Busy January at Eastgate….

January has been a very busy month.  It has been also a very cold month.  Usually we only have a few cold days that reach maybe in the 40s but mostly 50s, 60s, and 70,s.  This year it has been very cold.  Several times it reached into the low 30,s for several days.  We’ve lost many of our flowers.  We had a good frost that killed many.  They say its been the worst in many years.20180211_054906.jpg

We did a tour to the Marine Military Academy in Harlingen.  We have done this before, but I feel it is such an important part of Harlingen to share every year.  This is a private academy that can house up to 200 students. The cost is $20,000 a semester.  An average student will spend only 2 years here because of the cost for the parents.  Those who attend all the grades will almost be guaranteed entrance to a top college in the nation.  The curriculum is military style with a focus on academics.  Sports are also offered but no vocational courses.


Marching to the Cafeteria

They have a very strict daily plan for the students.  They have a daily dress code and march in units.   They live in barracks and have a counselor family also living in each housing unit to watch over them and take care of their needs.  It is a very impressive place.  We boarded their bus, toured the grounds including the gymnasium, weight room,  library, rec center,  auditorium and and finally the cafeteria.  We ate, watched the kids march in formation and then they bussed us back to the Iwo Jima Museum parking lot.  It is the home of the Original Iwo Jima Memorial.  20180122_125212.jpg

It is the cast that made the Iwo Jima Memorial that sits in Washington DC. at Arlington Cemetery.  It is such an honor that it was installed in Harlingen.  It is across the street from the Academy and the back drop for the Academy’s Dress Parades.  They also have a wonderful Museum on the grounds.  It is also the burial site of Corporal Harlon Block, who was one of the flag raisers who’s picture was captured that fateful day.  He was killed in action several days later.  He was from Weslaco which is only about 10 miles from Harlingen.

Our next event was going to the Border Patrol for a Informational Presentation.   The Canadians had to have papers filled out 2 weeks prior to the date.  They said they use to take people back to the housing areas, but not any more.   We were taken to a large room where they hold their meetings etc.  20180125_111638.jpg

At the front of the room were 4 empty chairs.  They were in Memorial to 4 of the Officers from Harlingen that have been killed.  Their name is engraved and also notice the tree on the side holding a pair of empty boots, a gun holster and a hat.  Very moving.


They held a slide show and gave us so much factional information.  The hot spot of the Rio Grande Valley is in McAllen.  The amount of family’s, men, women and children that have crossed over is astounding.   They are coming to the Park on March 4 to give their talk again.  Their was so much info and facts.  So many people had wanted to come, and the limit was 30, so I decided to have them come and give the same presentation.   Hopefully I can retain some of the facts to pass on.  It was interesting though, the highest quarter for illegal’s was the quarter just before Trumps election.  They thought they wouldn’t get over after he was in office.


Entrance to Hotel….Concrete tree stumps.  Schlitterbahn has a very rustic appereance.

Next we had the Winterfest Concert in South Padre Island at Schlitterbahn Indoor Water Park.  I sold tickets for this event which qualified Rich and I free entrance.  They also had a 3 day special for a Dinner Show the nite before, Winterfest, and then a Matinee Dinner performance the following day.  All in all, 3 nites at the hotel.  Many went, but Rich and I chose to spend the just 1 nite.  The Dinner Show that nite was “Mirage, Visions of Fleetwood Mac”.  They were based out of L.A.  They were very good.  The next day was the Winterfest.  Live music on stage started at 10 am and continued till 5 pm.  We were also given a Shrimp or Fish Basket from the Shrimp Haus.


We seen some great performances.  Many people from all over the Valley came to enjoy the entertainment.20180131_103735.jpg

Here is some of our Eastgate group.   I can see about 12 here….It was hard to get everyone.  We were so scattered around.  Total I believe , just from our park was about 24 people.  As we were watching the musical groups, we seen a zip line out of the corner of our eyes.  We walked over and the line was getting longer.  Only $5….Wow….Sure I’ll go.  Many of the people from our park were in line.  I found a partner, Laura from our park.  Rich came over also and went with Gaylon.  It is a zip line that 2 of you sit in 2 seats and are strapped in.  It is called the Soaring Eagle…Soaring-Eagle-Zip-Line-Mooresville-Indiana-6-of-7-1024x683

