Villa De Cortez Luncheon and Tour….Fabulous

I scheduled a Tour of The Villa De Cortez in Weslaco last week.  This is a Villa with a very rich history.  They offer a wonderful luncheon menu and if you have 30 ladies present, they will also arrange a style show with several of the stores down town.  Then you are also given a tour of the beautiful former hotel.

20160125_125637The elegant Cortez Hotel, of Spanish Colonial design, was the landmark on Main Street in Weslaco during the 30’s and 40’s.  The hotel was diagonally across the street from the railroad station.  The modern hotel of its time, was a home to several businesses and a favorite spot for entertainment, celebrations and various events.  The three top floors each had 25 bedrooms with bathrooms.  It is also rumored that Al Capone had stayed their.  Eventually the hotel fell into a dilapidated state.  Only a few business existed.  In 1998, Patti and Larry Dittburner, decided to renovate this landmark and return it to its beauty of the past.  After many months and some set backs the renovation was completed.  The Villa now offers retail space on the 1st floor, consisting of a café, a barber shop, tuxedo rental, as well as a beautiful restaurant right off the courtyard.  The 2nd floor offers a Spanish style décor ballroom, several bar areas, and elegant ballroom seating.  It is used for Weddings, Celebrations, and Receptions.  The menu is catered by the onsite catering business.  The 3rd and 4th floors are offices and business spaces.  The basement has been made into a special party room called, “The Wild Thing”.  It actually consists of the whole basement.  The Villa is decorated with many of the arts and  momentos that the Dittburners collected in their travels around the world.

20160125_104807We all met at the South Hall, 38 of us, and carpooled the half hour drive to Weslaco.  We ordered from their luncheon menu which consisted of soup, a sandwich plate with tea or coffee.  Most of us had Chicken Salad Croissant, with chips.  I was delicious, and only $9.  While we were eating, Sandy, the owner of Lionels’ Western wear came in with another lady and modeled some clothing.  Their clothing was very stylish and fun.  We then was given the tour of the building.   It was so amazing.

20160125_123302We took the elevator to the second floor. This is the entrance on the second floor from the 2nd floor parking garage.  Beautiful wrought iron gates, grape ivy and lights hanging from the ceiling.

20160125_122234We walked through the elegant dining area to the ballroom.

20160125_122350This is the view from the dance floor into the dinning area.  It has beautiful white drapes  hung over the arches of brick and white banisters.

20160125_122142The dance floor is several steps lower, and has 2 huge glass chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.


20160125_122533Here is a close up of the chandelier.  Notice the wire in the center of the glass arms supporting the glass structure, with its many hanging glass crystals.

20160125_122634Another Chandelier in the Dinning Area.

20160125_124635Here is the main Staircase from the Main Floor.

20160125_122623This is the Staircase from the 2nd floor dinning room.


20160125_122821Many of the pillars were made to look like book shelves loaded with books.  They were really faux.  If you looked closely, it even looked like worn areas on the books.  Amazing….They were like this on all four sides.

20160125_123220This is a cozy sitting area on the way to one of the Bar Rooms.  Now on through the French doors on the right of the picture to one of the bars.

20160125_123035This was so elegant.  The base was made with carved wood.

20160125_123101Now when we turned around, here was another room.

20160125_123056It was a much smaller wine room.  The waiter was ready to take your order….lol…


20160125_123004-1Of course I had to add the elegant powder room.  Finally, we took the elevator to the Basement……..WOW……Another Party Area……

20160125_124210The Entrance to …….The Wild Thing”……

20160125_123912The Dinning Area

20160125_123943The Dance Floor

20160125_124159The Spiral Stairway to the Main Floor


20160125_124459After an Amazing Tour, we thanked the Guide and planned to do this again next year.  This was an amazing Villa.  It was so amazing to see all the things that the Dittburners have collected and worked into the theme of the design.  The rooms are filled with elegance and reflect the beautiful history of the past.  What a wonderful job they have done.  Weslaco has the honor of hosting a beautiful Historical Landmark in their city.  We left through the court yard, and walked down the street to check out the store that did the modeling.  Lionels’ is a Western store for men, and a beautiful line of clothes for women. They carry boots, purses, shoes and any kind of beautiful jewelry you can imagine.  Many turquoise pieces.

20160125_131739-1But, What did I try on?????  Cici and I tried on Hats…….””””BLING”””






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