Mario……..Winter Texan Tour….Straight From Branson…

Mario was FINALLY HERE………Another GRAND NITE at the South Hall

….I have been so excited since last January or February to know Mario was coming to East Gate…Back in June of 13, some of you will remember we took a family motor home trip to Branson.  We  had all the family together for a weeks vacation.


What a trip it was, especially with 2 kids in diapers…What do you give 2 babys when they are crabby…CRACKERS AND SNACKS….hahaha…Well you know the messes they made and the crying,  but what a good time we all had anyway.  We took the Motor Home down to Branson with 10 of us in it.  We put a lawn chair in between the driver and passenger seat for Cameron who was 15 at the time.  How illegal we were.  We rented a 2 bedroom suite for the kids and a 1 bedroom with sofa sleeper for us, Scott and Brandy.  That way the kids were all together.  lol.  One nite Rich, Ed, Scott and Brandy, went to the bar.  They met an entertainer who turned out to be Mario.  He invited us to go see him at Jackie B. Goode’s Uptown Café the next day before we left.wp-15856188552118368643865168946158.jpg

My Granddaughter’s Cassidy, Miley and Carly in front of Uptown Café in Branson.

So we did.  We seen Jackson Haney first.   He was a former lead singer and Guitarist of Bill Haley and the CometsRemember Rock Around The Clock?    He was Awesome and so good to the kids..

He let Cassidy and Miley come up on stage and I took their pictures, holding his guitar.  Such a nice man.  He was suppose to come on the Winter Texan tour also, but canceled as his mom is not well.  He needed to spend time with her.   After Jackson,  Mario came on stage.  We were very impressed with his singing. He had such a deep voice, and sang some GREAT Music.   That was the last thing we did, packed the kids back in the Motor Home and headed down the road home, with all the Bergen Family towing the enclosed trailer …inside was 2 Harleys …lol…


Here is the link to his website.  Mario’s music is featured on this site for you to play and enjoy.

After we returned home, I friended both of them on FB.  Last January, as I was wishing so bad to be down here in Texas in the warmth, I seen on Mario’s site that he was making preparations the his 2015 WinterTexan Tour.wp-15856189915105150053888220191618.jpg


I commented to him we would be down in East Gate.   He told me that he would be in East Gate on January 23 ….Now ….Wow….I thought, sure hope our dream comes true and we can will be in Texas for the winter.  My altimate dream was that we would be Workampers…….. IT SURE DID HAPPEN…..We made it….We arrived Dec 1….As Workampers Too…..   So for the last several weeks I have been trying to get people to come see him.  I knew they wouldn’t be disappointed.  I posted on East Gate FB several times about his performance.  So tonite finally came.  Doors open and 6pm and I wanted to get the front row seat.  We got their by 5:50 to get in line.   Guess What……..We were the first ones their.   Mario wasn’t even their yet…………  We even beat him.   Finally he arrived and starting setting up.  That was fun to watch also.  Our friends Cici and Larry came and sat front row with us.  All in all, a very nice crowd came.  AND THE SHOW BEGAN….wp-15856190355627203332946921669265.jpg

He had his own spot lite that followed him around as he worked the crowd.  He sang a nice range of songs, including In The Ghetto, by Elvis Presley,  A lot of George Strait songs,  Johnny Lee, You Don’t Know Me, also sang by Mickey Gilley, and also a Neil Diamond Song.  He did some great Rodney Dangerfield impersonation’s and jokes.wp-15856190602304673128340708079248.jpg

He gave a small bio of his life. Mario grew up in California, and was one of 11 children.  He has done a lot of voice overs on Tv and arrived in Branson 3 1/2 years ago.  Singing is his passion.  He also did a wonderful heartwarming story about his mother, who past away 17 years ago, in California.   The story was very heartwarming and brought tears to his eyes and I’m sure to others.

And of course POOR LINDA…..Who is she?…..I sure don’t know either.  Don’t even know if she was from our park.   Mario kept going to her and singing to her.  He even sat next to her and another time knelt on the floor in front of her.   Poor Linda was so SO Embarrassed…….lol….so funny …as soon as he headed down the aisle.  You knew he would stop at Linda.   Linda wouldn’t even look at him anymore….haha

Mario voice was giving him problems as he was loosing it, but he managed to give us a FANTASTIC SHOW……The crowd was clapping away, …..we Sang with him……….And OH HOW WE ALL LAUGHED……Another GREAT SHOW AT EASTGATE….And as we know, All things must come to an end.  At Half time, I went up and talked with Mario, and Cici tried to take my picture, but she was shaking and the pictures were not good.  So Mario took a selfie of Me and him and Emailed it to me.wp-15856191788427262248849296601973.jpg


Now that the show was over, I made her go stand by Mario and I took Their picture….wp-15856192035727099579240525818722.jpg


OMG…She was so SOOOoooo Embarassed…..She kept wanting to walk away, but I blocker her Escape….lol….She didn’t get away.  …..hahahaah…..I Gotcha Cici……hahahaha

I Also took some pics of Mario and Rich shaking hands and his memorabilia that he was selling.

He was also selling tickets to his show in South Padre Island on Feb 11.   It will be a Dinner Show at the Schlitterbahn .   So we bought tickets for his show.  Can’t wait for that one to arrive.  Dinner at 6 and a 2 hour show starting at 7…….


So another great nite…..After we were done talking with Mario, we looked around and the tables were already to go for Breakfast……Wow….The team sure works fast….

So out the door we went, another beautiful nite, just a little chilly but warming up tomorrow with sunshine………

and don’t forget…………..BREAKFAST AT THE HALL……8:00 sharp….

Pancakes, sausage, bacon, scrambled eggs, biscuits and gravy, orange juice and Coffee…..$3.50….

Don’t be late…lol….

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