Friendships From the Past…Rekindle Them Before Its To Late…….Memories

From the time we are born we are making memories.   Our first friends are family and cousins.   Then we go to school and make new friends and more memories.  Eventually your world enlarges and you start High School, begin dating,  start driving and find many more friends.   During all this time you share moments with friends.  Some times good—sometimes bad—-sometimes just hilarious.   But these are all memories that we share with our friends.  Eventually we graduate and life goes on to the next chapter in life.   We get married, go to college, or go away for a new wonderful job.  We have children and all of a sudden we are involved with the rat race of life.   Our friends are forgotten in the past because we are so involved with the present.   Life is eternal at that point.   Their is always tomorrow.44882aa8402935d98db9e3edc053c957


Well a few years back, in fact quite a few years ago,  one of my old school friends looked me up.   We shared some fun times in high school, and because of Lori I met Rich.   We enjoyed the next 2 years getting together, reminiscing and just enjoying some good times together again.  Then she developed Cancer in Oct and passed away before the New Year.   It was so fast.   Rich and I were so glad we had the several years to enjoy our friendship with Lori and her husband.   She left this earth way to young.   Another chapter in life had come—-and gone—-several years after that Facebook has now come along.    It took me awhile to sign on……..I started looking for classmates from school.  I found a few and have been enjoying some long distance friendships on fb.  It has been great to reconnect.  Were all grown up now.   So good to reach out and share our life experiences.  Their is that special bond that we all shared in school.  Memories that only we can share together.  All of a time—-a place—-No matter if we shared it together, we all lived in the same time, the same era, and the same town of yester-year…

I was looking for one girl in particular, Diana.   We went to high school together.   A small group of us would always go to her house at noon from school.   She lived only several blocks away.   Her mom always made us feel so welcome.  Diana’s dad, Ivan always stopped at this little place in town called the Cheese House.  He would buy cold cuts and cheese and bring them home.   We would eat all their food, lol, and head back to school.   At Christmas I received a present from Ivan.   I was dumfounded.   “”ME””…..Ivan knew I loved Chocolate Covered Cherries.   He took a box and wrapped each one and stuffed them down an empty wrapping paper tube.   It was so funny.   Ivan did that for at least 3 years.  Now this was a gesture I have never forgotten.  Its just these little things that one never forget that seems to mean so much.  Such great memories at their house.   Well I found Diana’s FB account, but unfortunately, she had just passed away from Cancer also.  I found out she had just been back in town to visit her dad when I started thinking about her.  I felt so sad.  So close to finding her and I was never able to see her after the first several years out of high school.   She and her husband had moved to Texas and raised her 3 girls.   I turns out, that she had stayed in town for the first 10 years after Graduation.   I only lived 20 minutes from her.   We were so wrapped up in our lives, we never thought to keep up our friendship.  I friended her oldest daughter and sent her some pics and things.  We have kept up a friendship because of her mom.   Well Friday was a great daythCA16KK0C


Two of Diana’s daughters, Tammy and Kathy, had come to see their Grandpa Ivan.  He has been very sick and not doing so good.   I decided to go and meet them.   I have been going through things and found my wallet pic of Diana.   Her graduation pic.   Also a black and white pic of our graduating class and a Centennial Edition of the School yearbook.  It contained all the graduation classes since the school district was formed to when it was consolidated.   These are things that I don’t need anymore.  I decided those were things the girls would enjoy.  So I went to see them and Ivan and his wife Vivian.   It was so nice reminiscing about old times with Ivan.   I finally met Vivian and most of all I was able to meet the girls.  It was almost like the circle was finally complete.  The void was finally filled.  They are such wonderful girls.  Diana would be so proud of them.

Dianas daughters, Tammy, Kathy and Ivan

Ivan is in his late 80s now.  He is not doing that well, but it was a great visit.  His memory is still sharp.  His wife Vivian is a wonderful lady.  I have been friends with her on fb but this was the first time I met her.   They are so in love.   Her live revolves around taking care of Ivan.  Her love is such an inspiration.  As I was talking with the girls, I kept having flash backs of talking to Diana.  Their is some of their momma in both of them.   Beautiful girls, on the outside and especially on the inside.  What a blast from the past.

It was time to leave them, I decided , their was one more person in town to look up.   Now the town I was in, is only 30 minutes from me, but I never go their.  So I went to Karens house.   I worked with Karen, when I was just out of high school at a garment factory.  Karen also started working their just out of high school as her mother worked their too.   Well Karens mom was home and came to the door. Nellie is in her 90s.   Amazing….  She looked fabulous…..Her memory is just like yesterday.  Sharp as can be.  We had a lovely visit.   Karen was out walking.    Finally I left and found her walking the street.   She was so supprised.   We talked for about a half hour and have vowed to get together next spring when we are back.   In the mean time, we have friended each other on fb.  What a great day it was.we-need-old-friends-to-help-us-grow-old-and-new-friends-to-help-us-saty-young-friendship-quote

Life seems to just consume our days.   We are always worrying about tomorrow.  We never take the time to see today.  One needs to slow down.   Think about our friends from the past and the present also.  As we get older, It seems that I think about the past, and wonder what has happened to some of the people that has touched my life.  Where are they now.  Facebook has made it so easy to find and reconnect with old friends.   If you can today—-Take that time today——Look up someone from the past.   Do it before its to late.  If they leave this earth before you do, you may be the only one to replay those memories.   Wouldn’t it be GRAND to be able to visit and talk about old times with them?…..Its such a Great feeling to rekindle those feelings of youth.

Do It today…………..Before its to late……….Add another chapter to your book of life…….




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