Our Riverside Dreamer Cruise in Mission

Last year we rode this boat with Larry and Cici. They offer an hour ride and a 2 hour ride.  I wanted to try this as a group activity but I was worried because it is almost an hour away.  We always have to car pool.  So I booked a cruise for afternoon from 1pm to 3pm.   Hoping to get 25 so we could still go, I hung up the sign up sheet…..Would you believe, I filled the boat for 45 people.  Put up another sign up sheet for standby.  Over 50 signed up the 2nd time.  Amazing.  Never believed they would be all that excited.  The cruise was $19.  They have a nice restaurant with seating indoors or patio areas outside amongst the tropical settings of plants and patio areas.  So last Tuesday we all met at the parking lot and made the drive to Mission to the Riverside Club on the Rio Grande River.  It was a beautiful day.  We all took our time and enjoyed ordering from the menu.  Some ate inside and others outside.20170110_114529.jpg

Many of us ordered their good ole Midwestern tenderloin.  It was only $8.99.  Not a bad price.  You can’t hardly find one done here so this was a real treat.  It was huge, the size of the plate.  Rich made a face on his.  …..Ketchup and Mayo face…..20170110_173038.jpg

Finally we were all done.  I paid for the tickets and handed out 45 boarding passes for our very own private cruise.  We all went outside and wandered the grounds and lined up.  The boat came in from its 1 hour cruise.  Everyone debarked and we all boarded.  20170110_172934.jpg

Usually the boat goes down river for the 1 hour cruise to the Anzalduas Dam and then back.   The 2 hour cruise goes up river as far as it can go before turning around.  Since this was our own  cruise we were given the option to go down to the dam and then up river as far as we could go.  So that is what we decided.  We hadn’t been to the dam before.  It was a nice ride.20170110_133055.jpg

We cruised up near the dam so we could see over.  On the other side the captain said occasionally the water gets shallow enough that one can walk over to the other side.


The flood gates were huge.  You can see how far up the gates can go to keep the water from flowing down river and flooding the low lands.  Their was a lot of flooding and damage along the river back in 2010 when Hurricane Alex came inland.  Also note the American and Mexican flag flying overhead.  We turned around and went back past the Riverside Club up stream.  20170110_171633.jpg

We passed Chimney Park boat ramp.  You can see the police lookout up in the area.  These are all over on the boarder areas, even at shopping malls and busy areas in the city’s.  They have a great visual to watch for migrants or crime.  You can also see all the border patrol trucks parked.  20170110_171507.jpg

Right past the ramp is the actual Chimney Park Rv Resort and the Chimney of the original lift station that was started in 1907.  The brick was made by hand in the small town of Madero not to far away.  They chimney is 106 ft tall, and 6 ft in diameter.  The boilers were started in 1907, and the lift station started pumping water for irrigation.  The station was used for irrigation until 1952-53 droughts.  After that Falcon and Anzalduas Dams were constructed and the pump wasn’t needed anymore.  In the 1960’s it opened as a fishing area and eventually became the Chimney Park Resort.  20170110_173338.jpg

We passed one area on the Mexican side which was a resort.  They had sheep grazing on the grounds.  riverside-club-6

On down the river was beautiful home with an Infinity Pool out front.  Just Beautiful.  All this area right now is deserted as its off season.  I would love to see these areas in the summer.  On the Mexican side we passed several resorts.  Some were classy with boat docks and beautiful buildings with large ground areas.  One was damaged in  Hurricane Alex in 2010, and has never really been rebuilt.  On the American side it, other than Chimney Rock, it was mainly Sugar Cane fields.  Bentsen State Park also boarders on the Rio Grande as well as The Butterfly Gardens by Mission Tx.  .20170110_141832.jpg

We also seen the Border Patrol speed by…..and then another one….Along the river, we also seen the Border Conservation Police tied up on the American side.  Eventually after an absolutely beautiful day, we turned back.  The Captain told us many facts on his PA system as we rode.  Also mentioned that a wall would take 40 years to build partly because of land that would have to be take by imminent domain.  Its true. There is so many homes and business all over the banks of the Rio Grande River.  Also the sugar cane fields go all the way the the Rio……

So I guess Time Will Tell……What Will Trump Do…….

So back to the dock and we all headed home after a gorgeous day on the river.  While I was their I booked a 3rd trip.  We’ll see how this goes.  I’m collecting money right now for our next one on Feb 9th.  Already have 20 paid.  Will stop at 40 and start collecting for the 3rd trip on Feb 23.  Who would have ever thought.   I was only hoping for at least 25 so we could send out the boat…..

