Another Miracle: Mourning Flowers for Our Beautiful Tree…….

As You all know, our Beautiful Pot Hole Tree lost its life after 12 hours this week.  Its beauty shined brightly during its short life…..It life was feed by the abundance of water in the Pot Hole.  It had reached under the blacktop and the roots had attached to the dirt down below breathing in life……. The cars slowed down during the night as their lites were directed to the shinning beauty of the tree decorated in blue tinsel and tin foil.


Then the powers that be, decided to cut it life short after 12 hours.

  It Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge…..

This morning, what should appear???  Beautiful Mourning Flowers.  Red Roses and little white flowers, growing from the Pot Hole…..This Pot Hole holds the Miracle of Life…..No Matter what they do…..Something else grows…..


Another Miracle of Life……They are blooming in all their glory in Memory of the Beautiful Tree, that lost its life……Do you suppose they will be allowed to live????  They’ve made it over 12 hours already!!!!   They are in between the orange cones!!!!   That is considered safe “Right”???  I think so……..The cars are again slowing done.   Everyone is mourning the Beautiful tree.  They are paying their respects in Memory of the Beautiful Tree that crossed Over the Rainbow Bridge.


Just look at how pretty the Mourning flowers are…..They add such a Beautiful touch to our park.  Where else can you find flowers growing out of Pot Holes…….

Only at Eastgate….



Grow Beautiful Flowers Grow from your Pot Hole………Shine your Beauty across the Rainbow Bridge…..Let your Beauty Shine in Memory of our Beautiful Tree





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