Our Eastgate Miracle Tree, It Rose From a Pot Hole

This morning I received a phone call,….”Have you been to the office yet”?  “No” I replied.  Why,  “A tree is growing in a pot hole…..OMG…..So I hurried up and took my shower, dressed and took the golf cart up….


Their in the street in the middle of a rain filled pot hole stood a …….TREE…..It was a Miracle Tree.  It was beautiful.  Bright green leaves on all the branches.  It was so “FULL OF LIFE”.


It turned out, it was first seen last evening as it grew out of the pot hole.  Its little roots had made it to the soil below the black top.  All the rain gave it the…… “GIFT OF LIFE”……It had the strength to grow.   It reached over 5 ft.  Taller than me…..lol….The neighbors came out and rejoiced.  They put lights on it.  Then someone added sparkly blue garland.  It was so shiny and beautiful.  20171113_085237.jpg

By morning the Eastgate Grapevine was working fast.  Everyone wanted to see the miracle that had happened.  Someone even added tin foil around some of the branches.  It just shinned and sparked with every car light.  lol.  As I approached the Beautiful Tree, people slowed down to look….They laughed and so enjoyed the pretty tree.  They thought it was a great idea.  They all thought it should stay.  People were driving safely around it, so they wouldn’t harm it.  Nothing had ever slowed the people down before. …. UNTIL NOW….


Some important people came and said it was unsafe……”WHAT”.….How can that be.  Everyone slowed down to admire it.  Its beauty shined with every car light during the nite.  How could it ever be considered unsafe….Is it safer to drive through a Pot Hole when its full of water and you can’t see it ? 20171113_090530.jpg

So the decision was made already that it had to go…..The maintenance guy backed up with his truck full of tree limbs.  He grabbed it and ripped it out of its Pot Hole…..Its Pot Hole of Life…..It started as a little seed the day before and grew to this beautiful tree.  A few of its little leaves lay floating in the Pot Hole as a remembrance of its short life

…..Poor Little Tree….You will be Missed…..


Their it goes.  The poor thing was flung into the back of the truck still decorated with its garland and tin foil.  It will go to its grave with its trinkets to remember the impact it made that day. So this is what replaced our Beautiful tree…..  20171113_090558.jpg

This is considered safe…….Hope everyone sees it.  Below the cone is 2 sunken patio blocks, gravel. mud and water.  But you can’t see them.  If you hit this pot hole with your car, believe me,  …….YOU WILL KNOW…….So beware of the Orange Cone……


So GOOD BYE Beautiful Tree

Thank You for your short life of maybe 12 hours.  But you have no idea how many lives you touched.  The laughter you brought the Park……The LOVE we felt for you and your cause….You fought for life…..But to no avail………PROGRESS…..That’s what LIFE is all about these days……Hopefully your seeds will soon sprout again.  Your beauty will shine again……So at the end of the day…..


This RAINBOW appeared in the evening sky…..some misty tears fell from the sky as you lay in the back of that truck.  We were all so sad cause we miss you, but then we all smiled ….When a Rainbow appeared over Eastgate….. We all know that you will Rise Again…..20171113_084634.jpg


Some where,  Some how,  You will sprout again.  Hopefully not in a Pot Hole next time.  


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