Cameron Graduated with an EMT Basic



Official Graduation Picture….Cameron is back row 3rd from left.  Also in his class is his friend Olivia Jesse, front row 3rd from right, and Tina’ high school classmate, good friend and baby sitter, Lauren Calkins, front row, 2nd from right.

Cameron has just achieved a Graduation Certificate for EMT Basic.  It is a lot of hard work.  I certainly takes a special person with compassion and the ability to react to help at a time when needed.  It is certainly not something I could ever even try to achieve.  We are so proud of all his accomplishments the past several years.  Once he had put his mind to it, he is making his path in this world.  He decided he would get his GED as school was difficult for him.  I was worried, as I thought he would never have the drive to push himself.  He has proven us wrong and has done so well.  Cameron enrolled in the GED program at Illinois Valley Community College.  He had to study and pass his prerequisites which took a few months.  Finally he was ready to take the GED, and he passed.  We were all so proud of him.  He got up every day and drove himself to class.  He did all his enrolling all himself.  He was driven to exceed and Pass……And HE DID IT….

Then he wanted to get his CDL.  He was only 18, but Scott said he would help him after he achieved his GED.  So that was the next step.  He enrolled at the Truck Driving School at the College and passed the course.  Now at 18 it is very hard to find a job.  But he has.  He has tried out some seasonal work and is right now hauling sand from a quarry to the train cars.  In June, he will be 21 and will be able to widen his search for the job he really wants.

Since then he has set his goals higher.  He joined the McNabb Fire Dept.  He also decided to join the Bureau Fire Dept.  Bureau gets many more calls, as they are called to a larger city near by. received_309364133074617.jpeg


He was with Bureau Fire Dept.  fighting this house fire in Princeton.  The man in the house was a hostage stand off.  He held the cops at bay for 9 hours.  During that time he set the house on fire and wouldn’t come out.  He finally surrendered and no one was hurt.  He really enjoys the group from Bureau.  They were all presented with Goody bags.



Now that’s the way to his heart.  Mountain Dew and Candy.  Its all in a Bureau Fire Dept Boot Coozie


Check out the metal chair hanging out of the wall….Imagine the anger in him..

McNabb also had a hostage situation.  A male tenant in the Apartment attached to Moreno’s Restaurant went crazy.  He showed his machete and then proceeded trashed the apartment and part of the restaurant.  Everyone in the building and the surrounding buildings were evacuated.  The authorities had the whole town blocked off.  The local , state police departments and several Fire Departments and even SWAT were involved.   Cameron was involved in traffic control on the highway.  That one lasted all day until 10pm when he finally came out…..Doesn’t it just make you wonder what is happening to people these days….All the Anger and Violence that is happening all over.


Next Cameron decided to become an EMT.  This picture is of the training that is involved to tear a car apart and extricate a trapped person to transport to the hospital.  Their is so much to learn.


McNabb Community Center...Home of the Fire Dept, Ambulance Service, and Events


After many months of training and testing, he passed his tests and practical’s. When graduation finally came, It was unfortunate that Tammy, his mom had already planned her vacation. But he had back up……FB_IMG_1556239715766

Uncle Scott and Brandy were their to support and Celebrate with him.  Also Beth, Tina’s Sister in Law attended and took many of these pictures.  She is very supportive of Cameron, as she is an ex police officer also EMT trained.  Beth’s father, Brad Acuncius  was one of the original founders of the Putnam Co Ambulance Service.   He truly believed in making this service available to the community and worked hard to make it efficient and affordable as possible.  FB_IMG_1556239694412


It looks like it was a very nice ceremony that he will remember and be proud to be part of.  Now he has to finish his ride time with the Ambulance and then take his state test.  Last nite he was on duty and a call came in.   They answered a call for a person in cardiac arrest.  He bagged them and got the support equipment ready for the Paramedics.                     Kudos to you Cameron. FB_IMG_1556239648340


We are so “PROUD” of your accomplishments.  Just remember……It is great to take 2 steps forward, but as we go through life we also take a step backwards sometimes.  But that is part of life.  Keep striving and you will again take another 2 steps forward or more.  Take each defeat as a lesson in life.  Learn from it and proceed ahead.  You will eventually find your niche in life.  Everything you do builds character into what you will be some day.

FB_IMG_1556239710272 Next step………Pass that State Exam….You will then be a Certified EMT Basic…..

“AWESOME……Welcome to Putnam County EMS”



One thought on “Cameron Graduated with an EMT Basic

  1. Wow! You must be so very proud to have a grandson with that determination. He will be a great help to his profession. We wish him well in his test taking.


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