Granville Fire Department

The Fire Departments have been so supportive of the kids.  All the Depts in Putnam Co have been doing Drive by Birthday Parades.   Imagine being a kid who can’t go to school, play with their friends, not even go to the store and visiting family and friends.  Then your Birthday comes and your told, …..No Party, No Friends, No outside Family…..That has to be like the end of the world.  The Fire Departments have been doing Parade drive by’s, flashing their lights, blowing their sirens, and wishing a Personal Happy Birthday over the PA.


This is the post on the Granville Fire Dept. Page on FB the other day.

Granville Fire Department
May 21 at 9:27 PM ·
The Granville Fire Department has provided well over 70 birthday parades the last couple of months. We would like to thank all of our members and the community members that requested visits for children and adults alike. The youngest was 2 and the eldest was celebrating her 93rd birthday.
All things must come to an end though. We have decided to stop doing parades as of June 1st, 2020. People may now safely social distance themselves and have their own small birthday gatherings with families. We have had fun seeing the excitement of so many residents of this great town. Thanks for thinking of us and letting us be apart of your day making memories to last a lifetime!
Thank you for all of your support, now and all year long

What a wonderful thing the Fire Depts have done for the kids.  It will be amazing to see in years to come as they recite their memories of childhood.


On March 27th the doors on many Fire Departments raised in unison, displaying all their trucks with their lights flashing brightly.  It is an awesome sight.  All the Depts in Putnam Co displayed their videos on FB.  This was done to show Support for all Fire, EMS, Police, Hospital Staff and all the other workers who is out their trying keep America going and safe as possible during this World Wide Covid-19 Pandemic.  So many are putting their life on the lines.


Thank You Carrie, for allowing me to print this in my blog. When this began, their didn’t seem to be as much censorship as their is now. Now these stories couldn’t be told as they were back then. I did get in trouble for posting after you and Tammy went to Texas. So this is a chapter in your life you will never forget. What you and all the medical staff have done is beyond words. March of 2020 was the beginning of the Covid 19 Pandemic. No one knew what the future was to be, but they never dreamed we would still be in it a year later. Krucial Emergency Staffing was called in to help NYC. The City was brought to its knees. All of Broadway was shut down. All business were closed, NYC streets became a ghost town. The hospitals were overflowing with Covid patients. I believe, you answered the First Deployment to NYC near the end of March. Tammy, my Daughter answered the 2nd or 3 Deployment the very first week of April. Tammy’s birthday was the 6th of April, she celebrated it in NYC. Brittney also came with her, later 4 more came from Peoria Illinois. All of you had been employed by OSF Hospital at some time or another. I’m sure their might have been more from Peoria, but that’s all I knew of. Thousands and Thousands of nurses, and many different categories of medical staff, came to help the NYC hospitals from all around the USA. When Tammy arrived. she was assigned to Lincoln in the Bronx. I asked her. “What floor, what dept are you in”. She told me “its all Covid. This was OB on Monday, today the whole hospital is Covid” (Wed)…..I was shocked. Tammy would tell me of the shortages of PPE for themselves, meds and supplies you needed for the patients. Not only the patients were coming in sick and dying, also the staff was coming down with Covid with some of them also passing away. Such Heartache, Pain, plus Ciaos. The hospitals were desperate. The whole City was desperate.

I started my blogs in 2014, after we retired. I started to print them into books so the family could share our memories after we were gone. The formatting isn’t the same as a book, as they were originally written for a blog. When Covid came, I knew this must be shared. Tammy turned me onto your Facebook site, and I seen what a Powerful Story you were telling. It also needed to be shared with everyone. Thank You for giving me the permission to do that. We had a little over 2000 people read the first blog of your story. This book is a few of the blogs that are important to your story. Memories for you and your family and friends to have and to hold forever. I know many of these memories can be painful, but also fulfilling. As I read them I can remember my feelings as we traveled through time this past year, and so will everyone else. The original shock of the Pandemic, The empty Shelves and wondering why, Realizing the whole country was shut down, Being afraid to go out in public, The standing in lines going grocery shopping standing 6ft apart outside. Trying to find Hand Sanitizer, and Clorox wipes. Listening to the news every nite, waiting for the new numbers……How many new cases……How many deaths……Did we know anyone?

So so many Memories of …..Shock and Awe……

Thank You Carrie and Tammy for all you’ve done to put your life and your family’s on hold, while you gave of yourself, endangering your life for the good of Mankind.

Margaret Bergen, Tammy’s mom

Blog Site……

“Let the Fun Begin”


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