Sunshine and 75 Degrees…..No Work Till Tomorrow….Aaahhhh…..



This morning is a beautiful morning.   It was foggy earlier but cleared up.  by noon it was almost 75 degrees.   The sky was blue with gorgeous white wispy clouds.   I have noticed that the weather is always moving and changing here.   The wind is always coming from the east going west as we are only about 20 miles from the Gulf of Mexico.  The clouds are always moving and it can be beautiful and cloud up and rain in minutes like it just did.   But it doesn’t seem to rain much, Just sprinkle.



So Beautiful, I took this looking up from the swimming pool


I have some happy things to report today, but I also have some sad things to mention.  If you read my post FRIENDSHIPS FROM THE PAST—REKINDLE THEM BEFORE TO LATE   dated 10/26/14, you will know I went to visit a friends father.  My friend Diana had past away last year, just before I started searching for her.   I had went to visit her father in a nursing home and met his wife and 2 of Diana’s  daughters.   I had a wonderful visit and talked with Ivan about the fun times and memories when Diana and I were kids.   Well I am sad to have found out that he has passed away this morning.   He was in his 80s and had lived a long life and was taken care of by his wife who love him with all her heart and then some.  My sympathy to his wife Vivian, his sons Donnie and Neil and their wives and all the grandkids.  It will be a very difficult week for all of them.  So you see, it is so important to look up these people who are from the past, or even the present….You just never know….I missed seeing Diana but I did get to see her dad again.   So take the initiative and find that someone in you life…..

Also another person who is gravely ill is a very VERY close friend to Tina and ED….They call them Grandma and Grandpa Maulfair.   They became very close to Ed and let him stay with them when he was younger right out of service.  He has done a lot of work at their farm through the years to help them out.  They are some of those SPECIAL PEOPLE we meet.  They were so happy when Tina and Ed got together.  Grandpa died months  after Austin was born.   But Grandpa was such a HAPPY CAMPER when Austin was born.  He was so glad to finally see Eds baby Boy…..They loved Miley to pieces….Just like Grandparents do.


So I just had to add a picture of Grandma Maulfair at Austin’s 1st birthday party.  The ironic part is Austin is 4 today, and Tina and Ed are throwing Austin’s his Party Next Sunday….She has always been invited and came if she was able….It is not looking good for her….So keep her in your prayers and thoughts…


Here is the Big Guy Today…..HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUSTIN…. “4”

So lets move on to some HAPPY THOUGHTS……AUSTIN IS A BIG #4 TODAY…….He’s getting so big….He loves his dads tie so Tina bought him a suit for Christmas.  Miley also got her Christmas outfit.  And guess who brought them…..The Elf on a Shelf showed up again this year.   He brought their Christmas outfits and new gloves cause he heard Austin was outside crying the other day cause his hands hurt because it was so cold out.   So now Austin has new gloves and his tie like his dads…..Tina and Ed are having his birthday party next Sunday….This will be the 2nd party of his I will miss.   The first one was because I had to WORK at That Place…..grrrrrrrrr….last year…..They made us work Sunday so people could have off on Turkey day….

They other morning I got a call from Tammy.  Little Carly woke up crying….She wanted to talk to Grandma….So at first she was shy…lol…and then finally opened up….She will be 3 in January…but boy can she talk so clearly already.  so so smart.   Last nite Cameron called..He is 16, and will be starting his first job at Steak and Shake…He will be making the shakes….OMG….now here is a kid who loves food and Ice Cream….so look out Steak and Shake….This will be interesting…..If anyone gets a pic of him, send it my way….lol….

So Going to post some pics of East Gate.   The people are so friendly here.  We got a welcome pkt.   There is something going on all the time, and every nite.  The workampers keep the place so clean.








We went and visited Deb and Rick this morning.  They are the park managers.   We will start tomorrow morning.  I will be in the office and Rich will be maintenance.   They have over 20 mobile units that they rent.   They will all be full by Jan.  They need some maintenance repairs and Rich will have a list and keys available and a Golf Cart to do his duties.  So tomorrow the fun begins.



Here is 2 last pictures……One of our living area…..The big TV fits beautifully on the dash….The chairs turn around for company….and my favorite Seiko clock that plays music is hanging in the top corner….and of course you can see Rich’s feet as he sits in his recliner….and of course here is KITTY fast asleep…..back to his sleeping all day and doing his guard duty all night….Now that amounts to I think….around 20 hours sleep…….2 hours awake….maybe 1 hour of walking back and forth to the food dish and the other hour just sitting and playing alittle….lol….The life of a CAT…



One thought on “Sunshine and 75 Degrees…..No Work Till Tomorrow….Aaahhhh…..

  1. So sorry for the sad things. It is always hard during the holidays. That is why we cherish the memories of the good times. It is fun to talk to the grands on the phone. Enjoy. Hope the first day of work goes well.


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