2020 Dolder Family Photos

Every year Tina has family photos taken. This year is certainly no exception. They are so Awesome that I decided I should put them into the blog. This has been a year like no other. Covid-19 arrived this year. It has caused a Pandemic across the world. Tammy felt that she had to answer the call for nurses in New York City. With in 3 days, Carly had moved to Tina, Ed’s and the kids. She became one of the family. So this year Tammy has been traveling on and off working with the Emergency Staffing Agencys. Carly has spent most of the year now with Aunt Tina, Uncle Ed, and Cousins Miley and Austin. Of course the Family pet Deedee. So this year Carly is included in their Family Album. These photos are so beautiful. The colors of the trees and leaves are so vivid. Carly looks so happy. Then theirs Deedee, you have to be fast to get a running picture of her. So here they are……

Pictures taken at Canalport Park in Morris Illinois by Jacquelyne Rochelle Johnson

Deedee is such a Doll…..3 years old
Deedee and her Dad
Deedee and her kids
Carly…..So Cute 8 years old
Miley looking so grown up……..Just turned 12
Austin….Almost 10….Watch out Girls
The Kids

On her way home this summer, Tammy found these T-Shirts

Gimme Me 6 Feet

Definitely a Sign of the times.

…….Aren’t They Just So Beautiful…..

Pictures taken at Canalport Park in Morris Illinois by Jacquelyne Rochelle Johnson

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