Birthday Party Fun…..

Well another week has gone by. Another week closer to winter and another week closer to leaving and starting the new life of fulltime RVing.  Tomorrow I have to go back to work and put in my 2 days of imprisonment for the week. Oh well, it is giving us insurance for now. Thursday is another appointment to the dentist.  I think it is a tryon of the real thing….lol.  The DENTURES…. and then in Oct., out with the old….and in with the new….grrrrrrrr. Kind of scary…Just give me drugs..
This weekend I had several things happening.  For one a Wonderful Person passed away.  I never met Tina, but I went to school with her father in law, Russ.  Her husband, Willie and his sister Jamie, went to school with my kids.  Plus I work with Jamie now.  Tina passed away from cancer at 37 leaving her husband and 2 little kids.  She was originally from Russia. Her wake was Saturday.  Her life is such a wonderful heartwarming story of inspiration and love for family.  I must share it but with permission from Willy.  They are having a Celebration of her life later so I hope to share her story later date.
Later Saturday night, my son gave a party for his girlfriend Brandy. She turned 40.  He likes to do everything big.  So they hired a band and backed the drop deck trailer into the back yard. 20140920_223839


20140920_232143                                                       How Brandy loves to Karaoke

Everyone had quite a good time.   Even the little kids.   Their was plenty of food.   Brandy made Italian Beef.   Rich found a huge Slicing Beef Roast in the freezer.   Already precooked and seasoned.   We don’t know where it came from, Imagine that. ….. lol…. So he cooked and cut it into slices and put it in a roaster, filled with Aus Jois…..I made Taco Salad.   Everyone just loves it, and a cheeseball and another dip.   Another first……Brandy and Scott asked me to go make a beer run at 11pm.   Imagine that….His Mother getting his beer?….   The sober one had to go for beer…Another first for me….20140920_233859 20140920_233834






Scotts Harley had a bad tire on the back, so he decided to do a burn out to blow it up…..silly…but entertaining……After 2 different trys….It never blew…but lots of smoke and noise.   20140920_232334

The little kids had fun watching but were really tired by the end of the night….


Cheers to the 40 year old…..Happy Birthday Brandy….

I tried to get a good picture of Brandy and Scott, but he wouldn’t cooperate.   He kept making silly faces….He doesn’t like to smile cause he has dimples….lol…I used to point them out to everyone, when he was a kid.   I guess I must have embarrassed him to no end as a child… .. lol……Ive marked him for life….The things parents do.   But……..since he wouldn’t cooperate and smile, Im just going to post all the pics I took …………..



Sorry Scott….lol….

Well time to do some more work as to cleaning out….Have done some good deals selling on fb these past weeks.   Cleaning out a lot of stuff.   Now today, I am going to work on my sewing stuff.  Rich found some plastic containers that will fit in the upper cabinets in the bedroom.   So now I need to go through my sewing supplies and consolidate.    So far I have bought 4 containers, but room for more………………….lol………………..Always room for MORE…… Until next time…..



One thought on “Birthday Party Fun…..

  1. Hi Margaret!
    I love your blog … you are so whitty & entertaining , maybe one day you will write a book for us ?
    the blog came to my email 1 time and not anymore , saw this in your fb feed ! 🙂
    have a great week kiddo !


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