Tale of a New Frig & Winterfest

Last year, while we were here in Southern Texas, our 4 door frig that runs on propane or electric started having problems.  It was toward the end of our stay here.  We called an RV repair person, recommended by our friend.  The electronic board was going out or the “mother board”.  It would take a week or 2 to order and have it come in, so he offered to let us use a used one that he had and we would replace it this year.  This summer, the door broke on the hinge.  It was on the frig side, not the door.  So we decided to just replace the whole fridge with a regular residential frig.  Now keep in mind this frig has to go in and out the door or through a window.  To come in the door it had to be under 29″ wide, with out the door, and the height could be no taller than 64″.  The frig sits on top of the furnace. Sounds easy right?….lol…4-dr-refrigeratorSo several Saturdays ago, we spent the day looking for a nice black frig that would fit.  We went to Conns, here in town and checked. Found one fairly reasonable.  We decided to ride down to Brownsville also to check out Best Buy.  They had one also but not deliverable for several weeks.  We went back to Conns.  Now we were set to order it, but they were going to charge us $75 delivery charge as it was coming from McAllen.  Even if they dropped it at the store, still the charge.   That just set the price over the one in Brownsville.  So we were discouraged, and home we went.  Then the light went on….HOME DEPOT…..Now we knew that.   lol….We went out and found one and ordered it.  Now how hard was that.  One week and it would be delivered FREE…..and less money than the others.  So the following week Rich prepared the frig for take out.  Several days before delivery, Rich took out all the food and pulled our frig out.  We have another frig outside.   Now their it sat in the Living room…. lol…It was almost to big to go out the door. So now for several days it sat their.  He put his recliner in the middle of the floor, so he could see TV.  lol..20160130_075136Finally the nite before, Rich took off the screen and part of the main door assembly and we Pushed…..Pushed….Pulled….Pulled….Turn it a fraction….Pick it up, Let it down….and finally SHOVE IT OUT….It made it out the door.  We did tear a piece of the dash, but it was out.  We started measuring and got out the paper work….GUESS WHAT…It was ordered in white….grrrrrrrrr….we wanted black.  We went back out to Home Depot.  And YES we were right….It was coming in white.   They told us that we had to refuse the delivery, and wait a day so it was returned to the warehouse.  Then come in and reorder.  So that is what we did.  We reordered and had to wait another week for delivery.  All this time now, we had no frig inside.  Do you know how it feels to get up in the morning and not have anything cold to drink?…Everything was outside.  Gees, you have to be dressed decent, just to go out the door.  We have neighbors about 10 feet away.   But we survived .20160127_165508In the meantime we went to “Winterfest” at Schlitterbahn Water Park, on South Padre Island.  It is an all day music festival with different entertainers every 45 min.

20160127_151912They were all the entertainers that come to the Rio Grande Valley for the winter entertainment at all the parks. They usually have a circuit and perform a different park almost every nite.  Our entertainment in Eastgate , is on Friday nite.  Many come from Branson Mo.  Some are closer.  Many are from RFD TV.20160127_135544Mario performed, early afternoon.  We have seen him several times.  He is from Branson.20160127_124701Another GREAT singer is John Sager, Also from Branson.  He was a wonderful singer and full of energy.  He is scheduled to come to our park next season.  Also a guy named Greg ?…..Already forgot.20160127_154816He used to sing at the Play Boy Club years ago.  He was an Elvis impersonator and some others.  Once his voice was warmed up, he could really belt out a song.  Very Powerful.  The very last performance was the local High School.20160127_163920They had a Mariachi Band.  These kids were so talented.  They sang and played their traditional music.  It was Awesome.  It was a fun day, but it was cold.  They moved it inside by the indoor water park at Schlitterbahn, but it was still a very chilly day.20160127_121538The best part was, all the gift shop items was 50%  off…….Wow….That’s my price.   I bought a Tie-dyed zipper sweatshirt for $12.50.20160212_085153Several visors for $2.50 each.  Another pull over sweatshirt and Rich bought sweatpants and t-shirt, all for $10 each…..Great Day for bargains.  The best part was, our tickets were complimentary, as I was given some to sell for the park, therefore mine were free.   Some of the perks of this job.

Now all this week Rich has been working on the box that the frig would sit in.  It was now to wide for the new frig, but would just barely fit the height.  He took the side and made a narrow little pantry.

20160212_085246He made shelves top to bottom and we have clear plastic containers that are wide enough for cans.  Each one will slide out so we can see what is in the container.  Now he just has to make a door for it.  It will solve our can storage problem of them all jumbled together under the sink.  Finally the big day came.  We got the call.  The frig was on the way.  I had to go to the office, but that’s ok.  I really didn’t want to be their.   I knew it would be a very tight fit, and I wouldn’t be any help.  I just knew their would be a few choice words said….lol….So our friend Ken came over.  They took off the screen door again, and after some other adjustments they began.  Rich said it was an extremely tight fit through to door.  They pushed…pulled….brought it back out twice.  They problem is, as the frig goes through the door, the dash comes out and you have to turn it to clear the dash.  Finally after time, and some more small rips in the dash and a dent in the wood, it was in…..Now it had to fit in the new opening….Bingo….Fit like a Glove….Rich had to do some minor adjustments to the ceiling light, as the freezer door hit it, but it all worked out….I came home that day, Hoping it was in.   I was worried that we might still have to take out a window to take it through…..I looked outside…..Nothing….No sign of the frig, or the box.    Good Deal….It was In…and …It looks Marvelous, and20160211_172435



