by God at the perfect time.  Another manager had went out.  They called into Concession and said to give the man whatever he ordered free for a Thank You.  He walked out with a bagful…..Next they walked with the lady.  She was pushing her walker slowly.  She looked so hot and tired.  But she had the biggest smile on her face.  They walked her into the theater and gave her a free showing of  47 Meters Down, which was what she had come to see.

I want to commend the Managers and Crew at Cinemark.  Even though company policy dictated they couldn’t physically help with opening the door, they stayed with her and helped her find a way to open it.  Then they did what they could to show appreciation to the man that had helped her and gave her a movie that helped her end her day in a positive way.  She looked so happy as they were bringing her in.   What on earth would have happened if they hadn’t been their for her.  She couldn’t walk without her walker that was locked in the car and it was miserable hot.  I know she was eternally grateful.  These are wonderful stories in life that we all need to hear.



Lessons to learn that we can ……….”PAY IT FORWARD”……

You never know in life when you may need someone’s help.  We can’t always PAY IT BACK.  Sometimes the situation doesn’t allow it, but we can always Pay Forward What a Wonderful world we would live in if everyone would do that.  

I have also see a few acts of Kindness that so surprised me.  Several times in the Box Office, I’ve had people come forward to the person buying a ticket.  They couldn’t find enough money.  They would come forward and give the person a dollar or two.  What ever it took for the ticket.  It was done with sincerity also.  Not that they were trying to hurry up the people, but they gave because they wanted to help.

Now also yesterday, I had a man come up to buy a ticket.  We are a discount theater.  We do not show 1st run movies.  They are all second run movies that have already made the circuit of the big theaters.  Therefore our most expensive ticket on a weekend is $2.92 for regular and $4.33 for 3-D.   On Sunday the single ticket is $2.17.  He asked me twice……..”How Much”????  He couldn’t believe it….”$2.17″????  He said “at that price, buy all these people in line a ticket”.    I had to call him back….I said “Sir, I can’t do that, here is your change.  You have to decide what you want to do with your money”.  He then paid for the next 3 people in line.  He walked away saying he couldn’t believe how cheap the tickets were.  Of course the people in line were amazed also at his generosity.  These are the kind of people who make this world a better place.   They put smiles on peoples faces.

Since we worked Adventureland last summer, I still stay in contact with several FB sites.  On one of them was a story posted from the Des Moines Iowa paper.  It was a mom who had wrote in to tell the story of an Adventureland employee  who had befriended her son.  Her son had a handicap of some sort and they were boarding a roller coaster.  Usually she said people talk to her, when they were addressing her son.  She was commending the employee cause he directly talked to her son as he adjusted his bar.  He made eye contact and treated him as a person.  It lite up his face and she was so happy to see him treated as normal.   She felt so strongly that she wrote an article to the local paper.   What a wonderful feeling for a mother to have her child treated as a normal person.

It is amazing that in the space of 30 seconds of contact, you can make a difference.  Just a few words, a smile……You could change someone’s day.  I decided to try that approach also.  Even though sometimes I only have 10 seconds,  that short time can be made fun, with a few words and smile.  One day a lady came with her daughter.  She looked unhappy.  She bought her ticket, and her daughter said.  “Ok mom, don’t be crying in the show,….You’ve been crying all day”.…..I felt so sad and awkward for her.   You can only imagine what problems she could be facing at home.  So you never know what is going on at home or in other peoples life.  If its only a smile you can give and a cheery “HELLO”, It might help make a difference.  I think we’ve all been their at one time or another if were honest with ourselves.

We also see many people with Mental Handicaps of different stages.  One girl comes with her mom, and is probably late teens.  A very sweet girl who has Downs and is very reserved.  The one day she came dressed in a very pretty sun dress.  I complimented her on her dress.  She brightened up and said “Thank You”…..Several others adults come who have to hold hands to stay together or they might wander off.  All it takes is a smile and a wave, and they are on ……Cloud Nine…..I make a practice of waving to them as they go in and if I am their, as they leave later.  You cannot believe how excited they are to wave back.  They wave all the way to the street.  They all need that interaction with the world around them.  They have feelings also.  Yes they are different but they want to be treated as …..People…..Pay-It-Forward1


Their is so much anger anymore in the news.  FB is even full of it anymore.  These are some story’s I wanted to share to show the positives in life.   We all need and want to Pay Back when we can.  Sometimes its impossible.

We always should Pay Forward when we can.  The World would be Much Happier……And So Would Your Soul……



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