Psycho Silo Saloon….Langley Il…..So Unique….

If your ever crossing Illinois on I80, this is the coolest place to see…”Psyco Silo Saloon”….located in the ghost town of Langley Illinois.  It is now a renovated outdoor bar, with entertainment, built with old railroad ties and bridge planks.  It is bringing in bikers, hot roders, or anyone who wants to spend a relaxing afternoon or evening.  It is located at the intersection of Il. 40 and US. 6 between Sheffield and Wyanet.  It is only 2 miles off of I 80.  It was the elevator in Langley next to the tracks.  Built around 1901, it hadn’t operated for years.  The town with a few houses had become a ghost town and they were even gone.  All that stood for years was the elevator with trees, brushes and weeds growing up and  over taking the whole area.


I had heard about this place just over a year ago.  I had wanted to go, but just wasn’t a priority.  Scott and Brandy decided to do a party run in their motorhome last sunday  and asked us to go.  Its only about 40 minutes away, so its not far.20170521_123758

We met at the bar at 11 am.  Only 6 of us went after all, as it was so cold.  It has a high of the 50s.  Sure not use to that temp.  After a fun ride over with music at its peak…….lets say a few beers, certainly not the driver, we turned off Rt. 6 onto what use to be the Main St. of Langley On the way up to the elevator, the owner had placed old cars and vehicles in different places.  All old….old antiques.  As we approached, the elevator came into view as it was hidden in the trees.  Many different decks had been built.


All around the edges were rusty car bumpers, some doors, and so many different old parts on display.  It was so unique.


They flagged us through over a bridge and parked in a larger grassy area.  It was only the 2nd weekend they have been open this year.  Everything is outside.  Their is no inside, therefore they obviously close in the winter.


As we walked up to the bar, their was so much to see.  Over on the left side was what appeared to be a junk pile….lol…


But I’m sure these are the things that he displays when he finds a place for them.  The building in the background is the new restrooms.  Modernized too….that’s a +…


We climbed up the first flight of steps…Their was a roof of an old silo and underneath was a bar in an Old Truck….


That was so cool.  The back end of the cab was cut out and a cooler was set in their.


Also on that level was the stage for the band.  They had 2 playing that day.  This was Cody Calkins who really has become locally very popular.  For 2 hours he played and hit every note….Later another band Vice Squad set up in the stage area and played.  They were awesome.  If you notice the stage is really the side of a trailer cut out still hooked up to an old truck….How cool is that….Then we climber the stairs to the next level…


Their was the main bar.  Now were actually in the old elevator.  It was decorated with license plates and old things.  I was also told that one of the guys from “The American Pickers” also had been their to check them out.  This is their kind of stuff….


The deck area is so big.  Many tables and also some old non matching rocking chairs.  We walked around the corner and found 1 inside room…..Of Course…


The one with the Slot Machines….Almost every bar has them these days.

Then we walked to the back side and their was the souvenir clothing.  T Shirts, Sweats, bandana’s, tank tops, koozies,  sunglasses, etc.  so many things.


Their again, it was an old trailer pulled along side with the side cut out.  At closing, they just put all merchandise back in the trailer and lock up…..Great Idea….Oh…..and don’t worry.   If you run out of money, they also have an ATM machine….You can always get more…lol


This is on the wall in the bar area on the deck.  I walked around for quite awhile, just looking at everything.  As the story goes…..The Owner is Troy Thompson of Princeton Illinois, which isn’t far.  He had seen it many times as a kid, as they drove by.  Finally 3 years ago he decided to fulfill his dream, he bought it and with the help of family and friends he renovated it with all the antiques that he has been collecting.  He has done a fabulous job.  This little town that still had a name but no houses now has come to life every weekend.  Before that, its only claim to fame was a shoot out of some bank robbers.  The robbers had robbed a bank in a neighboring town of Manlius and hid out in a train car.


As we listened to music, we looked through the parking lot…Their was Scotts Camper….It was a fun day, but it was so so cold.  Fortunately at the upper bar, they had a long heat pipe installed in the ceiling.  I finally went and sat in a rocking chair.  It was really quit comfortable.


So many unique things has been done.  Love these old tractor seats made for the tables.  Finally it was time to leave.  I was cold to the bone but so glad I came.  Many people started coming in as we sat their, but it was so cold.  Usually the parking lot is filled.  We seen many bikers, old car enthusiasts, and many people just came to enjoy.  It seems to bring out everyone.   They are also gearing up for a 4 day Memorial Day Party….Full of Entertainment, drinks, and also they have sandwiches and appetizers.



Scott Rich and Brandy


Another unique place in the Central Illinois Valley.  Amazing what people can do when they have a dream….and a desire.  What a preservation of Old America for everyone to enjoy….


This is a barbeque cart….has a grill inside with serving table…..








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