Happy Thanksgiving….Another Fun Day…..

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving a filled the tummies full of food.  We did, AGAIN…..It seems like that’s all we do is eat.  We got up at our lovely Nacogdoches Campground,  Forest Country.   Approved by Good Sam….lol…I decided to take a few pictures and share with you what a #7 rank Good Sam Club approved Campground looks like…..10805372_10202984412598958_1360719753_n


Now this is the office…….Little Christmas lights were hanging on the porch last nite all light up….So Festive.   When you walk in, One of those Old huge overstuffed couches that take up the entire wall with a sloppy cover on it, was on the left wall.  Ya know one of those that had been at your grandmothers house a 100 years ago, and never got moved.


Now this picture is of the modern State of the Art co-ed shower room.  Notice the men/women sign on the door.  Also it was the home of the free Wi Fi…..See the antenna on the top of the peak….The wi fi was in the shower room, above the sink.  Now when you open the door the shower curtain was strung across the inside of the door.  So I assume, if you still wanted fresh air you could leave the door open and still have privacy.  Now it was a little chilly, so they provided us with one of those cheap electric heaters.  It was sitting next to the shower on top of the cardboard box it came in.  Not really fire code now is it….lol……But I guess it wasn’t sitting on the floor in the water, now was it.  There were 3 showers on the left and 3 pottys on the right….and 1 sink in the middle.  Notes all over about how to take care of the place….The handle on the paper towel dispenser was broken and they weren’t going to replace it cause nobody takes care of it.   No Smoking in the shower cause if it continues, she will come and tell you…lol…The floor hadn’t been swept in weeks….but it was a shower and Free Wi Fi….and for only $22 cause that’s all I had and she didn’t have change for $30….



So Rich and I took a shower at the same time cause I didn’t want to be alone it their.   This is a picture of the State of the Art lock system on the inside of the door.   It was an cheap lock that had broken.   Wire was attached to one side, and some hooks were on the chain.  So I adjusted the hooks to clip on the wire….lol….I felt so much safer when that was done.10822588_10202984416119046_344281691_n


So here is a pic of the shower house, with the office in the background….the Good Sam Flag is flying proudly with a hole in it.  Notice it even had a phone booth outside.  Wow, How nice…..So Now we all know what a GOOD SAM CLUB approved Campground looks like….Can’t wait to see the next one…

We finally got on the road all nice and clean….and safe and still alive…lol….headed down the road to Houston…..The traffic was horrible, but Rich is a good driver so we did fine.  Then we decided to go to New Braunfells which is just a little out of the way, not much.  Our niece and her family live their.  Misty is Richs’ brother Johns, daughter….Misty and Mark have 3 kids and moved down to New Braunfells with Caterpillar.  They have been their for 3 years.   So we arrived around 5.  They came and visited awhile,  (Walmart Parking lot) and then we decided to stay overnite and go out to eat with them on Thanksgiving.  So next morning we went to their house and showered and all went to Golden Corral…..OMG….LOOK AT THE LINE….



I was thinking …….2 hours and 45 min????…..But no…we moved right along.



After about 30 to 45 minutes, we had a table….not bad at all….So much food….We all had a good time and ate till our tummies were so so full….The girls LOVED the Strawberries covered in Chocolate.   After that They took us for a ride up to Canyon Lake and the Guadalupe River….

So Pretty ….The temperature was around 70 and the water and sky was so so blue…..Gorgeous.  I didn’t get any pics of the Guadalupe River, but it is an awesome river.  It is winding and full of trees and hills so pretty and clear water.  It is known for the tubing in the summer and now they are Fly fishing ….So finally after a full day we went on down the road again.  Now we are at Choke Canyon Barbuque and Gas station.  Were parked for the nite.   Tomorrow will only be driving around 2 to 3 hours and we will finally pull into EAST GATE RV RESORT……



Just 2 more Pics……one is a Picture of us at the campground….and the other is Mark and Mistys House…..Tomorrow another day….


3 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving….Another Fun Day…..

  1. $22 that is a bargain.. this will be what your memory will remember most and give you a great laugh.. been in some pretty dodgy hotels remember one Sth Australia my god the mosquitos were as big as dragon flies but I still remember that place.


  2. OMG, Martha! What an unbelievable place! I’ve only been in one that even approached this one, and I never want to return. At least it didn’t have unisex showers! Another one had a big frosted glass window in the door of its single bathroom. Shower at night? Nononono!


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