Carly Visiting the American Girl Store in Chicago

When Tammy was home, she decided to take Carly to Chicago to visit the American Girl Doll Store. American Girl Dolls are almost every girls dream. Carly had received an American girl doll for Christmas the year before. Santa gave her a WellieWisher doll named Willa

Unfortunately one her her legs had broken off, so they decided to take her to the doctor. So the planning for an exciting day began. Tammy received her text for their appointment.

Carly was so excited the night before. They got up early and headed for Chicago downtown by Watertower Place. Carly had her rolling backpack with Willa packed inside, and she dressed in her favorite Unicorn outfit.

It is about a 2 hour drive to the heart of downtown Chicago. They arrived a half hour early and walked around a bit and then came back for their appointment.

They finally went into the store. They waited her until they were taken and seated in the Cafe.

Carly was able to pick out the high chair that Willa would sit in. Then Willa was served her own little Hot Dog and drink…..“Isn’t it so cute”? Tammy said they cut of part of Carly’s straw for Willa’s glass….lol Willa needed a straw also. Cute....

Carly was served her lunch. Just look at all that food…..So Much for an 8 year old. lol.

She visited the X-Ray Station and the Eye Station. Finally she seen the doctor for Willa.

They said Willa had a defect, so they would exchange Willa for a new one…..“Really”…..”Wouldn’t be great if we could do that with our kids”. “We have a defect, lets exchange for a new model”….lol But, Carly went for that idea, she look Willa’s clothes off and exchanged her for a new doll. Finally Carly went shopping.

Look at all the stuff she bought. Boots, doll clothes and 2 new dolls.

WellieWisher……Kendall She is so pretty…
Nanea and a Book about her.

Nanae is an Original 18″ American Girl Doll. She is from Hawaii. The dolls actually came out in 1986, but Nanae was added in 2017. These dolls are every little girls dream. They are not cheap but they are so realistic. Their eyes open and close when laid down. The company has sold more than 159 Million of the books and more than 33 million of the different styles of dolls. They have many different lines and styles of dolls sold in their different retail stores, catalogues and website.

This is the WellieWishers line. Carly now has 2 of them. Willa and Kendall

Finally it was time to go after a very “FUN AFTERNOON”…..I’m sure this has made memories that she will never forget.

Wow……What a Shopper…..She looks like a Pro

This is one of her purchases. Nanea and Carly have matching outfits. “So Cute”…..

Tammy came back down to Texas to be on stand-for the next job. During that time she took up crocheting. She made 3 sleeping bags for Carlys dolls. She didn’t even have a pattern, she just designed, added subtracted stitches as she went.

She sent them home to Tina,s and Carly loved them. Nanae is in the blue, and Willa is in the pink. Kendall wasn’t their, as she was on a sleepover at home. Carly loved the little decorations that Tammy sewed on. They are little mermaids, unicorns, turtles, etc.

Tammy also crocheted a blanket for her. You can see a portion of it.

Carly loves her dolls. She does a lot of role playing with them. She is so creative in so many ways. Such an imagination. “It is a Gift”…..

……She is a Very Special Little Girl…..


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