No place for your feet, just hanging freely.  So the only thing keeping you in is the seat belt.  As I was in line, our friend Ron asked me if I wanted to use his Go Pro camera…..Wow…Sure…He had a short tripod that wraps around your hand.  So finally my turn.  I was excited but also a little scared.  After you are strapped in, it is pulled backwards quite a ways up to the top of a pole.  You stop for about maybe 5 seconds and then start your descent going 30 miles an hour till you get to the end.  Then the brakes are applied and you stop abruptly.  I describe it as a jet landing on an air craft carrier and it is stopped by the hook.  So finally my turn.  Now I didn’t realize that with the camera on my right hand, I also got into the right side.  I now had no place to hang on to.  I also didn’t realize, my seatbelt was not tight.  Their was a lot of play.  Finally we started going backwards up the line…..zip line 2

We were almost to the top and I was feeling like I was going to fall out…All most at the top, it jerked you about 3 or 4 times.  Each time I thought I was falling. ….. OMG…..But the View from the Top was…..ASTONISHING BEAUTIFUL…The island looked so small.   What a View.  I still had the Go Pro wrapped around my right hand with nothing to hold on to.  I tried panning it around to get it on video.  Then all of a sudden we were falling….faster and faster towards the ground.  We came closer and closer and then I could see the end of the line….The platform where we loaded and at the end of the line????  The I-Beam holding up the zip line.  If it did not stop….It would be a DIRECT HIT to the I-Beam….In those last seconds, all my thoughts were, when the brakes went on, I would fly forward and slip out of the seat belt….So at the last minute…The hand with the camera came down and grabbed the seat…..And we stopped really very easy…..lol..lol…OMG….It was a crazy ride.   Many of you have probably seen the Video, It is on FB on my Time Line….So I got out and Rich was next….Him and Gaylon climbed on board and took the ride.  Now he really enjoyed it and wasn’t scared.  He also made them strap him in tight….So Would I do it Again???    Yes I sure would…..It was AWESOME...Now I will show you my Awful picture…..


….In the corner, you can see the overlay of us at the end near the top of the pole…


The next day I had to get up early.  We had a SegWay Tour back down at Port Isabel.   We ended up with 2 groups because we had 10 people.  We held one at 10 am and then another at 1 pm.  It was an absolutely Beautiful day.20180201_120705.jpg


The temperature was in the low 80’s and hardly any wind, and the water and sky was beautiful shades of blue.  2 more weeks and we will be doing SegWay on the Beach at Padre……20180204_175349.jpg

Next affair was the Super Bowl PartyRich and I are in charge of that.  I have a budget to go by.  Rich cooked around 50 lbs. of pork and pulled it.


We had smokies, shrimp, nachos and cheese, veggies and dip, sausage cheese and crackers and a Keg of beer.  I decorated with balloons from the ceiling in team colors, and made megaphones from construction paper for center pieces.  Everyone also brought a snack to share ….


I had collected 27 door prizes to give away including 2 Director Chairs from the park owner.   They all had a great time…..Most of the beer was gone, and food too…..Everyone was happy.20180209_120500.jpg

Our last event we just had was our Ladies Luncheon with our 2nd Annual Style Show.  Everyone brought a dish for the food table.  Their was so many wonderful homemade dishes.20180209_124311.jpg

The desserts were out of this world.  Everyone filled their plates, and when we were done we still had so much food.  Finally the Style Show portion.  Last year we chose 3 stores that were in different towns.  They were rather elite stores that are a little pricy.  This year, they choose local stores that were more practical in style and price.


The first one was Cato’s.  They had some really nice items for everyday.  The ladies had so much fun doing this….20180209_133346.jpg

The next store is Quelles Boutique down town Harlingen.  The modeled many items that were so inexpensive and yet so unique.  Its really a great store that I need to go and check out.  She carries new as well as gently used.  It sounds very interesting to see.  So that has been my month….So so busy…..soon it will be almost over……April 1 is officially the end of the season when everyone is going or has gone back north….


