Day 1 & 2 ……What A Way to Spend My 65th Birthday….Watching Border Patrol

Day One and Two are done and here I sit outside at 7 am. outside. Its 72 degrees and almost feels chilly after having 101 degrees in the late afternoon.  The temp here is at its coolest around 6 and 7 am.  Its the warmest around 5 and 6 in the evening.  The heat stays longer as the sandy ground is so heated up during the day, it takes time to cool.  The landscape here is pure desert….lol….Huge cactus, taller than me.  Course that’s not saying much…lol


Tumbleweed grass and lots and lots of sand.  The cactus is very dense.  Chris our field manager told us to beware of the grass areas.  If you need to venture toward them, look for snakes….and I mean RATTLERS……OH No….Hope I never see one.  Don’t worry about the other bugs….Scorpions, Tarantulas, they stay away from activity and people…..Thank Goodness.  I made Rich buy steel wool to plug up all the holes going from our hookups.  That would be horrible to find a critter when you opened up a bay door.

On day one, Chris showed up before 6 am. at the Pilot Truck stop just as he said.  He gave us instructions on what would happen and were we were going.  Rich unhooked the pickup as it would be easier to drive separate.  He would have to park in a small area when we got their.  So we took off in the dark, for the 16 mile jaunt to our gate site. We are in a good area.  First we had to go through someone else’s gate to get to ours.


Then on down the horrible road to ours.  We are parked about 50 ft. from another couple.  The gates are side by side, but the oil fields are 2 different property owners.


There was no traffic yet, so Rich started setting up as Chris gave me all the details and went over the log sheets with us.   So easy.  Then Chris moved our generator with the light pole attached over to our rig.  The gasoline tank is behind it as we have to make sure the generator is filled.  Then Rich hooked up the RV and got our electric and AC running.  Later that day the guy came a delivered our 200 gallon septic tank…..So we are all Good…


We also have a water tank hooked up.  He also gave us all the info for getting our license.  We will be getting a Level 2 security license, good for anywhere in the state of Texas……Cool…..It is a manual with an open book test of 50 questions.   Well we got that done yesterday.  Then I registered online for the fingerprinting.  Thank goodness I have internet and my printer.  All necessary items for doing this. Rich will drive 50 miles to Uvalde this Friday for fingerprinting.  I will have to go next week as someone has to stay at the gate.  When all is done Chris will be back and collect everything and we will get our license and a……. PAY RAISE……Yessssss…..Its all about money ya know……

So finally Chris left and some traffic began.  Not much.   We are at a site which is called a rework site.  The well is already functioning but they are going in and drill deeper into the rock and stone level and then decide if they are going to frack.  From what I understand, their can be more oil trapped with in that level or below.  By fracking, they are forcing sand and water into the area to brake it apart and extrude the rest of the oil.  They said this gate could be 4 to 6 weeks but could be longer.  Just a wait and see…….We like the UNKOWN….


This is our well site at a distance.  Its a long lane and then the well which is pumping.  There are storage tanks and a gas burn off stack…But hardly any activity.  Maybe 8 trucks today.  They came with 2 semis with flatbeds and took out a crane and boom.  Also several company trucks came and went.  Day 2 was the same.   At nite nothing.  So I sleep at nite, in bed, and Rich sleeps in his recliner, ready to bolt out the door if a truck comes.  Chris brought sensors that go off.   But nothing…..What a way to make easy money.

So first day we noticed a helicopter in the distance.  It was circling low and I mean really low.  It almost looked like it landed several times.  But it kept making different passes.  It came closer and closer.


Finally it was over us.  Then the Border Patrol trucks started coming.  several went down the other roads.  Some were just SUVS and some had enclosed boxes in the back.


Then came Border Patrol Truck pulling a horse trailor.  They went down several roads and then the neighbors road and then finally our road.  Chris said, when they come, just let them do what they want.   So sure, we just watched the show.  I guess they seen some illegals but they didn’t catch them.  They ended up on some other property.  So that went on for over 4 hours.  ….. First day fun……lol…


After that we just watched the birds.  They are cute little things.  They sit on the fence across from us and look for bugs to eat. When they fly, their tail feathers separate into a V.


Here they are just starring at us……..You can just imagine what they are thinking……lol….Finally Rich put up our sunscreen on day 2…..Now the crickets climb up the screen.  They birds fly and catch them to eat.


The funny part is when the cricket is on the inside and the bird is on the outside…..haha…they are confused…..You can see the forked tail.   lol.


So far this is our entertainment.  Here is our guardsite all set up.


A view from down the road toward our gate and the neighbors.


This is our sign at the gate…..We are employed by Capital Wells Service

…….So my birthday has come………and gone……….I’m now a legal RETIRED person… off all your taxes….lol…and thanks for providing me with health care too…..Obama Care Sucks…..Tina usually buys and delivers flowers to work……lol….Not This Year???……Why Not…….FTD By Air Drop??…..Oh Well, I quess Ill just enjoy the Cactus….lol… Who would have ever thought I’d have my 65th birthday in the desert oil fields of Texas……lol…


The nites have already shown us some beautiful sunsets,


But my favorite is this site……..Our Neighbors Flag Pole next to their tower light


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