Official……My Last Day at Work…..Done…Retirement, and I’m Still Alive…lol..


At last its over….But what a ride its been.  I was in my 17th year at Advantage Logistics.   Can’t believe it.   So many people have come and gone.  But the best friends one makes are the ones at work.  In all my years of work, I have made special friends that have stayed with me forever.  This place is no different.  I have friends from my first job, and then There was Plano Molding.  You guys know who you are.   Your all like family.  We shared so much time and our lives together.  The ups and downs of everyday living.  The secrets, and we confided our problems to each other.  We all guided each other threw everyday living.  We spent more time together than with our familys some days.  We all leaned on each other when needed, and gave words of encouragement.  That’s what family is for.  We can be apart for years, but when we see each other or communicate, we can pick right up were we left off.   Advantage is no Different….So MANY WONDERFUL FRIENDS…..


My Pharmacy Team…1st Row..Carol, Vicki B, Vicki W, Nancy, Keli….Back row…Veronica, Terry, Amy, Edgar, Terri, Allison, Debbie, Sherri, Jamie, and Fabulous Tina….

This is my group in Pharmacy.  They are a Fabulous Group.  They got together the morning of my last day.  While I was working in the back, they all got together and took this picture.   They presented me with it that nite at my party.  I just LOVE IT…

So I will tell you about my day.   I got in trouble the day before, cause I wasn’t sitting in my seat when the bell rang….hahaha….so grade school….so the next morning I made sure I would get in late….haha….I just had to rebel.  So waited outside till the bell rang and walked in.   Oops, startup meeting over, Exercises had begun.   So what to do?…..Bring out the camera…..hahaha….


1st pic as I walked in the door…


My leads…Edgar and Keli


Kathy, Becky, Jim, and Allison


Everyone was laughing…Would could they do “Fire Me”…….And so the day began…I wasn’t to productive, cause everywhere I went some was stopping to talk to me.  After 1st break, Allison mentioned I should take the camera back with me…..BINGO….GREAT IDEA….So I hide it in my pocket.   Oh what fun we had.


Carol…Come on In….


Amy is sticking out her tongue…


Allison called me a Monkey..


This is Allison. Chief cage person…

These are some of the pics from the Audit cage and Vault areas…..Hmmmmm Hope I don’t get anyone in trouble.   Leads and Supervisor sure didn’t know I was doing this.   Hahaha….Later I was picking out in the U.   That is the special name for it.  Each line has an Aisle number.  So as I was picking, I took some more pics.


Jamie, picking the coolers


Vicki W , picking in 6 aisle


Debbie dancing….lol…the other end of 5 aisle


Terri, filling my slot while I was picking..


I wonder what my rate was….hahaha…Probably 60 percent…Later Sherri came along.  She is Pharmacy inventory.   She presented me with a gift.   lol.   We have had a long time running joke.  I don’t even know what started it.   She has always called me vaginitis.   haha….My friend Vicki B.  is cuntilda.  hahaha…Hilarious.   But what ever it takes to get through the day.   So her is my gift:


Queen V.A.G.


My Presetation


Jamie , Sherri and Terri

It is a repurposed troll that she found in her drawer.  It is to be used as my New Dashboard Ornament.   I just love her to death. The troll that is.   haha…Love ya too Sherri.   Then at Breaks and Lunch, I was presented with a cake:

Tina and Me....Such a Special Friend...One of those special people you meet once in a lifetime..

Tina and Me….Such a Special Friend…One of those special people you meet once in a lifetime..


Tina made up a dance and song , just for me…


The laugh I’ll never forget…


Shaking her Booty at me…


The cake was from Carol and Tina.   It read:  “YOU MADE IT POOPY PANTS     WE LOVE YOU“….Now isn’t that special.   Tina is such an AWESOME person.   Such a jewel.  We all love her dearly.   She helps us all get through the day with her laughter that only she can bring.  Her smile is one you will never forget.  So has no idea what she means to everyone.


Here are some more pics of people in the warehouse as I walked through for breaks.   They would stop me and I would take their pics.   haha…


Cisco and my Awsome Friend Robin …Love ya Robin


Nancy C. Such a good friend, and Long time employee


John Tyler on his Highlift


Jim…The one and Only


Becky….Your day is coming…..soon..


Deb. Recieving Dock lead


Supervisor Rob


Nancy Q, Nancy C, Tierny


Finally the end of the day…..Party Time at Cabin Fever in Peru…..

Everyone started showing up right after work…3:30 and some later cause their schedule was later.   And some old friends from work also came…..My awesome friends Fawn and Jen, who now longer work their.   Not their decision, but oh well, company loss.   On to bigger and better things. Both of you girls look :  “FABULOUS


Faces youll never forget


Tina Jen and Vicki B


Happy Fawn and Vicki B


Sad Fawn and Vicki B


Debs Husb. Doug and Carol




Carolyn, Fawn, Love ya Both


Terri and Sherri


Carol, Debbie, My buddies


Don’t cry Jen


Jamie and Veronica


Keli and Edgar


Vicki W and Tina

We had such a good time visiting and they gave me presents.   One present was the pictures of them and a collage from the past.  So many memories.  Thank All of you for your friendship and support through the years….Some of us have all been together for almost 17 years.  Deb and I worked at Plano together.   We have worked together since 1992…Wow…That would be 22 years.   Just Amazing.   I wouldn’t have made it without all of you being their everyday.  Now its your turns to help each other and keep up the fight.  With out each others friendship it would be almost difficult if not impossible to make it.   And just remember, its not over…..Ill BE BACK…..We are all friends.   We will get together next spring when I get back, Cause that’s what Friends do….Right….So its not …………..”Good Bye”………….Its…………”SEE YA NEXT SPRING”……

So What does 17 years mean?

 Amazing though,  It was announced at Cam meeting that I was retiring by management, but, actually it was just an after thought….they almost forgot….Did anyone in Management come and personally Congratulate me….No…only the one I didn’t want to see….and Ya all know who that was.  Did anyone meet me at the door going out….no…..Did I turn in my badge…No….So did I clean out my locker……Gees, My seniority number is even under 10…..Must be glad to see me go…

P.S……………So……… NOTE TO HOME OFFICE…………….#954 has left the building……….You can cancel the insurance again……………..Carry on…………….




5 thoughts on “Official……My Last Day at Work…..Done…Retirement, and I’m Still Alive…lol..

  1. Margaret you are the best. Wa just the greatest thing that happened to me last Fri. We go back ,way back 1971 when I first started working with you. Didn’t we have fun going to Holland Mi. To the tulip fest and the Flower Show in Chicago. The best to you and your retirement. Karen


    • Karen, Your Just Awesome ya know…..Like I said, friends can see each other after so many years and just keep going forward as if it was yesterday. Thats what makes life so much fun ….yesterday and today…..old memories and New…..See ya next Spring….Keep reading….lol…Hope I don’t get boring…


      • I am glad that I had the opportunity to work with you and become a friend. I hope your retirement lift is all you want it to be!


  2. Ta Da!!! You made it! Decompression time now!

    What a great lot of photos from that last day. Thanks for sharing all that.

    Now then, get busy being idle…er…less busy. Unfortunately, dishes and clothes and floors still get dirty, but there’s lots more time in which to ignore them. 😜 Cheers! Sue


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