Winters Almost Over…….Couple More Weeks and Time to Pack Up….

Can’t believe that winter is almost over. Its almost April 1. That means we’ve been away from the family for over 4 months.  Its gone by so fast.  We have done so much down here.  Never hardly a dull moment.  We have so many stories to tell.  lol.  Many stories that we can NOT tell on this blog.  hahaha….yes….all the gossip of the campground.   We’ve been like one big family.  Many many good times.   And of course the little family bickering.  lol.  But everyone is departing Friends.  The beauty is that the ones, who are don’t fit in as well, will move on to a different park, next year.   The happy family members will come back next fall and all the newbies will come, and it will start over again.  lol.  We will be back next year as Workampers.

This experience has been tremendously a wonderful one.  I was talking with Rich the other day, and we both realized that it is almost impossible to explain what retirement has been like down here.  It is another totally different way of life.  So different than the everyday hustle and bustle of the working slob.   lol.  Sorry about that description.  But that was how I use to feel, and I’m sure many people still feel that way.  You are a working slob devoted to putting all your money into supporting your house and car and everyday life.  Let me tell you, There is Wonderful Better Life in Retirement.  We have had an Awesome Wonderful Winter down here in Southern Texas.  It is the vacation that is never ending.  If you think you can’t ever afford it, you can.  Living is cheap down here, and anyone should be able to figure out how to make it work financially.  Don’t ever say never.wp-15856990289946851281321208655763.jpg

We have been living at A10 on Albatross Lane.  lol.  But soon we will pack all this up and leave.  We have added a sun screen while we were here.  If you notice we have a maroon colored one and the top is a dark brown.  lol.  Well, I ordered it to short.  The top piece is inserted into the roller bar and stays. Then the bottom is zipped on.   I assumed the top piece was going to be a 2 foot section….NOT….I ordered a 6 foot awning to zip into it.  Well the zipper piece was about 4 inches long.  THEN I reread the ordering directions.  Didn’t want to send back to California, so we went to the local flea market.  Don-Wes, and ordered the 2 foot section.  No Maroon so we went with the dark brown.  Now the zipper part stays on and you just zip off the bottom and roll the top part away with the awning …so easy…Now of course we have our colorful blue mat from before, and just look at those window shades….lol…What an eyesore….I call them ….Baby Shit…..Rich found out something really cool to do.  Look at the door and side window shades….They are gray matching the coach.   Well did you know you can spray paint them?….haha…Yes.   Lay them down on the ground and spray them…..So 3 or 4 cans more of Rustoleum Gray and we will have matching front window shades……. a savings of over $300.

Spring has sprung.  All the trees and flowers are starting to bloom.  I took a tour on my bicycle the other day taking pictures.  This is Bougainvillea.  Up north it is grown just as a house plant and very sensitive.  Down here it is everywhere.  It grows wildly and is so beautiful right now.  It seems like everyone has at least one bush in their yard.  Its just full of clusters and clusters of flowers.

Now this is called an Orchid Tree……It just full of beautiful lavender blooms….

This is the neighbors Banana Tree.  The Bloom on the bottom and the clump of bananas haven’t seem to change in 4 months….lol..

This bush, I have know idea what it is…It is really a cool bush.  The flowers are the daintiest little trumpet shape.  Their about an inch long.  The foliage also is narrow and long….Their is several in the park and one at Dairy Queen.

This is called a Bottle Brush Tree….The blooms are so beautiful.  I think we might have them back home.  It is a pretty tall tree but I hear it is bad for allergy’s.wp-15856993368256834721759474762254.jpg

The close of if this one is amazing..  It is so delicate.  If you brush against it the little petals cling to your clothes.

This was a bush that someone had in their yard.  So many beautiful flowers and plants.  It has been raining so much, the grass and plants are so green.  The roads in the park were refinished several years ago, but unfortunately, they weren’t constructed with drainage in mind.  When it rains the rain just sits in big pools on the surface.  Now they are developing pot holes all over and breaking up.  This mass exodus of the Winter Texans and the big motor homes are sure not helping.   The owner from Arizona will be coming later this month or next.  I’m sure he will be checking it out and making some decisions on repairs.   The weather is changing down here in the winter and not for the better.  Everyone says the last 3 years have been getting worse.  So weather times are changing.  Even up north.  More and more snow and cold weather……………….

Two more of our Illinois friends leaving this morning.  Many more are leaving this weekend and slowly heading north…..So many empty pads now…..

So what can we expect next winter…………….Stay Tuned…………..



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