Back Home In Illinois

We are back home for a short time.  We’ll be here around 3 weeks total.  Its good to see the kids again.  We left Harlingen on Saturday afternoon and arrived Monday afternoon.  The goal was to make it to Scott and Brandy’s  bar for tacos.  They serve them only on Mondays 5-7.  20170515_174717

They are deep fried, something you can’t get in Texas.  Must be a northern thing.  Brandy puts in the meat filling, inserts toothpick.  Drop them in the fryer and immetiately open and put in lettuce, onions and tomatoes after frying…..mmmmm…..Saturday morning I had an employees meeting before we left.  I work at the Cinemark 10, 2 days a week on the weekends in the box office.  I, of course am the oldest.  Most are all kids or young adults.  It was rather interesting.  The General Manager of the theater held the meeting.  The purpose of course is to update all employees on new programs coming up for the summer, as well as safety issues, fire drill procedures, and many at risk situations.  But the think I find most interesting is the general manager is so good with these kids.  He is firm with rules, but he also builds them up, trying to get them to strive for the very best in life.  He demands respect and yet have fun at the same time.  One of the managers, Miss Ramos, has been taking the steps to climb the ladder in the company.  She has just taken a test and achieved a fabulous score.  The General Manager announced that she was 4th in the nation and is now titled “Assistant General Manager”  Everyone is called Miss or Mr.  In fact, this is something I have noticed here in the Rio Grande Valley.  Their is respect everywhere from little kids to Seniors.  You can be in a grocery store or on the phone, and everyone says, “Thank You Maam”……It is something that is taught from childhood on and still continues.   As soon as I came back home we finished packing. 20170512_145157

This little guy was hanging around on the awning.  There are zillions of these everywhere.  Kinda cute……It was so hot……Sweat was just pouring off Rich.   Finally we took off and had a rather uneventful trip home……but that’s good…


Kitty enjoyed the ride as usual, sleeping most of the time.  He would of course also sit on his foot stool by his dad and paw at him.  He always wants Rich to pet him while driving.


Finally crossing the Mississippi we made it into Illinois.  We seen some floods coming across Arkansas.  They were really hit bad on the White River.  The Mississippi was up but nothing out of the ordinary.  Its been so much worse.


Brandy behind bar

We arrived in McNabb and parked at “One Pawz Pub”.  Brandy was working,  Scott showed up about a half hour later, from driving truck.  This was the first time we had seen the new progress on the bar.  Scott reconstructed a new bar and put stripe designs in it and covered it with epoxy.  This is not a good picture but it is beautiful.


Patio area….it was getting dark

He has also finished his patio out back.  He made all his own bars and bar stools and painted them different bright colors.  He also made 3 octagon picnic tables and put down grass turf.  They have a Harley Davidson Bag game in the area you can’t see.  He is striving to gain a lot of bikers this summer on their poker runs.


Tammy, Cassidy and Carly came for Tacos.  Also her boyfriend Bryan and son.  Ed, Tinas Husband showed up with Austin.  Tina was at a softball game with Miley.  Finally Cameron came in.  He was working…….”What a Nice Sound”…….This past year, Cameron has made “HUGE STEPS” in his life.  He accomplished his GED, then went to Truck Driving School, obtained his CDL, and now has a seasonal job at AG Service.  He drives the chemicals out to the fields for the farmers as they plant.  He loves it.  He also has a truck driving job coming up after the season is over.  It will be a roller coaster for him as he is only going to be 19 in June.  Lots of companies can’t or don’t want to hire him because of insurance.  When he is 21 it will get better…..Just have to stay positive….Finally Connie, Richs youngest sister came and Brian.  We had a nice visit eating Tacos.  Finally drove to the house a block away before dark, parked and settled in.

Now time for a “Randy update”.  Randy has been in New Orleans and Galveston having a Grand time.  He went to a museum to check out and learn about alligators and turtles.


Look at Randy’s COOL NEW PANTS

He’s been to many resturants checking out the hot sauces and peppers…


But he decided to eat Brownies instead…..Guess he knew it would tear up his stomach.


So now Randy and his parents are all packed up.  They are heading on their way to Maryland.  Their having such a good time seeing the sites….

Cant wait till we see where Randy’s Adventures take him next…..


Randy and his Mom in Galveston La.



It’s Been A While…..Happy Birthday Time

The cover picture is the kids all most 3 years ago.  Tammy graduated with her BSN in Peoria Illinois.  A proud and Happy day for us all. 

Thinks have been so hectic here at the park, but really slowing down now.  As of April 1st, our Workamping contracts were done…..So now for a little R & R.   First I’m going to report on the family. 


“It’s Birthday Season”……..Tina had her birthday on March 8.  She just ran for re-election to the Granville Village Board.  On April 4th she was re-elected.   So 4 more years of Village Trustee.   “Congatulations Tina”   She is very devoted to the issues of her town, trying to make it a better place for all residents.


This picture is of Putnam County Courthouse in Granville IllinoisTina works in the Circuit Clerks Office.  This is the Judge, Cathy Oliveri, the Circuit Clerk,  Tina and the other girl in the office.  She loves her job and has learned so much working in the Courthouse.


On March 27, Cassidy was 13.  She’s finally an official Teenager.   She is growing prettier every day.  She is also acting more like a teenager every day.  Ggrrrrrr…..Happy Birthday Cassidy…….



