Where Finally Here………Harlingen Texas………Sunshine and warm


I have decided I need to start dating these blogs.  Now that we are retired, I am losing track of the days.  We have no routine right now.   Nothing bad about that…All is good.

palm trees - Copy


Well yesterday we got on the road from Choke Canyon and headed on down Interstate 37.  We passed Corpus Cristi and arrived at Eastgate around 2 pm.  Debbie the manager had called us earlier in the week and had changed our lot #.  She wanted to know our ETA and that she had company and we wouldn’t be starting anything till Monday earliest.  So we have several days to get settled.   We found our lot and backed in.  Then we found our water hose and sewer hose were to short.  So off to Walmart we went.   OMG.   Forgot it was BLACK FRIDAY.   Horrible.   Finally got out of their, came back to the campground.  We got the electric and sewer hooked up but having trouble with the water.   It was winterized and had to drain it all.   Can’t seen to find all the shutoffs to get the water flowing again.  Oh well wait till tomorrow….No Rush….Their is Wi Fi and Dish all through the park but have to find out passwords and things to use it.   I’m on my hotspot for now.  Today will be a laundry day.  Lots of laundry to catch up on……We even took a load of dirty clothes from home cause we didn’t have time to do it all.   My washer at home was on the verge of dying and the drier did, so we were in a sad state of affairs.  Also today and tomorrow will have to vacuum and straighten out this RV.  At the last minute we just threw stuff in.   Hahaha….Ran out of room and I new at that time I had put some stuff in wrong places……We got the big TV hooked up last nite.   We brought it from home, but I think we forgot the Remote….OH What a Pain….I just hope we run across it somewhere, but I think not……

So the next 2 days will be busy, trying to get everything set for living….lol…We met the people across from us, and several others.  The weather is beautiful.   It was so hot going to Walmart yesterday, I wanted my shorts on.  When the sun went down it cooled off fast.  So we will see what today brings……Hopefully Water hook ups…..lol

palm trees 2 - Copy


PS….Kitty is doing wonderful….He is happy and is back to normal…..He has learned to sleep with the RV running down the road.  Life is Good for Him…….Altough I lost him again last nite……..I heard a distant……… MEOW……MEOW…..I got up and found him locked in the bathroom….Now how does one not see him in a 3 ft. square room when you shut the door….lol…Poor Kitty…..He has a lot to learn……..So this morning he ate and ate and played and pottyed and soon he will be ready for his day nap….ANOTHER 10 hours….lol…



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