A Beautiful Day in Port Isabel looking over the Bay to South Padre Island



Winterfest at South Padre Island on The Gulf

Winterfest is held every year on the island.  It is an all day music festival of 5 musical groups that are playing in the Valley for the winter.  Last year we went and the weather was so cold.  They had it in the indoor water park at Schlitterbahn.  It was still cold   They had patio heaters running but it didn’t help.  I usually get a pair of tickets free as its one of the perks with the job.  Rick from Schlitterbahn came up and gave me my bundle of tickets to sell in the park.  He is the manager or chairperson for Winterfest.  As the date came closer we realized it would be warmer weather.  We decided to spend the nite at Schlitterbahn.  They were running a special of $59  for a nite.   Great way to spend the evening.  Finally the day came and the weather turned out to be beautiful.  It was a little chilly but sunshine blue sky and no clouds.  We met some friends their.  Ron and Theresa Fisher our friends from AdventurelandS met us their, and Alice and Tom met us also.  20170125_115012.jpg

We enjoyed watching and listening to the bands at the Outdoor Water Park.  It was a beautiful outdoor Tropical setting.  We were served a Shrimp or Chicken Basket from Shrimp Haus.  Then we decided to take a walk to the crossover bridge that took us to the beach on the Gulf.20170125_115134.jpg

This is the bridge view from the concert area.  The water park of course is drained right now for the winter.  We took a walk up the stairs behind the stage area to get to the bridge.


From the top of the stairs we had a great view of the Concert area.  Onward we went, all 5 of us, as Tom stayed back.  He can’t walk that far.   We crossed over the bridge and the boardwalk extended a long distance ahead stopping at the beach with the ocean lapping on the sand…..20170125_133033.jpg

What a beautiful view it was.  Left to Right.  Alice from Maryland, Theresa and Ron from Nebraska, and Rich.  Were all Eastgate folks…..lol….We headed on down the boardwalk to the Gulf.  20170125_133548.jpg

It was a beautiful day, a little windy and beautiful blue sky.  The sand was so pretty and the sea gulls were flying around enjoying the wind and the waves.


The view up the beach to the hotels was so beautiful.  The haze in the air made the hotels look so magical.  People were just walking and enjoying the sun, water and the sounds of the waves lapping on the beach.  Rich found a chair that someone carried down from the Water Park….lol….received_1354518004569754.jpeg

Theresa snapped this picture.  One of the few pictures that I allow of me…..lol….


We walked back up to the Concert   This is the view from the top of the bridge over the drained Water Park.  20170125_115045.jpg

We went back to our seats by Tom.  This was the view of Schlitterbahn Water Park from our table.   We stayed for the rest of the performances.  20170207_075654.jpg

This is John Sager.  He is a performer from Branson.  Very Popular in the Valley.  He is an Awesome singer and has won many Awards.  The last performers were the Port Isabel Mariachi Band.   They were awesome also.  Wonderful musicians and singers and only High School.  They played last year also.  We all finally left, and stopped at the Schlitterbahn Resort to check in.  Alice and Tom and us were staying the nite, and Theresa and Ron heading home.  But not before we had supper together.  We headed to Louie’s Backyard.


Its a really cool restaurant on the Bay side of the Island.  Most everyone had the Sea Food Buffet.  Of course I don’t like fish so I had Prime Rib.  After a great dinner and conversation we all left.20170125_182519.jpg

Outside was a Catamaran taking off with a party group.  The music was blaring and laughter in the air.  Such a beautiful Sunset.  The lights on the boat were so pretty as it went floating by.  Finally we said goodbye to Theresa and Ron as they were driving back to Harlingen.  Tom and Alice and us went back to the hotel to enjoy a peaceful evening in our hotel room.  In the morning we headed back to Harlingen 20170124_140710.jpg

We have been doing crafts on Tues.  This is our latest one.   I’ve been trying to do things cheaply and using recycle.  These are water bottle made into Whirlygigs.  They are colored with permanent markers.


This is the finished product.  Really easy and very cute.  Great project for kids….lol

or Seniors????


Schlitterbahn and Mario…lol..Another Great Evening….& My New Love Seat…

Last nite Rich and I and Cici and Larry took off for South Padre Island.  When Mario had been at East Gate we bought tickets for his Dinner show at Schlitterbahn Resort.  So we left at 4:30 and arrived around 5:30.   Rich and I had been their before scouting it out.  So we drove into to the park.   It is an outdoor Water Park, but is closed down till summer.  It also has a Restaurant and an outdoor entertainment center.  We thought that was were it was as the Restaurant is Open.  A Golf cart Taxi service was their to take the people from the parking lot to the Restaurant.  Then we found out we were at the wrong place.  lol.  Next door is an Indoor Water Park at the Schlitterbahn Resort.  So back in the truck we went.  Larry found a place to park right in front.   And guess who he parked in front of………MARIO…………wp-15856251305337852838746261213104.jpg

