Its Official……Dec. 1……Texas Sunshine….

Yesterday was a beautiful day. Nice and warm with rays of sunshine. But fall is in the air.    That darn grass just keeps growing.   Tomorrow we have to mow and bag it.  It just keeps growing with all the rain and nice weather we’ve had.


But the best news is………….I talked to the RV and Mobil Home Park that we will be staying in this winter.   Its OFFICIAL….We will be Workampers this winter……Yahoo……….  I will be working in the office….yahooooo….and Rich will be Maintenance.     So excited.   So after Thanksgiving dinner we will be leaving and heading south for the winter, down to Harlingen Texas.    It is in the Texas Rio Grande Valley.   Not far from Mexico.  Rich officially gave his notice at work yesterday also.  So by the end of the month, he will be retired, and waiting for his first SSI check….Never Dreamed that this day would come.    I’m still working my 2 days a week, but it is so nice now to get up in the morning and not rush.   It won’t be long and it will be like this everyday.   Rich can’t wait.  They are working him so hard.   The company that he works for hauling the US mail is so short on drivers.  Wouldn’t you think in this day and age when everyone is needing a good job, they would be able to find good employees?    It seems not.  Some of the ones they do hire are really questionable……. lol……But soon he will be free also….lol…..We will be making another trip to Social Security to sign him up and then his Medicare starts Dec 1.    Unfortunately, I have to buy some gap insurance when I quit work as I won’t be 65 until next Aug.  But that’s a small price to pay for ……FREEDOM…..


We still have so much to do.    I keep selling stuff on the FB garage sale sights and have been doing quite well.   Cleaning out all the stuff in the house is just unimaginably difficult.   Not that its hard to part with it, but what to do with all of it.   But piece at a time.   I did manage to get all my sewing stuff consolidated and packed into plastic containers that fit in the cabinets in the bedroom.   It was so much easier than I thought it would be.  Now I am getting to all the drawers where I stuffed all the things from the kids growing up.   They contain the report cards, school papers, diplomas, baby books, jewelry from when they were born.    Time now to get each kid a tote and start separating all these things.   I have also found clothes that I saved from when they had baby pics taken.  Blankets and pics that I embroidered Their name and birth date.  Lots of things I haven’t seen in years…..What pack rats we are….lol….I feel like a Hoarder…


Also yesterday I took my sewing machine out to the MH and sewed my curtains.   I just had to have curtains to make it homey.   Rich really didn’t care or understand, but when he wasn’t around, I ordered valences from Penneys and put them up….hahaha…..I usually get what I want.   I just do it my way………I had to have them to make it look like home.   I took the ones from my dinning room and put them in the Bedroom.  So now I’m happy.   Now the ones I ordered from Penneys I liked but they didn’t have a header at the top of the valence.   And I might add , they were to long.   So Easy Fix.   I folded them over and sewed a nice substantial header at the top….and they are also shorter now…They look more like valences than curtains.    Now I’m really happy….lol…They look much more  professional….


20140927_073751          We love the colors blue and red….Love those bright colors….


These are the bedroom curtains.    Could be brighter but they were recycled from my dining room.

Thur. was another dentist day.   I tried on the new teeth.   They were really brite.    Like a flashlight?.  Well not that bad.    ha-ha….The dentist agreed with me , so they are going to tone them down another shade.  So I have another try-on again before the grand finale.    They gave me a prescription for Xanax to take.   Only 4 pills.   Take 1 an hour before the procedure and bring the bottle incase I need more…..hahaha…..Ill be in Happy Land…..I’m liking that…..Never been their before….Now I can see what its like to be a Druggie ….haha….Tammy is going to take me, cause obviously I can’t drive myself.  lol.   This I’m sure is going to be quite an experience for me.   Rich said I have to learn a whole new way of eating.    Wonder if this will help me shed a few pounds?    Some how I think NOT.   Nothing helps this body.   Too Late.   ……….Until Later………


3 thoughts on “Its Official……Dec. 1……Texas Sunshine….

  1. I’m so happy for you and Rich. I love reading your blog. Can’t wait for Chris to retire. I’m miss are talks. Are you all selling your home? Your certain look nice. Have fun with your all retirement. I will be watching for more blogs. Love ya Margaret.


  2. Here is the snowbird theme song by Billy Grammer:
    Gotta Travel On
    I’ve laid around and played around
    This old town too long
    Summer’s almost gone
    Yes, winter’s comin’ on
    I’ve laid around and played around
    This old town too long
    And I feel like I gotta travel on

    Just skip the adv.

    If you play it, it will rattle around in your mind until you leave.


  3. Hahahahaha……DAve, I love it….Yes I will be singing it….It will be Rattling around in my mind from now on….till were gone…..haha….Play it for Rich tomorrow nite…Hes in bed already….Thanks….


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