Waiting……… in Carrizo Springs Texas For Our Gate….

Yesterday we had done all our shopping to get prepared, but I still needed to get a haircut.  It was driving me crazy.  We left the motor home in the truck stop and went to Campers World and did some shopping.  Then on to Walmart.  Rich dropped me off and he continued to Lowes.  They don’t have just a trim at Walmart, you must pay for shampoo, conditioner and massage of the head whether you get it or not.  The girl was pretty good and it cost $15.50 plus tip.  Rich picked me up and back to the RV we went.  We left New Braunfels and headed south for Carrizo Springs.  It was a 3 hour ride.  We filled up with diesel before we left @ $2.11 a gallon.  What a steal.  Last year when we left, we filled in Illinois, @ 3.69 a gallon.  Such a difference.  The farther south we went, the more desolate it got.  We arrived and drove through town and parked at the Pilot Truck Stop…..Its really a nice size town.  The temperature was 98 degrees when we arrived.


Finally Chris the field manager called.  He said change of plans………..we were being delayed by 24 hours, so not till Wed…………grrrrrrr….that means we sit here using our own diesel to run the generator.   But what can you do…….Then the phone rings again……….Chris again…..He apologized but they changed their mind again….lol…We were back on for tomorrow morning…..So we decided to prepare……


When Rich was at Lowes, he bought Reflective Insulated Foil…..48″ x 25’…..He cut it to fit the windows.  By putting this on all the windows, it really helps with keeping the interior cool.  We have found many of the gate guarders do this.  Sitting in the dessert like we are going to do with 100 degree heat, you need a nice cool dark home to crawl into at the end of your shift…..lol….So now here we sit, so far I have a decent phone signal, and internet.  Hopefully I will still have it at the gate.  Rich tried the tv antenna, and NO TV CHANNELS came in…..We have On the Go Dish, but never had it hooked up.  We tried one time but we were to illiterate to figure it out.  So I don’t know what Rich will do?  I guess watch the same DVDS for the next month or so…..lol…..I can read or do lots of things for entertainment.  Tomorrow morning Chris will come and take us 16 miles to our gate…….Hopefully its not all gravel roads driving their, and hopefully its not at the ends of the earth…lol….

It has been about a year since I started this blog.  I have been very happy with the response I have gotten from family friends and even strangers.  I have quite a following now on my site.  It has accomplished everything I had hoped.  It has been informative to everyone of what we were doing.  I have also included some family facts and history.  It has just been full of fun stories.   So last spring, I started to think.  I have written all of this, but what happens when I quite paying for my domain address.  Everything would go away.  I started researching and found a company that prints blogs.  The name is Blog2Print.  You sign your blog account on to their website.  You have a choice of covers, and setting the format and a few other things.  You set your range of dates for your book and “Magic”………..In a half hour, you can format your book and check it out on line.  Then order and it is sent to you in less that 2 weeks.


I have now printed 2 books……….This is the first Vol 1     Aug 2015 – Dec 2014………..144 pages


This is the second I just received………Vol 2      Jan 1 – June 2015………..194 pages


This is what the interior looks like.  It is printed just as the blogs are written.  I was so thrilled to have this done, cause now all these stories will live on.  I intend to print these books every 6 months.  Someday the kids or grandkids will sit back and read them again and I think they will enjoy them more and more with time.

So at the end of the day, Kitty is still sleeping on the floor.  He has really adapted to this style of living.  He is so comfortable.  I think the motor rocks him to sleep like a baby.  What more could a cat want.   Food and Fresh water all the time, treats everytime he asks, nice cool air to sleep in.  Potty close by, and he sleeps in a nice soft King size bed by his Dad at nite…………….


Why is that……I’m the one that feeds Him……..


2 thoughts on “Waiting……… in Carrizo Springs Texas For Our Gate….

  1. Wow, what nice books and you are a great writer. The grands will love to sit and read them, as we have been able to read the very first print. Have a great time and let us know how Oil Field work is.


  2. You are about 20 miles +/- from another gate guard that I follow …. myoldrv.com . You are across the state from Greg White 😉 On google earth, his area looks a lot greener 🙂


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