Busy Busy…..Fun Around the Park….lol…


This is my view of Albatross Lane, looking down the street.  Maybe not really that pretty of a sight, but sure different than a normal Street in town.  But all these Rvs, are from different parts of the Mid West and Canada.  All have come down here to escape the cold and snow.  You would be amazed at how many Canadian neighbors we have.  Everyone is so SO FRIENDLY…..As soon as a new RV pulls in, they are welcomed to the neighborhood.  Our time here is almost half over.  In another month, the RVs will be begin to pull out and head north back to their summer home.  By April this area in the picture will be nothing but empty, barren 18×40 concrete pads.  Albatross Lane will be empty once again.  We have 7 streets just like this for just the seasonal Rvers….Each street contains 20 to 24 campers.   Then all the park units and mobile homes….Some of them are permanent and some also seasonal.


This is my view looking out my living room window to my neighbors.  lol  ..We all have a nice concrete patio area, and some grass also.  Right by my window is my shepherd hook.  Some of you will recognize my wind chimes from my front porch.  lol   Just had to take them with us.  And of course the silverware wind chimes also.  We made sure the whole neighborhood liked them as sometimes things do offend other people.  Sure didn’t want that.  lol  So now we can still hear the beautiful deep sound of the wind chimes as we watch tv and as we go to sleep at nite.  So so soothing …wp-15856205814068742714106395875801.jpg

The Craft classes started several weeks ago.  My neighbor LauriBeth is the head of it.  We all decided to do my mosaic bricks first, so that has been the project for the last 2 weeks. We glue glass gems and glass pieces onto bricks and then grout and seal them.  They can be used in the garden for decoration, or inside as doorstops or even bookends.  Some of the girls were so excited, they went and bought some of their own gems.  Others used my supplies.wp-15856206520258043429025447020691.jpg

One of the last things I did, as we left last November was, pack my craft tote.  I only allotted myself one tote because of space and weight issues.  I put in it a variety of gems and stained glass and some grout and mortar for the bricks.   I left so much behind that I could have brought.  lol…but the things I forgot?….silly me….The glass cutting and breaking tools.   So Rich and I had to go to Hobby Lobby and Home Depot and buy them AGAIN…..Oh Well….Now I will have 2 sets.wp-15856207707482962906994976376265.jpg

This was the first time I have ever taught a class for this project.   So of course I have been a little nervous, but it is going well.  All the lady’s have been excited.  It is something different.  They said in the past they were always making potato beads?   What?  What are Potato beads?…..lol…You cut up a potato into small pieces, and put a toothpick in each piece.  Keep turning it as it dries, which takes several days or maybe a week.  It dries up into a little black shriveled ball.   Paint them as beads and string for a necklace or bracelet.  They brought some for us newbies to see.   They were really quite attractive….lol…wp-15856208031437852632743144090524.jpg

It was fun watching everyone come up with new ideas for designing.  Everyone made them their own.  So creative.  The last class was the grouting.   We took 2 tables outside and Rich brought over our extra hose so we had access to water outside.  The mixing and applying of the grout is very messy, so everyone wore old clothes and wore plastic gloves.   Now next week we will simple do a final clean up and spray with a sealer……I will make sure I take pictures and share them later.  We ended up with around 14 ladies.  Quite a large class.  But we all are having a great time.

In the North hall we have 4 pool tables.  The men play every morning.  The women play everyday at 4.   And I mean everyday, even Sunday.   I have been playing also, but lately I have been so busy, that I haven’t been their as much.wp-15856208431193296974841469793206.jpg

But what a great bunch of ladies…Nothing but constant…… laughter……Good Times.  Some of the really talented ladies help the rest of us with tips on how to shoot.   Haha


This is LauriBeths’ kitty. ” Shotsy”…..lol….Isn’t he beautiful.   He is a 19 year old Angora.  He sleeps on the dash during the day.  We tried to see if Shotsy and Kitty would make friends, but they really weren’t interested in each other.  lol.  Shotsy looks out the window and Kitty looks out our window, but they really aren’t concerned with each other….lolwp-15856209014393067206281299270919.jpg

Here is Kitty, enjoying the Sun on the step.  He is still scared to come out, but is getting more curious all the time.  Maybe eventually will he learn to walk on a leash?…..NO DON”T THINK SO….



One thought on “Busy Busy…..Fun Around the Park….lol…

  1. Looks great out there yes our time is almost up to 6 more weeks and we are north again it towards that time I,am ready 4 months is nice greatings to all Carol and Ted in Indio Cal


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