Happy Birthday Scott……Today is Your Special Day……

Lol…It seems like I keep saying that doesn’t it…Today is your special day….lol…Yes, all 3 kids Birthdays are so close together.  Accident? ….That’s what I say.  Scott is the last one…THE BABY…I was the baby also, and I use to just HATE that, when my parents called me the baby of the family.

Scott was born on a Saturday afternoon April 10 1982.  Just before I found out I was pregnant, we moved to a larger house across town.  We went from 2 bedrooms to 3.  Whew…at last, more room.  Then I found out we were pregnant.  I wasn’t working anymore after Tina was born, but I was doing some babysitting to bring in some money.  During the pregnancy, when I went to the doctor, I was approached by the nurse wondering if I would mind having a nursing student from the Jr. College nursing program follow me during all check ups, and witness the birth.   I said sure, I didn’t care.  So the next visit I was set up with the student.  Her name was Pat Tonioni from Standard.  At the time I didn’t know her, but it turns out that I know her granddaughter now.  Niki Tonioni is a Good friend of Tina’s and is Tina’s boss at the courthouse.   Small world.  Right.  Well she followed along at every visit until Easter weekend, which was late that year.  She wanted to head south to her family for the holidays.  She took the risk of going, hoping I would wait till after Easter.   Well, It just didn’t work that way.  Saturday morning, it was time.  On our way, we decided to ask our good friends, Bob and Carol Burke if their daughter, Pam, would like to come and watch….hahaha….corny aren’t we…..and so she did.   Pam was just a teenager in high school.   What better way to learn about the consequenses of birth control.  lol.  Along came Scott not long after 1 pm.  Fast as usual.  Finally a Boy.   7lb. 11 oz.  The biggest one yet…..So now we were finally done….I hoped…and we were….

Of course he was bald too.   He was more the rolly polly of the 3 while he was a baby.  He finally started growing hair around 2….


The girls had so much fun with him.  They would pick him up and pull him around.  I remember wondering when he would walk.  but why should he……They did everything for him…..As he grew older, he thinned out.  Scott turned out to be the skinny one of the 3…..lol….

Along came Kindergarten.  He was always such a ham.  He went to Florida with dad and bought the Hog Shirt and Hat.   He thought he was so …..COOL….


He played T Ball but wasn’t in to sports.  Not even in grade or High School.  As he grew, we found out that every electronic device he got his hands on, he would tear apart.  VCRs, TVs, Radios, you name it…It went to pieces.  Then he started in on bicycles.  He would find broken ones and take them apart and make some really weird bikes.  I remember one time he told me he was going to start a bike shop.  lol.

Finally he was old enough to mow grass.  Oh how he loved to drive the John Deere rider.


Finally he graduated and entered High School.


He went on a trip with his dad one summer to Sturgis on the Harley.  That set the precedent for the future.  His love of bikes.  When he got his liscense to drive, I can’t even list all his cars.   Always working on them, and still tearing them apart…..but not as bad….


He also decided he loved to snow ski.  He really became pretty good at it.  He went on many trips until just a few years ago.   He fell and must have gotten a concussion.  He lost several days he never remembered.  I don’t think he has been skiing since.


Scott finally Graduated from Putnam County High in 2001.  He has had some bad luck, some his fault some not.  But it has all made him a better man.  He has learned so much since graduation.  Scott lost his arm in an Industrial accident in 2004.  He has so excelled in life since.  He picked himself up and became a better man and has learned so much.  Nothing has defeated him.  He now has a small trucking company, Scottys Trucking…. But continues to try new things in life.  lol.

He tried Scottys Party Bus….lol…It was fun while it lasted….

Scott and his Girlfriend Brandy have been together for 4 or so years now.

He still loves his bikes….

11139405_1061656297181285_4217933680357327678_n 19797_1061656343847947_7034059052434707899_n

Now he’s off to something ……NEW…..One Pawz’s Pub………lol…Get the name…He has just bought the little bar in McNabb.  It was Kathy’s before.   So if your ever in McNabb Ill. Population 350, stop in One Paw’z Pub.   You won’t miss it.


But the one thing were most proud of is how he has rallied to help his sister Tammy to achieve her dream.  Words can’t explain what him and Brandy also,  has done for her.  Tina also, both were their by her side for the years it took for her to graduate.   And still they have their moments………..

But still they are close………How Lucky We Are As Parents……………


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