So tomorrow I have Segway in Bentsen State Park.  This will be an awesome ride.  I’ve never been their before.  Again this is a park event.  Wednesday nite, Us, Cici and Larry, Alice and Tom are all going to see the Oak Ridge Boys.  Now that will be a fun evening.  Busy days ahead.  Oh gees, that means we eat out AGAIN…..lol

Two Hour Trip Down Rio Grande, Fun Fun

We took a trip down the Rio Grande, which is the dividing line between Mexico and United States.  Mexico was on one side, while the US. was on the other.  This was located in Mission Tx. which is about an hour drive.  We went with our friends, Cici and Larry.  They had went before and so enjoyed it, they wanted to go back.riverside_club


We drove to the Riverside Club and first had lunch.  Our reservations were for 1 pm.  We had about 45 mins.  The restaurant was rather touristy….A fun place.  They actually had down home deep fried tenderloins, the huuuuge ones.  Of course that’s what we had.  It was really a neat place.  They have seating inside, outside or under the canopy by the boat dock.  Such a pretty comfortable setting.FFFFFF 02-05-10 007


After we ate, we boarded Riverside Dreamer, which is a 55 ft. pontoon boat, which is enclosed and has A/C, heat, bathrooms and cushioned seating for 49 people.  We finally took off for our trip.  It was strange, knowing the Mexican border was the other side of the river.


The first place we passed was an RV Park on the US. side.  It was located at Chimney Rock.  It was the place of an old irrigation pump and the Chimney was still left.

HHHHHHH  along the river  024

The Campground was really nice, but right by the boat launch was a police tower.


They telescope up so the Border Patrol can watch for Illegals crossing the river.  The river was so peaceful and calm that day.  The sky so beautiful blue.  Now on the Mexican side we seem some beautiful homes.


This one had been possibly been connected to the Cartel at one time.  Who knows, made it still is…..lol..


They had a beautiful flower garden by one side.


On the rivers edge was a glass front building, with tinted glass.  It was full of exercise equipment.


Another home was also very lavish in design.  At the end of the white arches was a waterfall.


But on the other hand, their was a lot of run down places in disrepair.


This place had been a resort at one time.  It is hard to see in the pictures, how large it was at one time and elaborate.  In 2010, Hurricane Alex came in and destroyed much of the land.  The river rose and everything was under water about a month.  Their are several lakes up river that had to open their flood gates because of excess water.  This resort and several others, were never repaired again.  So they now just sit here falling into disrepair.

Now on the US. side, we seen many sugar cane fields.  Theirs also The Bentsen State Park that covers many acres all the way to the river.


Also their are many homes along the river.


We seen lots of wild life, these Egrets, some turtles, ducks, even some cows on the rivers edge drinking the water.  Finally after an hour and fifteen minutes, we turned around for the trip back.

JJJJJJJ  border patrol boat  013

This is a border patrol boat.


Now this was on the Mexican side also.  It is a really cool area to have a party.  And the boat was down below docked ready for action.  Now as I looked around I wondered what is to keep the Mexicans from coming across.  There were many desolate areas on both sides where it would be easy for anyone to cross and not be seen. I finally asked the boat Capitan.  He said the river current is bad, and some die, but he said it is nothing to see everyday a boat go up river with only 1 and come back loaded…..a jet ski go up river and come back with another person.  He said if you stay in the valley after you cross, you have a 90 percent chance of making it and staying.  Many of these illegals have been living in the valley for generations. We also seen a fisherman on the US side.   I asked what the rules were for them.  Mexicans and US citizens can freely fish in a boat in the river.  It is only illegal if they dock on the other side.  Now it is so desolate in some areas, nobody would see if they brought anyone over to the other side and docked.  He said that their is over 400 miles of fence.  We have seen a lot of it, but thousands of other miles that still need fence.  He said it would take years to build one complete fence from the Pacific to the Gulf.  It would be so costly, and their are so many property owners, they would have to take much of the property by eminent domain.  It would be tied up in the courts for along time.   Just with what we seen, it would affect the Riverside Club and the Rv Park as well as many homes.  We finally arrived back at our dock.   What a Wonderful trip it had been.  Beautiful weather, and the river was so pretty and serene.  The sky was blue and the breeze gently blew….Perfect….We walked around awhile, and also seen another huge building here at the Riverside Club.  They have entertainment many nights of the week.  I think this could be a great car pool road trip for Eastgate next year.

……..Diner, Boat Trip and Entertainment…….