The Story of the Forgotten LaSalle Mission Cemetary……next to my Dentist……

Today is a gloomy day.   It started with the pitter patter of rain drops on the skylights in the kitchen.  Fall is coming and the leaves are falling.   The temperature is dropping and now it is jacket weather some days.   Unfortunately, the furnace came on last weekend.   Just no break in paying out to good ole Ameron.   But on the bright side, we are heading for a camping weekend tonight, or maybe in the morning.   Rich comes home from work tonight and we will see how he feels.


When we first bought the Motor Home, we also joined the National Club, FMCA.   (Family Motor Coach Association).   They have many clubs throughout the U.S.   The local club not to far from us invited us to join.   They have monthly get togethers and camp for the weekend.   We joined and found it to be so much fun.   They are the greatest group of people.   Fun loving and young at heart.  This weekend is the last campout of the year.   Lots of things planned and of course…..Always Great Food…..I will surely take lots of pics and share next week after were back home.


Only 6 more days to D-Day…..Teeth Extraction…..Next Wed.    Please all think good thoughts for me……LOL…I admit….I AM CHICKEN…..But they did give me prescription for some good meds…..So hope all is well.   And that brings me to the subject of this blog……LASALLE MISSION CEMETARY….


Carefully excavating the grave sites.

When I first went to the dentist I knew of the history next door.  This whole block was originally just trees weeds grass, just basically deserted.  It had been used a pasture for the last 100 years.   A Veterinary bought the corner lot to construct a new state of the art animal clinic.   Much to his surprise, he found out after he bought it, their was a cemetery on his land.   This Cemetery is the Lasalle Mission Cemetery located at the corner of 24th and Chartres St. in LaSalle Illinois.  Originally dedicated in 1840 by the Catholic La Salle Mission church, was in use until roughly 1857.  Many of these people had died of cholera.   According to state law he had to strip all the top soil and investigate each grave shaft.   If he would build on the property, all remains would have to be relocated to another site.   This was done over the course of a year, with the help of one and then two archeologists.   Much help was given by the community.   Many volunteers came and helped.

Eventually all remains were bagged and later buried.   The roughly 1,130 remains from over 900 grave shafts were re-interred in St. Vincent Cemetery, La Salle.
“Everything we got, artifacts and all, were in individual bags and they’re in the ground,” said funeral director John Hurst, who has been involved with the relocation process.
The remains were divided among ten vaults laid side-by-side near the southern edge of the cemetery property along North 2979th Road. The lots were provided by St. Vincent Cemetery Association.


The angel overlooking the Cemetary


Bishop Jenky from Peoria Diocese

Lasalle Mission Cemetary

The new Monument


Julie Pinn laying flowers


The simple stone to mark the spot until the new memorial stone was added later

Roughly ten months after human remains were found at the site of the former La Salle Mission cemetery, those early residents were blessed in their new grave site at St. Vincent’s Cemetery.  Bishop Jenky from the Peoria Diocese  and 2 local priests, came and performed the Rite of Committal with Final Commendation before a group of nearly 40 people for the re-interment .

A new Monument made from a granite slab was placed later at the burial site.  I weighs approximately 2,500 lbs.    The monument in the La Salle cemetery along St. Vincent’s Avenue is inscribed:
“The memorial marks the site where the remains of Irish and German immigrants and pioneers were relocated from the La Salle Mission Cemetery. The La Salle Mission Cemetery, located approximately one mile to the south and west of this memorial, was in use between 1840 and 1857. Many of those buried here died of cholera. The re-interment took place on April 28, 2012.”

This was such an interesting story.  I included several sites that you could do some research.   The Ancare Veterinary Clinic did build their new office.   Next to them is an empty lot and then next to the lot is where my dentist built his new office.   One of my questions to my dentists was,  Are you sure you got all the remains?   I don’t want one of the spirits coming and guiding your hands while I’m getting these teeth pulled.   lol.   Well his answer was, their wasn’t any grave sites on his property.   But he did find old fence posts.   He laughed of course, and my other response was, those poor pets that are boarded on the Vets office.   The People go home at night and leave the pets all alone…..spooky…..My dentists said that the spirits just come up and play with them at night and keep them company….lol….He has a great sense of humor….Well, long story short……Turns out that their wasn’t any openings soon for the extraction, so I have to go to Princeton to his other office next Wed.    so …………..GUESS I’M SAFE FROM THE SPIRITS……..



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