He loves to play a lot of the oldies from the Rat Pack Days……Frank Sinatra…….hence, his liscence plate.     Rat Pck  

We were seated at a table up front with 4 other people.  I might add, they had a Great sense of Humor….We did a lot of visiting and laughing together.  On the menu we had our choice of Garden Salad or Caesar Salad……Chicken Alfredo, Chopped Sirloin, or a Shrimp meal, and then a Brownie with whipped cream for dessert.   It was very filling.   Now our friends were just finishing their meal, and we were the last ones to be served.  I think actually we were forgotten about several times.   Rich and Cici were drinking Margaritas, so they were served some FREE ones…..lol….by the time the evening was over, Rich had 7….and Cici had 3….Good Times….wp-15856252464357480988945157074215.jpg

Mario put on a Great Show as he did before.  I did a Blog on him several blogs ago so I won’t bore you with lots of info this time.  He did some new songs and material as well as some of the same.  It lasted till 9:30….

During the break, Cici and I went Exploring….lol…Gift Shop Stop.   and then the Indoor Water Park.  It is open on weekends and part of it is open to guests at the Resort.  There had been someone swimming when we first came.  If you look close, you will see bar stools where you can sit in the water and be served from the bar….Really cool…So pretty at nite.wp-15856253457245950036981604739292.jpg


They had an Indoor Carousel and some other rides for kids….Now Cici took this pic of me…..For some reason, I look like a Little Person……hahah…..

Also her is a picture of their really cool picnic tables….rugged and beautiful….and a shot of the bar looking toward the wave pool area…..We made it back from our little exploring trip just in time for the show to begin after the break….lol….After the show was done, Mario came by and talked with us a bit.  We had a waitress try to take a picture of us all, but the phone ….DIED…… Oh Well…It was a fun evening, but late……Work in the morning…..lol…but not till 9 am….not bad hours we have.

Also want to tell you about my New Love Seat.  This RV has had the most ….UNCOMFORTABLE….Leather Love Seat.   It is a Futon.  It looks nice but it is not for flopping down and rolling into a ball and watching tv.  I HATE sticking to leather.  It had a short seat depth.  I always sit sideways and put my feet at the other end….My feet kept falling off and I…… STICK…..Ugggggg……………wp-15856254642296321536803192188905.jpg

Last Saturday, we were driving around town and came upon a Second Hand Store.   Now it wasn’t really a store, more like an old storage building with a sign out front.  We decided to go in,……OH MY……We were greeted by the store owner lady.  “Come on In” she said….It was a little room …one lane walking area….In that room was her, the momma….grandma holding a baby, and 5 year old little girl, and a boy about 12…..I think they all just lived their….She said we could look around and back by the corner was another door.   We could go on back and look around…….Well of course, back we went……Through the door…..It reminded me of on those doors people go in…….and never come out…….lol…….Surprisingly their was a dim light.  Stuff everywhere.  No Organization…..furniture….stuff from close outs I guess.  One wall of I think at least 50 toilets seats still in pkgs…..lol…..This was nothing but an OLD old warehouse full of STUFF…..Their was another room off to the side….We wedged our way over to it.  Their was this Love seat that looked rather nice, but it was dark in side.   The husband now arrived.  I asked about it.  He opened the slidding board warehouse door to get some light….lol…..No Light bulbs I guess….Their was a matching sofa.  It was in excellent shape….surprisingly….lol….$199 for both, but he would deal….$99 for just the Love Seat.   lol    I think NOT….Finally made a deal with him…..$65 for trade with mine and delivery…..He would help put it through the door…..lol….My biggest worry…wp-15856254902663000659838139246942.jpg

So back home we went.  First he took out the Passenger seat.   Now the Leather Love Seat.  It was screwed into the slide.  Oh boy, what a job.  First took off the back…Then the Seat…..Then found 9 screws that were at least 5″ long….some came out easy…some hard….some not at all…So Rich finally RIPPED it out….Got it out the door, and the guy pulls up with the new Love Seat.   Rich and him brought it in and it actually fit beautifully through the door.  So It all worked out

Im loving it…It is so soft…We had to work on the legs some as it is on the slide and we needed to put blocks on the front to build it up even.  But it is perfect for me….I can bounce and curl up and watch tv and nap at the same time….lol…wp-15856601198048092408050171610653.jpg

One final picture…..As Cici and I were walking around these beautiful bottles caught our eye.   They were sitting on the bar…..Gorgeous aren’t they…..