Christmas Golf Cart Parade at the RV Park….And Of Course Santa Too….lol…

Another week half over.  Deb and Ricks kids and grandkids have come down from the north for a week, so I have been spending a lot of time in the office myself.  Getting the hang of daily routine and learning the campground program on the computer alittle more.  Rich has most of the repairs done in the trailers that people have rented after Christmas.  By the first week of January, most of the people should be here.   We have a pretty full park.  Their are over 300 sites.   More Mobile homes the RV sites.  Some Mobile homes are rentals but most are owned by residents.  This year the owner ran a special and we are about 98 percent full.  Its really nice having a full park.  Its like our own little town.  So tonight, (Wed.) was the Golf cart Christmas parade.

The reindeer pulled Santa in the Golf Cart.   The reindeer were our ladys with antlers and had reins that helped pull Santas Sleigh.  Rudolph had a blinking nose.    I rode with one of the other ladies Bev.    They stopped at a number of trailers and sang Carols.   It took almost an hour to cover the park.   It was so cool cause many people were sitting outside in front of their trailers and some of the carts threw candy.  It was so FESTIVE.


This first picture is Bev.  I rode in her golf cart with her and her bear Beau.  lol…She is a workamper also.  She is in housecleaning.   She is a Sweetheart, so nice.  The second pic is of some of the people who the carolers sang to.  After the parade we had Ice Cream.  Everyone brings their own bowl and you can have as much as you want….Oh gees, Not the best thing to eat at nite…….

As we walk around the campground, we are finding many more neat plants and flowers.  The first is a cactus growing in the gutters….Christmas lights are strung around it….What a conversation piece, at least with us northerns.  The second is a Bougainvillea.  It is growing wild all over down here and thriving like a weed.  I bought one once and killed it….lol….If any one at home was at Peru Green house or looked in while passing, you would have seen the huge pink flowering plant growing to the ceiling.  That is what it was a Bougainvillea.  They would take starts off the mother plant and sell them.  Only grown in the north as a house plant.

We also found 2 Banana Plants on the other side of Cici and Larrys Camper.  I couldn’t believe how long they were.  I bet they are 4 to 5 feet long.  The bloom on the bottom is so interesting.  I will be watching and taking more photos of them as they ripen and grow.



I don’t know what this is, but has a bunch of fruit growing at the base of the  upper trunk of the tree


Also the end of this blog, I am adding 2 pic.   My Cat of course with his Christmas attire……and a puppy who rode in the parade in his Christmas hat.  Everyone is a pet lover.








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