Tammy, Tina, grandkids, Cassidy, Carly, Miley and Austin.  Vacation in Florida visiting old friend Gertie and husband.  Gertie was our neighbor when the girls were baby’s……Gertie was close to them…

So today is Tammy’s Birthday.  I won’t tell her age, but she is just short of 40….lol…Wow …”Where has the years gone”….  Today she is helping out her good friend who is having some major family health issues.  I hope her day is going ok.  That is one of Tammy’s best qualities.  Always wanting to help.


In 3 years she has came so far.  Since she received her BSN,  she seems to be flying in the nursing field.  She’s always looking for more challenging jobs to educate herself.


Monday will be Scott’s Birthday.  He of course is the youngest.  Brandy and him own Scotties One Paw’z Bar in McNabb.  He is always remodeling and changing things.  His latest addition is to add a patio.  He made his bar and bar stools and also brought in some artificial turf for volley ball.  Always working on things.


He is also always buying things….This is his latest toy….So now no more Birthdays till June….Then its Camerons’…..19….OH MY



Just a another CRAZY picture…..Now this is their normal look……

These kids have come so far in the last years.  10 or so years ago, I was worried about them all.  But they have all found their way.  They have all excelled in their own areas of life and finding their way.  Yes we don’t see them often now, but….I see such progress in all their lives….We are so PROUD of Them…..We aren’t need anymore…They are living on their own…….

……..Well Almost……

Ill be playing catch up now that I have time……Stay Tuned……




Home Again….Spring is Here……Flowers and Trees are Blooming…

We finally returned home over a week ago.  The weather was so chilly, at least for us.  We stopped first at Scotts new Bar he purchased……..”One Paw,z Pub”…..

Scott and Brandy bought the only bar in McNabb, known as Kathys before.   They took over on April 1st.   They will continue to serve lunch Monday-Saturday, with a daily special and have lengthened their hours to 1 or 2 on weekends.   They have added 2 more TVs, and Scott made some new tables.  A new Digital Juke Box and working on Gaming machines.   Yes he wants to serve the summer bikers on their poker runs.  He has some really cool ideas on Advertising……

He has signs painted on his trailors.   lol   On FB, he says where he is working for the day and if anyone takes his picture at the job site, they can redeem it for a …..“FREE BEER”……lol.  Before we left the bar,  Tammy came in with Cassidy and Carly, Ed arrived, but Tina was working, and Scott got off early and came in.   Of course Brandy was bartending.   So after a nice visit, we went the rest of the way home…….2 blocks…. The girls were having a garage sale in Granville on Friday and Saturday.  It was Granville Townwide.   I went over Friday with my winter coat on.  Saturday was so rainy, they closed up early.  So this last Saturday was McNabb Townwide.

I got everything ready with the help of Tammy and Tina, and they brought all their stuff over.  We advertised on Facebook sites and opened on Friday.  The weather was beautiful.  The temperature was in the low 70s and the sun was shinning beautiful.  We made almost $500 between the 3 of us.   A pretty good days haul.  We decided to do it again at Tammys soon.  So we loaded it all back up into the enclosed trailor to take it into Spring Valley.  The little kids had fun.

11178388_10203952229873785_1121469635_n - Copy

Tina was selling this swing at her house, but Austin and cousin Carly had fun for awhile.  Austin loves his dinosaurs, and Carly loves Barbies.  If you notice, look at Austins forehead…….he wrote on it….haha….those 2 can get in so much mischief… 11208768_10203995698560475_1193875662_n Miley was clowning around with a little baby hat.  lol   She’s so cute with her teeth missing. I also met my new Grand Dog. 11216127_10203995565077138_1212409048_n


He was born the end of November.  Tina adopted him up in Jan.  This is his little bed he came home in.   He could lay down and spread out.   lol  Well not no more.   He has sure grown.  He had his appointment that day at the vets….Ouch…No babies for him.   She even ordered him pain pills, but I don’t think he needed them.  He was just as active as before.   He loves to play ….ALL THE TIME…. As we sat their, I realized the yard was becoming full of spring flowers and smells.   Rich had cut the grass already the day after we got home, and Scott had cut it once before.  As you looked around you could see the tulips and daffodils opening.

11210212_10204004406378165_564352646_n The lilacs are opening also.   The aroma of the lilacs is so wonderful and refreshing.  As the wind blew the smells of lilac came floating in the air, along with the little petals of the lilacs came floating to the ground. 11212223_10204007317930952_1703601785_n I have a beautiful redbud tree also, at the corner of our lot.  We planted it many years ago.  We went into the woods and found a little sapling of a tree and brought it home.  Here it is today.  Just gorgeous.  With all the rain we have had the grass is a beautiful green, but it also just keeps growing.   So now we continue to work on this house.  So much more stuff to get rid of.   I was planning on staying in the MH.  I wasn’t thinking of the fact, we couldn’t use the bathroom facilities, cause we aren’t hooked up.  Sure don’t want to fill up the holding tanks.   So we are staying in the house.  The trouble with that, is the kitchen has been totally cleaned out.  Everytime we cook anything, it takes trips out to the MH to get things.   lol.   All our clothes are out their to.  But onward we go…..Our Goal…..Just Get Rid of all the Excess…… 11195410_10203963685360165_602001647_n So here sits the beast…..sitting in the driveway….On May 19th, my half brother from Albuquerque, New Mexico, is coming for the first time ever.   Were going to have him stay in the MH.  Best bed we have….lol…He has always wanted to come east,

 So it will be an exciting 2 weeks for us.