Schlitterbahn and Mario…lol..Another Great Evening….& My New Love Seat…

Last nite Rich and I and Cici and Larry took off for South Padre Island.  When Mario had been at East Gate we bought tickets for his Dinner show at Schlitterbahn Resort.  So we left at 4:30 and arrived around 5:30.   Rich and I had been their before scouting it out.  So we drove into to the park.   It is an outdoor Water Park, but is closed down till summer.  It also has a Restaurant and an outdoor entertainment center.  We thought that was were it was as the Restaurant is Open.  A Golf cart Taxi service was their to take the people from the parking lot to the Restaurant.  Then we found out we were at the wrong place.  lol.  Next door is an Indoor Water Park at the Schlitterbahn Resort.  So back in the truck we went.  Larry found a place to park right in front.   And guess who he parked in front of………MARIO…………wp-15856251305337852838746261213104.jpg

He loves to play a lot of the oldies from the Rat Pack Days……Frank Sinatra…….hence, his liscence plate.     Rat Pck  

We were seated at a table up front with 4 other people.  I might add, they had a Great sense of Humor….We did a lot of visiting and laughing together.  On the menu we had our choice of Garden Salad or Caesar Salad……Chicken Alfredo, Chopped Sirloin, or a Shrimp meal, and then a Brownie with whipped cream for dessert.   It was very filling.   Now our friends were just finishing their meal, and we were the last ones to be served.  I think actually we were forgotten about several times.   Rich and Cici were drinking Margaritas, so they were served some FREE ones…..lol….by the time the evening was over, Rich had 7….and Cici had 3….Good Times….wp-15856252464357480988945157074215.jpg

Mario put on a Great Show as he did before.  I did a Blog on him several blogs ago so I won’t bore you with lots of info this time.  He did some new songs and material as well as some of the same.  It lasted till 9:30….

During the break, Cici and I went Exploring….lol…Gift Shop Stop.   and then the Indoor Water Park.  It is open on weekends and part of it is open to guests at the Resort.  There had been someone swimming when we first came.  If you look close, you will see bar stools where you can sit in the water and be served from the bar….Really cool…So pretty at nite.wp-15856253457245950036981604739292.jpg


They had an Indoor Carousel and some other rides for kids….Now Cici took this pic of me…..For some reason, I look like a Little Person……hahah…..

Also her is a picture of their really cool picnic tables….rugged and beautiful….and a shot of the bar looking toward the wave pool area…..We made it back from our little exploring trip just in time for the show to begin after the break….lol….After the show was done, Mario came by and talked with us a bit.  We had a waitress try to take a picture of us all, but the phone ….DIED…… Oh Well…It was a fun evening, but late……Work in the morning…..lol…but not till 9 am….not bad hours we have.

Also want to tell you about my New Love Seat.  This RV has had the most ….UNCOMFORTABLE….Leather Love Seat.   It is a Futon.  It looks nice but it is not for flopping down and rolling into a ball and watching tv.  I HATE sticking to leather.  It had a short seat depth.  I always sit sideways and put my feet at the other end….My feet kept falling off and I…… STICK…..Ugggggg……………wp-15856254642296321536803192188905.jpg

Last Saturday, we were driving around town and came upon a Second Hand Store.   Now it wasn’t really a store, more like an old storage building with a sign out front.  We decided to go in,……OH MY……We were greeted by the store owner lady.  “Come on In” she said….It was a little room …one lane walking area….In that room was her, the momma….grandma holding a baby, and 5 year old little girl, and a boy about 12…..I think they all just lived their….She said we could look around and back by the corner was another door.   We could go on back and look around…….Well of course, back we went……Through the door…..It reminded me of on those doors people go in…….and never come out…….lol…….Surprisingly their was a dim light.  Stuff everywhere.  No Organization…..furniture….stuff from close outs I guess.  One wall of I think at least 50 toilets seats still in pkgs…..lol…..This was nothing but an OLD old warehouse full of STUFF…..Their was another room off to the side….We wedged our way over to it.  Their was this Love seat that looked rather nice, but it was dark in side.   The husband now arrived.  I asked about it.  He opened the slidding board warehouse door to get some light….lol…..No Light bulbs I guess….Their was a matching sofa.  It was in excellent shape….surprisingly….lol….$199 for both, but he would deal….$99 for just the Love Seat.   lol    I think NOT….Finally made a deal with him…..$65 for trade with mine and delivery…..He would help put it through the door…..lol….My biggest worry…wp-15856254902663000659838139246942.jpg

So back home we went.  First he took out the Passenger seat.   Now the Leather Love Seat.  It was screwed into the slide.  Oh boy, what a job.  First took off the back…Then the Seat…..Then found 9 screws that were at least 5″ long….some came out easy…some hard….some not at all…So Rich finally RIPPED it out….Got it out the door, and the guy pulls up with the new Love Seat.   Rich and him brought it in and it actually fit beautifully through the door.  So It all worked out

Im loving it…It is so soft…We had to work on the legs some as it is on the slide and we needed to put blocks on the front to build it up even.  But it is perfect for me….I can bounce and curl up and watch tv and nap at the same time….lol…wp-15856601198048092408050171610653.jpg

One final picture…..As Cici and I were walking around these beautiful bottles caught our eye.   They were sitting on the bar…..Gorgeous aren’t they…..