Hip Hip Hooray……….Its Official…Rich and I Will Both Be Retired my Oct. 31


excitment1 - Copy - Copy


As excited as I am about retiring, I will inform you of my progress with the new teeth….and insurance problem.   I am looking better, still with bruising but its going away.   Even went to work Tue. and Wed and showed my self to the public.   Had a lot of second lookers.   Some asked—-some didn’t.   Haha….Bet I know what they were thinking.   Did the “Ole Man Beat Her Up?”.   Always good to keep the pot stirred at work.   Everyone needs gossip to help their day go by.  lol.

I went back to the dentist last Monday and had a check up.   All is well, although they were also surprised by the bruising.   Everything had went well during the extractions, no excessive bleeding.  They said it happens in about 15% of the cases.  Oh well, that’s me.   Went up to HR to see about insurance, and that is all cleared up also.   My insurance is back on and they will file it all with Blue Cross and I will be reimbursed.   Seems that when you go to part time, you have a special code.  But that code is the same as a new hire person who just came in the door.   The Obama Affordable Care Act says anyone who has worked for a specific amount of time, fulltime and then goes part time is able to keep their insurance at the same rate.   But they need to put a safety step in their so your in a different category than the new hire person.   That is the people in Home Office that make the big money.  They know it all, Right?….lol… Well, as long as I get my money back.

Now for NEW BUSINESS……………excitment3

When I was up visiting HR, finally gave my notice to terminate.   My official last day is………..,, “”OCTOBER 29″”…………..My first SSI check was deposited Wed.  So that is in order.   I am now filing for my little Pension.  Last week Rich filed for his SSI.   On Monday we went to the Social Security Office and fine tuned his claim.  Medicare is also been filed for.  His last day will also be the end of Oct.  We will ……..FREE of the ALARM CLOCK…..YEAAAHHHH……Officially…RETIRED…. excitment2


I have been working for Advantage Logistics for going on 17 years.  I’ve made so many good friends.  I will certainly miss them and wish them all well in their years at Advantage.  I do hope many of them read this blog and keep in contact with us.   I know many of them will.   It seems like no matter where you work their is always a group that you never lose contact with.  They are the special friends..  You guys know who you are.  I worked at Plano Molding in the 90s.  I still have my special friends from their.  No Matter how long your apart, the special bond is still their.  All these wonderful people are throwing me a small going away party next week.  Exciting——But also Sad….

Now for the future……And Now Let The Fun Begin…………..



Harlingen Texas,  Our Home for the Winter


We will be at Eastgate Rv Park by Dec. 1……I will be working in the office for 11 hours a week.  Rich will work in Maintenance also for 11 hours a week.  For this we get free Rv lot , Electric. and TV.   and possibly WiFi.  Now this is living.


Office where l will be working


Swimming Pool, 1 of 2 Hot Tubs

Mexico is about 20 miles, and the Gulf at Corpus Christi and Brownsville is not far either.


Just imagine……………This is Winter For Us………….Does anyone  Need a Snow Shovel????          We have several to give away…..lololol


8 thoughts on “Hip Hip Hooray……….Its Official…Rich and I Will Both Be Retired my Oct. 31

  1. We are so happy for you. You will have a great time. Let us know when you go to Mexico and we will give you an order for meds.


  2. Hahah….Oh Roberta…..Shhhhh….don’t tell anybody were running a drug business…..Ill let ya know…..Send me your list…..lol…


  3. Ok Tina, will put your little camper in the bottom basement….Ill have Rich cut ya a hole so you can come up and potty and shower….You will have heat and air….hahahaha…..but no windows…..Can my cat come down and visit you…lol


  4. Snow Shovel …. before Cenois had a toy gift exchange that is then given to toy for tots … we had a white elephant gift exchange. I took a snow shovel and put instructions on it. The instructions were : Mount on front of motorhome and drive south until someone says “What is that?” and then drove another 200 miles and stay for the winter.

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