Time for Goodbyes and the Return Trip has Begun…….

We have been debating on when to leave.  It seems to keep storming.  The roads dry up and then another wave comes through.  It was suppose to rain all weekend until next Thursday.  We finally decided on Sunday to take off as it was cloudy but not raining.  I packed up the inside.  You have to take everything off the counters that will fall……. nothing left.  My clock has to come down, take the big TV off the dash, and lock up all the drawers and cabinets.  They will come open when you drive.  After awhile you learn what has to be secured.  Rich had to pack up everything outside.  The smoker, bikes, chairs, mat, and unhook the sewer, water hoses, and electric.  Even the cable….. lol….. Everything has a place.  Then the good byes.  We have gotten really close friends with our neighbors across the street on Albatross Lane.  Ken and Roberta, have the 2 birds.  They were tattoo artists in Missouri before retiring.  They have some beautiful tattoo work.

They have a little gazebo that is decorated so festive.  Its lined with netting, flowers and shells.  She wanted some flamingos, but couldn’t find any around.   Well a pair showed up mysteriously from New York….lol….and don’t they look at home….

I also made her a stepping stone.  I thought about it for quite awhile.  It had to be special for Roberta, as she is a very special lady.  She took care of Kitty last Christmas when we went to San Antonio.  She loves animals, birds, any form of nature.  She speaks to them…..And she really does read their mind.  They communicate.  She is an exceptional person.  I told her one time that she was unique…..lol…Hoping she wasn’t offended, because I fell so honored that we were neighbors and we grew to know each other.  So I designed it with her in mind.   The reds and blues and yellow for her babies, and the mirror to reflect the sun.  She said the 4 strips reflect the 4 directions and the winds.

Here are her babies……Maui her Parrot….and little Love Love her Cockatoo with the broken legs…..Love Love was playing with my necklace…. These guys are the luckiest birds.  They have a wonderful home, and they give them such pleasure and love in return….

So time to hook up now and leave.   Ken and Roberta came out to say good bye and also Dave and Twila, the resident Chaplin.  They were leaving the next morning for Minnesota.  It was sad, but we will all be back again next fall.   But Ken and Roberta will stay and take care of Albatross Lane….They are permanent residents…So finally off we drove, waving Good Bye……The park is now so Empty…..


On the way to Corpus Christy we had to go through Border Patrol.  They have cameras set up on the approach.  They have a dog sniffing and ask you if your an American Citizen.   So many illegals these days. …..How do you like my birds on the dash…..lol…. We spent the first night at the Walmart Parking Lot….lol…Where else do you stay when you need supplies.  Of course, go in shopping and come out and enjoy their parking lot.

Today we went through down town Houston at noon.  Wasn’t to bad.  Went past the Minute Maid Arena,  Home of the Houston Astos.  Finally we were out of Texas for the first time in almost 5 months.  Louisiana here we come……

Traveled through Lake Charles, across the bridge.  They had a nice boat dock area and a great beach…..

Onward to the east on I 10 and through Swamp Country….miles and miles of elevated roads…


How about Whiskey Bay…..The swamps go on for miles and miles…..check out the dirt on the window…lol

Finally here we are tonight….Between Baton Rouge and Slidell Louisiana…..another Truck stop….but that’s ok…..we have everything we need….hot water heater….shower….potty….refrigerator….AC….Tv….and a generator to make it all work….so why pay camping fees….So tomorrow it on to Slidell and heading north….We are going to visit some really good friends that we haven’t seen in probably 10 years or more in Tennessee…..


Poor Kitty, he had a rough start again….He was really scared when we left, but he is back in the swing of things today.   But never the less, he was so so tired…………Good Nite…


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